The Best Chicken Soup Recipe

I had 2 organic chickens I needed to prepare so I made chicken soup for the neighborhood.

This is a wonderfully fresh tasting soup and not at all heavy or greasy.

I simmered the chickens in a pot of water with 2 onions cut in half, 6 carrots and 8 stalks of celery. You don't have to cut them up. I put them in whole. I make a bouquet garni using a tablespoon of peppercorns, 5 whole cloves, 4 bay leaves and some fresh thyme. Simmer the chickens until the meat is falling off the bones. Remove them and let them cool and then pick as much chicken off the carcass as you want to use in the soup. Discard the other vegetables and the spices.

I use one of my biggest pots for this recipe. You can, of course, cut this in half and use one chicken.

Strain the broth and add it back to the pot. Add several tablespoons of chicken demi glace and a few tablespoons of chicken bouillon. Taste for flavor and add more bouillon if it needs it. Add salt to taste.

Thinly slice 6 large carrots. I use a mandoline so I can get them very thin. Add them to the pot.

Add the shredded chicken.

Separately, prepare some egg noodles. Under cook them by 3-4 minutes. You don't want them to become mushy in the soup.

Chop a bunch of fresh dill and add it to the pot.

Chop some fresh parsley and add that next.

Add a couple tablespoons of freshly ground black pepper. Stir it and let it simmer about ten minutes until the carrots are cooked through.

Serve hot with some nice crusty bread.

For those of you trying the sourdough recipe, this is what today's dough looked like after a couple hours of rising time. This dough was made by adding 2 teaspoons of yeast instead of just one.


Barb said…
I will try this recipe. My chicken soup is always too bland! Thanks for the new ideas.
This is what I'm talkin' about, piping hot homemade chicken soup. It would work today, we are in the 50's and the wind is wicked around every corner.

Great recipe.


xoxo to Teddy Red Fluffs.
This could very well be my brothers next Soup of the Month gift. It looks wonderful and the perfect weather for it.

Did you realize 5 degrees doesn't feel any different than 25 degrees outside. It is COLD!
SharleneT said…
That does it! I'm moving into your neighborhood! Gosh, those folks must adore you... Who says, I made soup for the neighborhood? No one, that's who... Oh, wait! Joyce does! That's why I'm moving up there. What a great recipe. Would definitely have to cut down or fill the freezer with this one.

Haven't done the sourdough, yet, but did make an Ale bread, yesterday... come visit when you can and hug Teddy for me...
Anonymous said…
Long time since I made chicken soup, think it´s time to make some before spring comes and it feels to late :-)
This one looks yummy!

Have a great day now!
marcia said…
Your recipes and photos are heavenly! LOVE your bog . . . and gave you an award.

happy day!
Pricilla said…
We had sun for a bit today. It was lovely and then it was gone.
I'm making bagels again...
Guillaume said…
That is one proper chicken soup. Perfect for cold days, hangovers, sick days or a mix if all this (it happens). A bit less than ten years ago, I was recovering from an illness and I survived with Lipton's chicken and noddles soup, but this would have been so much better.
My hubby does love chicken soup
Farmgirl_dk: said…
Um, I want to live in *your* neighborhood...
gone yesterday and missed this....yep...that's pretty much how my dough looks too....

so much FUN !!!!

good looking soup too

kary and teddy...who is right now at The Golden Paw !!!!
Mina said…
Sounds so delicious! Feeding the neighborhood? You are so generous!
Suzie said…
I'm SO sick of eating on the run and restaurant food, but haven't had time to eat anything at home, let alone cook it too! I've been craving some good homemade chicken noodle soup, so when I saw your recipe, I did take time to jot it all down. And, since you make it in stages, it just might work out for me to get it done!

I've been meaning to ask you a question though. .where in the store do you find your demi glace? For all of the times you mentioned using it in beef dishes, etc. I've never been able to use it, because I can't find it! I've looked in with the soups, canned gravies (yuck!), and canned meats departments, along with the condiments. .I've asked clerks, only to have them give me looks that doubt my sanity. .obviously, they don't know what I'm talking about! I may have to resort to buying it on-line.

Thanks for sharing your recipe! My mouth is watering in anticipation!