When I went to bed last night it was lightly snowing and they were calling for 2 inches.

How can they get these predictions so wrong?

These are my patio chairs and table. It sure looks like a foot of snow to me.

Look at the stone table. That is at least a foot of snow.

It almost looks like what we had this time last year.

And look who is not happy about more snow.

We have a snow melt system which we did not bother to turn on since we were only getting 2 inches. Because of the fluid in the system, certain areas melt even when the system is turned off. You can see Teddy taking advantage of the dry areas.

She follows them all around the driveway and patio.

Too bad the path to her back yard is not on the system.

She just stands there staring at the snow with her little bean working overtime trying to figure out how to go to the back without stepping on yucky snow.

And look what we spotted when we looked towards the back. One of my twin junipers toppled over due to the weight of the snow. I was worried that the trunk had cracked but thankfully the ball had just pulled out of the ground. These junipers have been there for 12 years. I was able to stand it back up and it should survive.

Teddy finally gave up on avoiding the snow and ventured back to see what was blocking her path to the back gate.

Hmmmm....what does she do now? Most dogs would just go underneath the toppled tree. Chows are much too cautious for this.

So, she decides to look for another way around.

Even my wind chimes had several inches of snow on them.

And look closely just to the left of the cistern. A certain chow chow has met a dead end.

Check out the rocking chair on my back porch.

Just a couple days ago it was 63 degrees and we were cleaning this porch. Winter is not close to being over yet!


Just when we thought winter was over!
clairedulalune said…
Oh my w0rd, that is a monster truckload of snow there! I know you must be getting sick of it by now, but your garden looks like a fairytale! Beautiful!
OMG! Poor Teddy. Beautiful pictures as long as they are at your house not mine. I know you love the snow.
Verde Farm said…
I would say they got it all wrong-that is a lot of snow. How neat to have a melt system. Poor Teddy-I dont’ blame him for being aggravated with the snow. It sure looks beautiful though :)
Anonymous said…
what a lovely home you have,, your precious puppy is so sweet trying to find a dry path,, that was the highlight of my day,,,oh and sorry about the snow,,,(I'm writing this from northern canada) it just looks like home to me,,, LOL,,I'm sure it will melt soon,,
FreeDragon said…
Wow. I got hot working in my yard today. It's about 77 in Alabama.
YEP...looks like a LOT more than a couple of inches thats for SURE !!
It that real wicker under all that snow ?
You examples of your wonderfully perpared meals makes me want to learn how to REALLY cook. ( Almost)

I would come to your kitchen ANY TIME...
Gosh you must be popular with your family.

Pricilla said…
You must be ecstatic! It's snowing here today too. I have about 6" and it's supposed to snow for the next three days.
Sharon Lovejoy said…
Well, it looks like a fairy land in your garden.

I love it that chows are deliberate and thoughtful.

Sending warm hopes,

Guillaume said…
Looks like Christmas all over again! I really miss the snow.
Teresa said…
Just a minor setback. Spring certainly does seem to be a tease this year.
Jennifer Rose said…
o.0 that is a lot of snow! at least its pretty to look at. poor teddy :/ did she eventually find a way to the back?
Farmgirl_dk: said…
Awww, poor sweet Teddy! But, wow - incredible pictures showing your "2 inches of snow" - ha ha ha. They're predicting a pretty good snow storm for us over the next few days - we shall see. Most times, the forecasters just whip everyone into a frenzy and nothing comes of it. :-)
Love that shot of your rocking chair. And you know, your garden looks so pretty no matter what the weather. Really breath-taking!
Hey, I saw on Pattie's blog comments that you sent her an email requesting that she do a portrait of Teddy! I *know* you won't be disappointed!! Did you get a chance to look at some of the other animal paintings she has done? They are beautiful and she captures the eyes so well - not at all a simple task!
Amanda said…
brrrrr....the snow does look very beautiful:) poor teddy i hope her paws aren't too cold :)
Cottage Tails said…
That looks soo cold.
keep warm!
Love Leanne
Anonymous said…
I so understand Teddy not like walking in snow :-) :-)

You really got a lot of it yesterday! We´ll get more this weekend they say but I do hope they are wrong :-)

Have a great day now!
I'm with Teddy on this one. We got snow again, too after beautiful 68 degree days.

I'm ready for Spring blossoms....
petoskystone said…
ah! poor teddy. *someone* insists on making life more difficult for him....
Oh don't keep us in suspense. Tell us you went out and rescued Teddy from his dead-end. -grin-
i LOVED the pictures...Teddy looks so cute...i love that picture where you can barley see her...i wonder what l'il teddy would do in the snow? Buddy went to Lake Tahoe with us and LOVED the snow....

we are suppose to get SNOW on our hills this weekend

kary and teddy
Great photos of your winter wonderland and Teddy soft stepping the snow.

Thanks for sharing!


xoxo to "Teddy Snow Chow".