Mincemeat Recipe and a New Giveaway

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December 4th

A moose eggnog mug from the movie, 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation'.

I have managed to do a bit of decorating but I am really behind.

Hopefully today I will put up a tree.

The mincemeat lineup.

I always use a vintage grinder to get the right consistency for my mincemeat. Everything should be as uniform as possible.

From the top going clockwise: Ground walnuts, golden raisins, ground cranberries, ground orange and lemon peel, ground Granny Smith apples, dried cranberries, raisins.

Next I add chopped dates, cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar and demarara sugar.

Add 8 0z. of ground suet. Suet is the fat that comes off the belly of the cow. You could use lard, crisco or even butter but nothing quite imparts the flavor that you get when using suet. This is the same fat which is used in plum puddings. As the suet renders, it coats all of the fruit and gives it a satiny texture.

And a cup of port wine. If you want a boozier mincemeat, add some brandy or whiskey.

Stir this together and cook at 225 degrees for 3 hours until the suet has rendered and coated all the fruit.

It turns a nice dark brown color and the house smells like Christmas.

I also added 4 cups of currants. These do not need to be ground as they are already the size of the other ingredients. I added these late because I needed to run to the store to buy them. They should be added along with all the other ingredients.

This can be made up to a month ahead of time.

I made 4 quarts. Tomorrow I will be making the mincemeat tarts and will show them on here soon.


Amy said…
You know? I've never tried mincemeat, but it looks pretty good. I might have to give it a try.
BeMistified said…
I am in ♥ with the moose mug, I mean who couldn't be right?! You have done more decorating than I. I just put a bow on the door :D
love your decorations...and can't wait to see the mincemeat tarts...

looks so christmas-ey

rainy here :-)

kary and teddy
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to bev!

I just remembered that I have just a grinder like that in my cupboard! I bought it at an auction once and have only used it once.

I was just thinking that everything, except for the suet, would be great to have in a cake :-)

Those eggnog glasses are just perfect :-)

Have a great day!
I never knew what went into a mincemeat pie. Now I know and believe I would like. I'll give it a whirl soon and let you know.


xoxo to "Teddy Santa's Favorite Girl".
Pricilla said…
Are you feeling better?
I hope so.
I love that house and look forward to seeing it.
I've always wondered what ingredients went into a mincemeat pie! Now I know! Thank you for continuing to host such great giveways!
I am already a follower of your blog~ Yipeee, double entry!
Thank you!
I won, I won, can you believe it. I promise I'm not bribing Teddy with cookies.

I love mincemeat, but no one else in my family is that crazy about it. Do you think if I made a batch I could can or freeze it in small containers for just me? When my Mom and grandmother were alive they loved it and we always make mincemeat for the holidays.

Your decorations are beautiful. I can't wait for Christmas Cookie time!
You have the best Giveaways (and recipes, of course)! Count me in :)
Vivien said…
Oh, I love your decorations. They look so much like what I've always wanted (but never had the space) to do.
Neroli said…
Awww, I got a little misty eyed over the mincemeat, my mom and grandma ALWAYS made mincemeat pies. They are both gone now; I don't actually eat meat of any kind but I sure do miss the smell of the pies and seeing them bustling around in the kitchen!!! Your home and decorating are GORGEOUS!!!
LyndaB said…
mmm.. the mincemeat is making my mouth water. I've never tried it or even thought I could, but I just might have to after seeing this!
Laura said…
this is really interesting. i've always wondered what mincemeat is, it is a bit scary to me. i don't know what suet is so i'm still not sure that i would ever try it. :)

i'd like to be entered in your giveway please.
Judith said…
Where did you find the moose egg nog glass!!! I've been looking for one for years!!! sign me up for the contest, I love maple!
mmm that basket looks great. you have some wonderful giveaways.

lauren51990 at aol dot com
Barb said…
Your home looks just beautiful! Your post about mincemeat gave me some wonderful memories. My Dad loved mincemeat pie. In fact, Mom made one each year just for him. She used the mincemeat in a jar. I bet he would have loved yours!!!Also, thanks for the super give- away!!! Please enter me in this one.
Ann said…
it's been ages since I've had mincemeat since I'm the only one around here who likes it.
Becky said…
I'd love a chance to win this fun basket. And thank you so much for sharing the recipe for the mincemeat.
Janet said…
I never would have thought of using a grinder, that's brilliant. I often make my own mincemeat from pears and candied peel (I candy it myself). I may give your recipe a try if I can get my hands on a grinder...

Thank you!

Thmini2 said…
Love your decorations, etc. Can't wait to see your tree.
Autumnforest said…
I'm thrilled you shared this recipe. It was the one recipe I couldn't find in my mother's things when she passed on and I always wanted to find an equivalent. Yours looks like it!
Deborah said…
I have a freind who makes mincemeat every year at this time. I am going to give her your recipe.
debbie said…
This looks so good. I might have to try making some.
hi, lovely photos there of the steps involved in making mincemeat, and also fo your decorations, i think my children will probably put up some decorations here tomorrow,
Mincepies are a great favourite here, is it that time already, to make the Christmas stuff, where does the time go?
Jennifer Rose said…
i love maple :D can't stand mincemeat tho, and it is everywhere here this time of year :/
Lois said…
I have my grandmother's grinder. My parents used theirs to make all the million variations of pickle they made each year. Grinders are wonderful. Love mincemeat. Yum.
Millie said…
I've never tried mincemeat; looks interesting. You already have more decorations than we will all season.
Congrats to Bev! I'd love to be entered in this week's giveaway (I always keep my fingers crossed). :) Thanks for sharing your mincemeat pie recipe. I've always been intrigued by it - and will definitely give it a whirl sometime! I am, by the way, a follower! Theresa
Dirgesinger said…
Oh, to use cranberries to meat! I was never brave enough to try, but now... :)
Marilyn said…
Have never tries mincemeat,mostly because I had no idea what was in it> This sounds quite nice and I think I will try it, perhaps half a recipe and put it in tart shells? What do you think?
petoskystone said…
my paternal grandmother had a meat grinder like that, also a cherry pitter she attached to the table in the same manner. i kick myself that i didn't ask her for them when she stopped using them! your mantle is gorgeous. :)
Hi, me again, i think some people seem to think that there is actual meat in mincemeat, but no, there's no meat in mincemeat, it's fruitmince, not minced meat, so it would be suitable for vegetarians, if the suet was replaced by vegetable oil.
the mincepies are eaten warm with whipped cream or custard, or brandy butter, as a dessert or with tea and coffee, around Christmas time.
Pallas Renatus said…
It's fruit and... meat? I suppose that's a combination you have to be exposed to early in childhood...
You know one of these days I am going to have to try mincemeat pies.... I've heard of them...but yet to try one. Yours makes me excited for the opportunity lol.
Congrats on the win Bev!

You make everything look so easy... Mincemeat scares the devil out of me and that is a very HARD thing to accomplish.
Sugar said…
hmm...interesting! love the mug!!

not sure about the mincemeat though..

I would love to be entered in this giveaway too!
Yes - I'll enter the contest. :)

And wow - I've seen mincemeat you can buy to put in the pie, never ever seen a recipe before. How traditional!
Birgit said…
I just love NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CHRISTMAS VACATION, so it's fabulous that you show photos of your movie items, Joyce. :)

The food is yummy once again -- you certainly know how to make all your followers hungry, huh?

It would probably cost a fortune to post all those fabulous goodies to Germany. Hmm... Well, if my name comes up this time, you could maybe send the goodies to Theresa from Faerie Moon Creations who would love to win those goodies (I just read her comment). :)


PS: I so admire you to post all those great photos while being so organized about the holidays including cooking, baking and decorating. What's your secret? Do you happen to live in a time zone where the day has more than 24 hours? :)
Shaiha said…
You know I never knew what all is in mincemeat. This is one food that I have been pretty chicken on but looking at the ingredients, I have NO idea why.