Marinara Sauce with Roasted Garlic

Here is a really easy but very tasty marinara sauce which is particularly good when you have extra tomatoes. But even at this time of year with store bought tomatoes, it makes a good sauce. Cut up a bunch of tomatoes. You can combine different varieties of tomatoes or use just one kind. Whatever you prefer! Place them on a cookie sheet. Sprinkle them with oregano, salt & pepper and thyme. Drizzle olive oil over them and place in a 300 degree oven.

Chop up 4 large onions and slice the tops off of 5 heads of garlic. Scatter the onions over a cookie sheet and place the garlic head side up. Sprinkle with the same combination as the tomatoes and drizzle with olive oil. Place these in a 300 degree oven as well.

After a couple hours of baking, place them under the broiler until singed.

Dump them all in a big pot.

Make sure to scrape up all the brown bits and oil from the cookies sheets. In a separate bowl, squeeze out all of the cooked garlic cloves.

Add the onions to the tomatoes.

Using an immersion blender, blend to a smooth puree.

Add the baked garlic cloves and continue to blend until smooth. I also added a small can of tomato paste to the sauce. Place back in a 300 degree oven and cook one hour longer.

This sauce does not have a strong garlic flavor since the garlic was baked. It has a very rich caramelized garlic flavor.


looks great...i see your halloween spatula there....


soup and bread making day here today....
Suzie said…
Is that a skull on your spatula? How cool!!
I'm going to have to try this recipe too. .I love the flavor that roasting give to tomatoes and other veggies. .and it is super easy! Frees you up to do other things will everything is in the oven!

Oh! Had a thought. .have you ever made extra, and frozen it? Just wondering how it holds up to the thaw and reheat cycles.
Yummy, yummy, yummy!
But I actually didn´t know it had that name :-)

Have a great day now!
I'm making gnocchi today. Wouldn't some of the sauce be wonderful over a plate of gnocchi.
Mina said…
All my favorite ingredients! Yum.
Pricilla said…
Nothin' much better than roasted garlic...
Ann said…
oh that sure does look delicious.
Chris said…
This has to be good when stirred with that spatula!! :)
SharleneT said…
This is so perfect for solar cooking! And I like to singe with a kitchen torch but the broiler is fine, too! So you didn't remove the outer skins of the garlic... hmmm... clever, clever, lady... Thanks for sharing... And, to the lady asking about freezing. I do the same thing for my tomato-onion-pepper combo and use a vacuum-sealer then put them in the freezer and it works just fine. Seems like the flavors blend more fully in the freezing process.

Thanks for sharing, Joyce! Oh, just changed my blog to a domain address at in case you want to fix your link.
Moncha said…
That looks so very delicious. Thank you very much for sharing !!!
Have a great weekend.
Texan said…
I will be right over to borrow a quart of this for our dinner! tee hee...

Cute spatula!