Snow and Santa!!!

This was my front porch this morning. Snow and vintage Santas!

A redware Santa.

One from my childhood.

I love this old guy.

Look at those cheeks.

A hand carved Santa and reindeer.

A German glitter Santa.

A vintage chubby cheeks Santa.

Hand carved wooden Santa.

When you wind this little guy up he walks and rings his bell.

A vintage Lefton Santa candy cane holder.

As you can see, the decorating is underway!

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Anonymous said…
Lots of fine Santa´s there! I especially like the santa and his reindeers!

Have a great day now!
TMCPhoto said…
growing up we had a mistletoe Santa who had rosy cheeks like that. We used to joke that he'd had a little too much rum in his egg nog
Pricilla said…
I trust you are feeling better?

I'm glad you are getting some snow!
I love all your Santa's. Why are you decorating? You are suppose to be resting and feeling better.
Mina said…
What a lovely Santa collection!
Santa baby, love all the Santa's!

Hope you feeling better!

xoxo to "Teddy Santa's Baby Girl".
Ann said…
My what a gorgeous front porch you have. It looks so inviting too. Love your collection of Santas
I love all your vintage Santas. So cute. And you had some SNOW? I wish we had - all we got was torrential rain and winds over 58 miles an hour. There is a tree branch probably weighing about 300 pounds in our yard. I would much rather have a nice gentle and pretty snowfall. :) Theresa
Suzie said…
What a lovely Santa collection! I have some Santas too, but not as lovely as yours, so thanks for sharing the photos! What fun they are!!!
Hopefully, the snow put you in more of a holiday spirit! We also got some and are now under a lake affect snow warning for tonight. Maybe I'll blow some more of the white stuff your way, for you to enjoy too!
Robin Larkspur said…
Wonderful Santa collection, love the front porch. We got snow today too! And I got my basket from much fun!!! Thanks, Joyce and Teddy!!
Mystica said…
Lots of decor going on!
SharleneT said…
I'm thinking your favorite Santa has been hitting the eggnog more than rooftops! So glad to see your holiday decorations up... I don't do anything till the 15th, but my neighbors are bright lights and inflatable things... Gonna start on my holiday baking after my craft show, tomorrow... phew! how did the season get here so fast! Come visit when you can... And, of course, hugs for Teddy...
audrey said…
I LOVE your front porch!! Your vintage santas are stunning. I especially like the carved wood one. How fun that you really go all out with Christmas decorations. Just seeing your home would bring out the Christmas Spirit in anybody.
♥ audrey
Elgart said…
The Santa are really cute!
Rosemary said…
What a fantastic collection , displayed beautifully.
petoskystone said…
the glitter santa is my favorite.
Anonymous said…
My mother has the same redware Santa! Seeing it made me smile. Love the collection.
Chris said…
I love your Santas! You're lucky to live in a part of the country that has Christmas-y weather; it's still 70 degrees here.

Also, thanks again for posting that Mabon cake recipe! I made it again for Thanksgiving, and it was a HUGE hit with all my family. I definitely got to brag a little over it.
i LOVE LOVE LOVE your front porch. LOVE those lights too...

and that santa from your childhood...darling..and i LOVE the candy cane holder all of it

cute post.
are you feeling better?

kary and teddy
Debbie said…
Love, love, LOVE those santas!!! I am right behind you...just a bit more construction and that's it...I have been unleashed to decorate!!
Jennifer said…
I love your front porch, it looks so neat and so much like Christmas. I can not believe how quickly November went by!
LisaDay said…
Your front porch is gorgeous and the hand-carved Santa is my favourite.

Verde Farm said…
Love your santa collection and your tree is amazing. It looks like the Biltmore Estate in your photo on the sidebar :)