Puttanesca Recipe

Pasta Puttanesca.

I love a good puttanesca and this recipe is not only good, it is very simple. Start by slicing some good salami. You can use pepperoni or an Italian sausage or leave the meat out all together.

Use some oven roasted tomatoes or a 16 oz. can of tomatoes.

If using the meat, gently saute' it to crisp it a bit. Remove from pan and set it aside.

Fry a few anchovies in 3 tablespoons of olive oil until they disintegrate.

Add about 5 diced garlic cloves.

Saute' the garlic in the anchovy oil just until it softens.

Add the tomatoes.

Add about 3/4 cup of pitted Kalamata olives. You can add them whole or cut in half.

Add about a cup of drained capers.

Return the salami to the pan.

Add a cup of tomato sauce and a cup of white wine.

Give it a good stir.

Add a tablespoon of ground black pepper and turn the heat down to a simmer.

Boil some pasta to al dente. I used rigatoni but you can use whatever you like.

Always boil your pasta in salted water. It is the only chance you have to flavor the pasta. It is the difference between a bland dish and a good pasta.

Mix the pasta thoroughly with the sauce.

Serve it with some grated parmesan to sprinkle on top.

Happy New Years Eve to everyone!!!


Verde Farm said…
This looks so de-lish. I may try it Sunday for something different for us :)
Pricilla said…
Have a great New Year.
I'm down for the count. Back to sleep for me...
....i am starving...i think i better go and boil up some pasta...

that looks so good for a winters night

kary and teddy
Robin Larkspur said…
Happy New Year's eve to you, too! and to all your loved ones, and especially Teddy, of course! Thanks for a wonderful year of great posts, recipes, crafts and more! Your recipe list is a constant source of inspiration to me. Bright Blessings to you, !! Love, Robin.
Mystica said…
Thanks for the wonderful receipes!

A very happy new year to you and your family.
I have not even taken time to eat today. I'm so hungry I could just right in that pot. What a wonderful recipe.

Happy New Year and thanks for everything my friend.
Mina said…
I love Puttanesca but your recipe looks much better than mine! Thank you so much and Happy New Year.
Mmmm...I love puttanesca sauce. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Here's wishing you and yours a healthy and prosperous new year! Theresa
Guillaume said…
I love puttanesca recipes, my own version has sardines instead of anchovies.
Yum, I'm starving. This will definitely be on my to make list for 2011.
Ann said…
My but that looks delicious. Where do you come up with all these great dishes.
Anonymous said…
Looks really tasty!

Have a Good New Year!
Suzie said…
I've made a similar dish, only never had a name for it! I'm going to have to try your version!

Thank you for all of the food and fun that you have shared this past year! Your generous heart is overwhelming. I often wish that I could give you something in return to equal all of the enjoyment you give me.

And thank the Blog Tech for all of his work too, in making it all come together. .we appreciate him too!

And of course, give a huge hug to Teddy, for sharing her skills in hunting, guarding, patience, the culinary arts as her alter ego, Julia Chow, and last but not least, how to relax!

Blessings & Happy New Year to your whole family!
Lois said…
What kind of anchovies do you use?? Are they in the aisle where the salmon lives, or do you use fresh? I'd like to try using anchovy as a flavour enhancer as you have advised.

Happy New Year! Here it is a mild 10c, but a flash freeze is expected later tonight. Maybe winter will return. Lois
Fantastic, Joyce!!
(I am catching up..or trying to!)