Russian Cupcakes

Continued from yesterday......remember that I had that huge pile of dough that I added too many ingredients to? I couldn't decide what to do with it. So, I thought I might as well attempt to make the Russian cupcakes that started me on this quest. I kneaded in a few cups of flour and rolled out the dough. I sprinkled a cinnamon sugar mix and added some mini chocolate chips. Then I rolled it up like the babka and sliced it into one inch pieces.

I smooched them into buttered muffin tins.

I pressed down and separated the centers as much as I could. Then I baked them at 350 degrees for about 20-25 minutes until golden.

You can see that some of them have a dip in the middle and some filled out as they baked.

I let them cool in the pans for about 5 minutes.

Then I placed them on racks to cool.

I made a basic ganache and filled the centers.

Some of the ganache ran over the sides.

They turned out exactly the way I remembered the Russian cupcakes from my younger years that I so desperately wanted to duplicate. Next time I will simply use the babka dough to make these. The Blog Tech liked these even more than the babka and that is saying something.

And speaking of younger years, here is a blast from the past!


Autumnforest said…
Yummers. I am having that wonderful monthly desire for sweets and that just about set met over the edge. I might have to hit the kitchen later on and practice my Russian.
now those look good !!!!

john would LOVE them with the chocolate...

and i LOVE the video

kary and teddy
Pricilla said…
If you keep using technical terms like "smooched" I will never be able to follow these recipes.

Mina said…
These look amazingly scrumptious! I have never had babka or Russian cupcakes so I can't wait to try them.
Those cupcakes looks very much like our cinnamon buns,but we never have any chocolate on them. I love chocolate so I think it would be a great addition :-)

I´ve heard that song so many times but I´ve never seen the woman that signs it. Thanks for showing that video!

Have a great day now!
Mmmmm. That's all I can say. Mmmmm.
Robin Larkspur said…
I love your "technical" baking term of Smooching the dough! My, my those do look so delicious. And if the ganache runs over...who cares, grab a spoon, my friend!!
I'm with the Blog Tech. I like the way these look, plus more chocolate.
Robin Larkspur said…
Joyce, that song sure does take me back!! I remember all of us trying to figure out what she and Billie Joe were throwing off the bridge. Thanks for the memory!!
Donna said…
Just stumbled upon your blog. My diet went out the window. OH MY! I can feel the calories. I can smell the yummy goodness. What a sweet post!
Put the kettle down, I'll be right over for tea and a Russian cupcake! Have a wonderful weekend!

cardiogirl said…
This is crazy because just the other day I was trying to remember the name of this song so I could listen to it!

However, this particular video always freaks me out with those crazy mannequins sitting at the table behind her while she sings.

Thanks for the blast from the past!
goodness but those look yummy... Here I was trying to stay away from all your goodies but this picture snatched me in... how I wish I had one to nibble on with my morning coffee about right now...
OMIGOSH, this is the first time to your blog...I am drooling here. I have a real weakness for sweets..I'll have to take another look around as soon as I get some spare time...days are never long enough....
Rue said…
Oh lord! This is just what I need to have for breakfast! Giggle - well - it IS the weekend!

Hope you enjoy yours!