The Tree

I am still working on the tree.

December 6th

This year I decided to just use glass ornaments. I wanted a twinkling tree full of lights and reflected off of glass.

I topped it off with the angel.

I found 2 of these deer at a thrift store for 1.95.

I can't decide if the tree is finished or if I should add more to it.

I have a collection of different Victorian glass ornaments.

This is one of my favorite tree skirts. Each year when I get this out I wish I had a skirt like this.

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The tree is gorgeous, dreamy, and old time beautiful. I love it! The tree skirt is unusual and I love it too!

Happy Holiday season to you and your family.

Just got back from the grocery and will be baking Cranberry Coconut cookies this afternoon.

xoxo to "Teddy Holly Berry Fluffs".
The Wizardess said…
Truly, deeply lovely, Jaz! Good Yule to you!
Cathy said…
The tree looks just lovely. I love just the glass and lights. So sparkly! is a beauty...for sure....

kary and teddy
Barb said…
The tree is just gorgeous! I think the glass ornaments add so much. The total effect is so beautiful.
Autumnforest said…
I love that it kind of looks like it's icy and cold like after an ice storm, but still delicate and fancy. Very nice!
TMCPhoto said…
I love glass ornaments on a tree, probably why I started making my own this year.

Your tree is simply stunning
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful tree! If I would have a tree this is how I would like it too look! But I always have my glass birds with spread wings and my two glass coffeepots (red and green) in my trees so that would break the magic some :-) :-)

I´ll get my package tomorrow :-)
Have a great day!
The Frog Queen said…
Absolutely stuinnging as usual!!! Thanks for sharing with us.

Tournesol said…
Oh your tree is just beautiful! Love the glass ornaments, I'm sure the picture doesn't do it justice.
Robin Larkspur said…
I just love the glass icicles! I am imagining your tree at night, with all the lights turned off! Glorious!
Your tree is beyond fabulous. You don't need another thing. It truly is one of the most beautiful trees I have ever seen.

I'm making Cranberry Cookies tomorrow since I decided to dry my own cranberries. Like I didn't have enought stress is my life this week. It's too damn cold to go to the store.
Pricilla said…
I had probably 200 blown glass icicles from a glassblower in New Gretna, NJ. When we moved into the Victorian I had 9ft ceilings so I got a 8 1/2ft tree. I put it in the corner.

As the tree dried out the weight of all the ornaments pulled it forward.

I now have about 100 blown glass icicles from a glassblower in New Gretna, NJ.

TheBlakkDuchess said…

Ooooo... Shiny...

I love glass ornaments! They're so beautiful & twinkle so nicely! =D

I especially have a soft spot for glass icicles... my mom has some really old ones (I think from her grandma...) that she hangs on her tree every year. ^-^

I love your tree as is, but it never hurts to add just one or two more ornaments... ^-^

Mina said…
Wow! Beautiful tree. You have such a lovely home.
Cheryll said…
I want to come to your house! Your tree is magical!
Guillaume said…
Beautiful. There is nothing like a good old classic Victorian tree.
Mina said…
Thank you so much for being the first follower on my new blog. I am truly honored!
Ann said…
Your tree is so pretty. I love all those glass ornaments.
Your house looks so beautiful!
Teresa said…
Amazing! Your tree is just stunning.
Janet said…
What a lovely tree..I love the glass ornament theme.
AkasaWolfSong said…
Oh how gorgeous your tree is!!!
If it were me I'd leave it just the way it just seems so crystalline and old-fashioned. Your tree skirt reflects the theme quite well and it too is quite lovely.

I enjoyed walking through your photos today!

I still just love that retro looking star you made! :)
This tree is amazing. Love the glass ornaments and how they sparkle and glow.
Neroli said…
Your tree is BEAUTIFUL and absolutely perfect as it is!!!
Well done!!!

Coffee is on
SharleneT said…
The tree is gorgeous and doesn't need another thing -- unless, you want to add something... So far as the skirt is concerned. Next time you remove the skirt, give it an elastic waistband and -- voila! - you have your skirt! Enjoy.
Marilyn said…
The tree is lovely, very old world. The glass with the lights is quite stunning. Love the deer.
Rebecca said…
Love your tree! It's beautiful!
petoskystone said…
wonderful thrift store finds! if you want a skirt like that, why not talk to a seamstress? find out the correct names/colours for the material & start hunting on ebay, etc. for vintage materials? i'm sure there are people who can put on machine embroidery in this pattern. start the hunt now, have the skirt (or a dress) done by next holidays season! *love* the glass icicles~:)
William Bezek said…
I just returned home from my working trip and have enjoyed catching up with your blog. My Goodness Lady! You have been a whirlwind of decorating, cooking, and general merry making. I bow humbly to your festivities...I'll be lucky this year to get a wreath on the door!
P.S. I got a card from Tristan so he must be fine, just not blogging.
Laura said…
Your tree is gorgeous! Give Teddy a hug for me!
The food, the sparkling tree, the tree skirt! You are about the best all around talented woman ever!! I mean that, Joyce!
Vivien said…
What a beautiful tree!!! It is glorious.
CathyH said…
I KNEW I'd come here and see beautiful Christmas decorations!!