This is what we saw when we looked outside this morning.

Teddy moved out very slowly not liking cold paws.

What mama?

I think I dropped something.

It must be in here somewhere.

You say I have a little something on my nose?

Where? I don't see anything.

Say what? It's still there?


Time to shovel.


Anonymous said…
She´s soo cute out there inn the snow :-)

Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
I'm sure you are thrilled!
We had rain. On top of the 3" we got yesterday. It's a mess out here.
Rosemary said…
Brr looks so cold to me.
If you feel anything like me you do not want to look at snow ever again :-) Diane
Cottage Tails said…

I nominated you for a blog award, to thank you for your great posts

Love Leanne
Bangchik said…
It must be cold there right now... cheers.
Winter Wonderland, the look of the winter garden!

Of course, little Miss Snow Chow herself is way to cute.

Great pictures and captions for Teddy!

She is a great joy to me, especially these day!

Thank you so much for sharing~

Blessings to you all!
Suzanne said…
We received snow Monday and it was beautiful! But, I live in the south so it melts and refreezes for DAYS and just makes a mess.

Love me some Teddy pics! pretty....

teddy looks so cute out there in the snow....

kary and l'il teddy

If only it would shovel itself!
The Frog Queen said…
Ah, those are lovely pictures. Always enjoying seeing Teddy!

Southern Lady said…
Teddy is so cute! Carla
oldblackcatboo said…
I think that I might know how Teddy is feeling. At the Boarding Kennel where I work, I have a big Golden Chow that I have to chase down and "lasso" to get him to come back inside! He loves the snow so much! He rolls in it and romps and sticks his face into it! All he wants to do is PLAY! I think he and Teddy would have a grand old time together! LOL!
(Your garden still looks beautiful! Even covered in snow!)
Guillaume said…
Looks like Christmas all over again where you are. I find it dificult here as there is no snow anymore, it is all grey and rainy. It is way too mild for the season.
Millie said…
Poor Teddy! We don't like it when our hooves get cold either.
The Wizardess said… got more snow than we did! And mmmmm, I'd just love to rub my face in Teddy's fur. Will settle for doing this virtually. :)
Rue said…
Wow -that is a bit of a dump! Teddy seems to be in pretty good spirits so far. Hope you aren't stuck in it for too long though!

Stay warm!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! Miss Teddy is just as cute as ever! We had snow this past week in SC. I love it! My little Alaskan Klee Kai (miniature husky) was literally and figuratively in his ELEMENT! LOL
Verde Farm said…
It’s so beautiful. Teddy is stunning in the snow. he looks like a fluffy lion. I just love him :)
Shje can come an playing in our backyard and there plenty of snow here
"Whatever..." Yes Teddy! That's the attitude! -grin-

And I take it, the last pic is the front porch. -sigh- Love a front porch.
LisaDay said…
Have you tried mutlucks?

Did she find it?

That looks like pretty snow.

Adsila said…
Nice pictures... It looks like your baby is having fun.
Farmgirl_dk: said…
Does Teddy get those little snowballs everywhere in her fur like my Roxy does? You know, the kind that stick like glue, are impossible to pull out and then melt, slowly, all over the inside of the house. lol
That last picture is beautiful! I love shots like that. They make me happy.
Farmgirl_dk: said…
Hey there - me again. I am on a quest for a tried and true sweet breakfast roll recipe, like cinnamon rolls or a pecan rolls. I immediately thought of you, just knowing that you would have something (you do, right?) lol - anyway, I looked on your sidebar under "cinnamon", "pecan", "breakfast" and "sweet", but don't see anything.
Do you have anything you can recommend to me? I need it for tomorrow... :-)
Amanda said…
wow!! that's some snow, it looks so clean like a winter blanket :) glad teddy is having fun!! cheers!