Teddy and Snow

Hey...look what I saw when I looked outside this morning!

Snow all over my yard.

Snow on my light.

Snow on my sink and oven.

Snow on my ladies and benches.

And snow on my cistern.

It even snowed on my dead mums.

I like it better inside when I get my morning treat in the basement.

My treats never last long enough though.

I think mama should give me more treats.

I am the very best puppy after all.

I am licking my lips just thinking about it.

I hate it when treat time is over.

And now it is time to get in the car and go to the park. But to do so, I have to put my paws in that wet cold stuff.

Maybe I will just sit here and wait for it to melt.

And look really cute.

Maybe this look will get me another treat!


Teddy I don't blame you for not liking wet cold snow on your dainty little paws. If I was your Mom I would have to give you another treat if you looked at me like that!
SharleneT said…
Love the way you can park your 'vehicle' in the corner of a room! Teddy is so adorable -- she would never have to step in snow with me (hint! hint!). Maybe you could mention that to her. And,I would definitely give her more treats because she looks like she's never been fed... right... thanks for the garlic tip... why we keep doing things the way Momma taught is beyond me, but, there it is... Makes so much more sense! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day, now, and don't forget to wipe Teddy's paws with a nice warmed towel...
xoxo to "Teddy Snow Angel"!

Thanks for sharing.
Tournesol said…
It works on me, I say more treats for Teddy!
Anonymous said…
She´s soo cute :-) Just like me when it comes to snow also :-) My boys loves it though :-) :-)

Strange really, I hate snow but think it´s really beautiful in photographs :-)

Have a great day now!
Teddy is so cute! Today the Fed Ex man brought me a lamp stand and Henry a treat, he likes the Fed Ex man now.
Anonymous said…
Oh, sweet Teddy, I'm just melting. I wouldn't be able to resist giving you treats, but I'm sure your mom has her reasons why it's only one treat ?? Always listen to your mom ; )
Hugs from The Netherlands
omg...that face. i can hardly take it..she is so adorable...and you got SNOW !!!!

i wish i had snow...no such luck.

making homemade mac and cheese today with GRAFTON cheddar...

l'il teddy says HI :-)

kary and teddy
Pricilla said…
Well Teddy, I am sure your Mamma was thrilled to no end with all that snow. Even if you were not. I also suspect that you get quite a few treats. The sun is actually peaking out here. It's rather a nice surprise.
TMCPhoto said…
That look should definitely get you another treat Teddy. I'd give you one...
Aw, little Teddy! I'll knit you some booties, if you want :) ♥
Hope springs eternal, Teddy! Someday you'll get that extra treat!
Mina said…
Your new camera takes beautiful pictures! I love your yard...even in snow.

Oh Teddy, I don't know how your mamma can resist that sweet face of yours but it is for the best. Too many treats are not good for your waistline.
Texan said…
Okay girly you have nailed the give me more treats look! Yep give that pooch another treat I say...Our Boxer Boy "kota" is in total agreement about not getting his paws wet!

Your ladies yard is pretty even under all that snow. It must be gorgeous in the summer!
Ann said…
Teddy that look would work on me, I would give you a second and maybe even a third treat.
Duke found some of that snow all over his yard today too.
dosfishes said…
I would definitely give that face another treat. She is so gorgeous! xox Corrine
Teddy, I know just how you feel. I woke up this morning to a blizzard, but it has gone away. I know your momma loves snow but we don't, right pal. Don't worry it will be spring soon.

Hugs and love from Aunt Bev!
Jennifer Rose said…
awwww :D I'd give you more treats Teddy, the treat box is still full today (Which is odd because Sky is usually a treat hog :p)
i sow the perfect little snow boot for you! http://www.backcountryk9.com/184/0/Products.aspx
And the color would so bring our your tounge!! :)
Millie said…
That certainly does deserve another treat!
Mystica said…
With that last look, I am sure he gets what he wants.
Farmchick said…
Teddy has the sweetest face. I would give him treats all day!
AkasaWolfSong said…
Awww Teddy...I don't know how anyone could resist your adorable face and personality! :)

As for your treats I am sure your Momma knows best..

I am looking forward to more snow tomorrow although it will be light...Your pictures are outstanding Jazz!
Suzie said…
Teddy, you can come hibernate with me. I've got a whole cookbook full of recipes especially for puppies, so I can bake to your little puppy's heart content!
We've gotten about 2 feet of snow over the weekend, and just a few miles south of us, where I do most of our big shopping, they have gotten over 38 inches, and anyone venturing out will get a ticket! And the temp is in the zero range. .not wind chill. .actual temp, so we HAVE to stay in where it is warm and cozy!
The Wizardess said…
Teddy so good to see you! Tell your momma that my bread starter's name is Frith. :)
Farmgirl_dk: said…
Aw! I think your mama should give you more treats, too! You have the most beautiful face - who could resist?
Your garden is gorgeous under all that pretty white stuff. And I can't help but appreciate the pristine order that everything seems to be in. Sooooo very different from our little farm, where things seem to stop mid-project around here sometimes. lol
Well...Teddy, were I your Mom that look would certainly get you another treat from me! It works for Mel! :)
Lotsa snow out your way!!