Teddy Under the Tree

I have been showing so may recipes recently that I have been neglecting the pup. She has taking to napping under the tree.

Every afternoon at nap time she settles in right underneath it. Maybe she thinks Santa will return with more treats.

She has even started dropping her toys under the tree.

She is never very happy to have a camera pointed at her. Especially at nap time.

I woke her up when I started snapping photos.

She went back to sleep quickly though.

She rolled on her side and did a bit of stretching first.

Look at those giant paws.

And then plop....back to sleep.

She always crossed her front paws when she sleeps.

One more look as if to say, enough already!

And then the snoring begins. Don't let those tiny incisors fool you for a minute. Those things are like needles. And on either side of them are giant cuspids (canines) from hell.

Puppy dream land.

I wish I could sleep like this.

Two seconds to fall into total unconsciousness. Unless the doorbell rings!!!


Thank you for these sweet photos of Teddy under the tree. I have been missing photos of her and her patrols of the yard!
Mina said…
Your Teddy is a love!

Looks like you are really getting comfortable with your camera.
My daughter was home for Christmas and I showed her your blog. She took one look at Teddy and fell in love. Now if she could only find a partner as sweet - LOL. Hugs and sparkles - WG
look at that pup....what a face...

your camera takes great pictures !!!!

kary and l'il teddy
Teddy is soo cute and she falls asleep even faster than I do :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day now!
I would just love to curl up and take a nap with that precious baby.
You are very good with your new camera. Are you sure blog tech is not doing these. Just kidding!

I made more No Knead Sour Dough today!
SharleneT said…
She makes the tree even more special! This, of course, means you're going to have to keep your tree up all year long, now... just sayin'... Come visit when you can pull yourself away from the kitchen!...
Bandhura said…
What a life! Ahhh to be a Teddy under the tree! LOL

Hope your New Year is wonderful!

Bandhura (Tara-Dear)
dosfishes said…
She is just the cutest. With a new puppy here I can relate to those needle teeth! All the other dogs can too!
With each pic of her she gets more precious. xox Corrine
rox said…
Oh Teddy is so sweet !
Jazz I have been reading your yummy posts on cookies while we had Christmas out at my mother's place but I could not comment as the dial-up thing is so slow !
also we only have access now at the library so very limited computer time ! we actually get kicked off after an hr. of time !
I so want to try the almond cookie !
Jazz also I sent you ourt a parcel just before Christmas and I do hope customs did not mess with it . I put some home made herbal items in it so worried they may have opened it ! anyway I do hope it will arrive safely to You at some point during the holidays ☺
Take Care
AkasaWolfSong said…
How lucky you are Jazz to have such a sweet, adorable animal, whom I'm sure is not just your pet, but child...at least that is how I thought of my pets...we just give our whole hearts to them and rightly so. Teddy is one adorable and beautiful female!
Thanks for sharing her with us today! :)
Happy New Year!
Well, isn't she lovely......herself is a doll baby with personality all her own. Crossing the front paws, adorable.

Thanks for sharing!

xoxo to "Teddy Christmas Tree Napper".
The Wizardess said…
Teddy is the picture of contentment! If I didn't already know about her fangs & her being a one-woman doggie, I would want to bury my face in her tum. :)
Ann said…
ah but Teddy has the good life. Doesn't she look so content there under the tree too
The Jammie Girl said…
Teddy is beautiful as always - even when snoring. Unfortunately, I read this post right before I left work, and so had to come right home and take a long nap. I'm blaming Teddy :)
Millie said…
Those teeth scare me! She does look pretty cozy sleeping there under the tree.
The Frog Queen said…
Awwwwwwww :)

That is too sweet. Thanks for sharing Teddy with us.

Booooo-hisssssss on door-bells! ,-)

Gentle New Years hugs...
Suzie said…
Teddy by the tree would make a beautiful card! You are getting mighty handy with that new camera!!

(I'm SO jealous of your arched fireplace. .every time I see it, I have to show my hubby again. .they have such charm. .)

And I love that chest behind Teddy too. the one with the brass fittings. What is the story behind that piece? You always have such interesting things with a wonderful history!

Be sure to thank Teddy for putting up with us while we watched her snooze. Her crossed paws, and snoring photos are precious!
Tournesol said…
What a cutie Teddy is! It's funny, my cat has taken to sleeping under the Christmas tree too. I used to lay under it when I was a little girl and it is a pretty good view!
petoskystone said…
such deep relaxation after the fluffy frowning.
Silvia Jacinto said…
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touched the deepness of my heart and it made me sentimental. Thanks for posting.
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