The Last Chili Recipe You Will Ever Need To Make

December 8th

I forgot to post this one yesterday. December 7th!

This is a very simple chili recipe but might be the best one I've ever eaten. If you are having a big group over to help trim the tree, whip up a pot of this.

Saute' a large diced onion and 5 diced celery sticks in a few tablespoons of bacon grease and olive oil.

Add a couple diced green peppers.

Stir it all together and cook for another minute.

Add two pounds of ground meat and cook breaking it up until it is browned.

Add 3 tablespoons of cumin.

Add 3 tablespoons of granulated garlic.

I use CaBoom as one of my seasonings. You can find this at: I usually make my own seasonings but when I am in hurry, I think this is the best.

I also add 2 tablespoons of hot Mexican chili powder.

And some regular chili powder too, about 4 tablespoons.

Mix in all of the spices.

Add a can of crushed tomatoes.

Add 2 cups of tomato juice.

A can of kidney beans.

And a can of black beans. You can use any kinds of beans that you like.

Stir in a good grinding of black pepper. This is about 2 tablespoons.

Add 3 tablespoons of oregano.

Add 2 tablespoons of sugar.

Add some cayenne pepper. Make it as hot as you wish. I used about 1/4 tsp. and it had a slight after burn.

Add 1 tsp. of salt.

Place the pot, covered, in a 325 degree oven for an hour.

Serve it with a bit of rice or just plain. If I had fresh cilantro or parsley, I would have sprinkled it over the top but alas, I was out!

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Mina said…
My husband's specialty has always been his chili. Hope he won't be too offended when I use this recipe and take over the throne.
This is very much the way I make my chili, except I have not heard of CaBoom. I'll have to try that. This is going to be perfect with my new batch of Cheddar/Jalapeno No Knead Sour Dough Bread that I have working. You are wonderful!
Pricilla said…
Ca-Boom. I love it...
Anonymous said…
I´ll make this next time I make chili! But I doubt I´ll find any caboom though :-) :-)

Have a great day now!
Mystica said…
I have never eaten chili! this sounds so good!

My first giveaway is up on my blog. Its a gift card sponsored by CSN Stores. Everyone please do come and enter!
Creepy Glowbugg said…
If I ate at your house everyday I would weigh 800 pounds!
That chili looks amazing! Every receipe I have tried of your has been wonderful beyond words! I can't wait to try this one this weekend. Perfect for football!
Ever thought of compliling a cook book?
I have been writing all of your recipes down, but it would be nice to have them in book form. I guess I had better start my own OCTOBER FARM COOK BOOK.
Ca Boom.... that is too it....

got to get me some


looks great....

kary and teddy
Ann said…
That chili sounds like it has a bit of a kick to it :) I love chili but unfortunately my husband doesn't care for it too much.
Lois said…
I love, love, love chili. When I was in weight watchers, I got a great recipe from my leader with turkey sausage and sweet potatoes which has become a fav., but this one looks so classic I'll have to try it. I'll even get the Muir Glen! Haven't had that brand since I had my food co-op in the country. L
Yum! There's nothing better than chili on a a "chilly" day. I will definitely be trying this out! Theresa
Anonymous said…
Looks yummy Jaz, but probably too spicy-hot for my tum-tum, but I bet anything my beau would LOVE it!

T-Dear (aka: Bandhura)
The Digital Looking Glass
Divaeva said…
mmm..that looks fantastic - I am looking for a yummy recipes to take to a New Year's sleepover with great friends - this looks like a heart warming dish!
Suzie said…
We love chili, so this is a must try recipe (it seems that all of your recipes fit into that category!)

Do you ever fix the same dish again? You are always introducing us to another great meal!
Chris said…
Ca-boom is right!! :) This looks like some kick-ass chili that I have to try!!
Perfect for this chilly, gray, rainy season here in the northwest to warm us up!!
SharleneT said…
Being done as I write! This better be good, because I'm hungry! Wait! What did I say? This better be good? I'm insane. You've NEVER made anything that wasn't good. Forgive me. I'm a lowlife, a hungry lowlife... Thanks for sharing... Oh, could I put this recipe in my second solar cookbook?