A Good Haul at the Thrift Store

I took a break from cooking for a few hours and hit the thrift stores the other day. It never ceases to amaze me what you can find if you look closely enough. There is so much junk it can be distracting so you really have to look beyond the clutter. This vintage Santa rings his bell while carrying a candle and playing Christmas carols. $1.29

December 12th

A porcelain Santa and Rudolf.

59 cent each!

Bags of old and new bulbs for 59 cents and 99 cents.

I used the bulbs and a thrift store vine wreath (99 cents) to make another retro wreath.

Christmas shopping list pad for 59 cents.

These large vintage boot candles were 99 cents.

The Christmas tree soap dispenser was 99 cents.

I am cooking today so I will post some recipes tomorrow.

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Lisa said…
I really like your wreath. How did you make it?
wow....what a haul..i LOVE that santa in the first picture with the candle..he is darling...

my mom was a BIG antiquer...she always used to say..."once you get it out of here...." and she was right..once it's home...it is wonderful....

wish i was there to go thrifting with ya..looks like FUN. i will have to hit the Goodwill today..you have inspired me, my friend....

kary and teddy
Mina said…
Oh what awesome finds! I love the thrift store but I rarely find such spectacular things because I am so easily distracted by shiny stuff. I'll be looking at something and out of the corner of my eye...bling! Sometime later I remember I had an earlier interest but I forgot where it was.
Anonymous said…
Something happened so I´m not sure my comment reached You, but here I try again :-)

We have way to few of those stores over here, but they are growing in numbers in the bigger cities.

I like that christmas tree soap dispenser, I´ve never seen anything like it!
Have a great day now!
Liz-Anna said…
What fun finds! I plan to spend a few days of my Christmas break hunting around for treasures!
You and my niece find the best "stuff" at the thrift shops. I love the Santa's and the soap dispenser.

I really love my basket that I won, plus the extra goodies. More about that later when I have time to do it justice.
Pricilla said…
That first Santa looks like he has some mischief on his mind...heh
Santa boot decorations were big when I was a kid in the 1960s -- I wonder if those candles are from that era?
I'm so jealous - our thrift shops here are the pits. really.

I'm groovin on the Santa with the light!
Scrap Vamp said…
That wreath you made is so awsesome! You really made a nice haul from the thrift store! Congratulations!
The Thrift Queen strikes again, and rightly so, this being the holiday season.

Great finds, I love the bulbs best. Great wreath!

Happy weekend, although, it's almost over.


xoxo to "Teddy Christmas Lights".
Ann said…
I love thrift stores. I don't usually find anything that great but they are fun to look around in. You found some great stuff there and awesome prices.
Robin Larkspur said…
You continually amaze me with all your terrific thrift shop finds. You just have the knack!! Love the ornament wreath!!
MissGracie said…
Super cool idea for a wreath, I want to try that now!
Mystica said…
Love the soap dispenser!
Lois said…
A fun break! Love thrifting,as well. Pulled beef turned out very well! Much food for all and enough for tomorrow too. Great meal to serve a bunch so the young ones can disperse.
Those who don't do thrift stores.I wonder about.
A friend and I went to a thrift store got my 2010 ornament for the tree.
It posted on my blog.

Coffee is on
Wow! You found the most awesome goodies! I am loving those Santa boot candles and that soap dispenser, too. And you created another fabulous wreath. I'm going to have to try my hand at one. :) Theresa
You found some really great items! Love that first Santa and the soap dispenser is really cute.
Rosemary said…
Wonderful thrift finds... Love the wreath..
Amanda said…
such a great eye!! i love them all!!
SharleneT said…
I think you got there before I did, because my thrift shop had nothing like this! Great finds. Thanks for sharing... I'm back to cooking, too!