Super Bowl Dip and a Thrift Trip

This is an easy dip/spread to make for your Super Bowl party.

Combine 2 large packages of cream cheese with 1 1/2 cups of mayonnaise.

Mix in 1 tablespoon of cracked black pepper.

Add 1 bunch of green onions sliced thin. Use the bottoms and the tops. Add 6 ounces of coarsely chopped green olives and 8 ounces of coarsely chopped black olives.

Shred 2 cups of cheese such as Monterrey Jack , Cheddar or Colby.

Mix it all together to combine.

Serve it on Triscuits or your favorite crackers.

The Blog Tech and I hit thrift stores yesterday. I have a friend who loves to decorate for every holiday so I made her a Valentine's heart for her front door. Sorry for the quality of the photos. It was very sunny in the garden room this morning.

I bought a grapevine wreath at a thrift store for 1.29.

I found the tinsel for 99 cents, the larger red balls for 49 cents and a huge bag of the small red balls for 99 cents.

I hot glued the large balls on the top of the wreath and used the smaller ones along the sides and down to the bottom.

For less than 5.00 my friend got this for her door.

This is one of the best deals I have come across in quite some time. These heavy iron owl andirons with glass eyes were 9.00!!!


Anonymous said…
What great finds and I love the wreath !!!
The dip sounds delicious, certainly something to try.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Anonymous said…
That dip would be perfect for any time :-) I think they actually shows Super bowl here too, but not at any channel I have though.

Those owls are great!

Have a great day now!
Very cute wreath, but those andirons are fabulous!
oh got the score of the CENTURY with those owls....they are a huge WINNER....that was your LUCKY DAY !!!!!!

LOVE the wreath and LOVE the dip...

we have been having Super Bowl food-talk here too...bierrocks with my dough and we have now added Buffalo wings with Ranch dip.

Going out tonight to a steakhouse...

more steak for Teddy !!!!

kary and teddy
You find the best stuff at your thrift stores. I adore the owls, and your wreath. But the spread is the winner today. I love it! This will be wonderful with gold and black tortilla chips. ha ha
omg - i LOVE those andirons! they are too cool!
Megs said…
Great thrift finds!
I am deciding which one of your excellent recipes to make for my husband's birthday!
Farmchick said…
Those andirons were a great deal!!
Chris said…
Love those owls...what a find! I bet those eyes will really glow in front of a fire! What a "heartfelt" gift for your neighbor too!! :)
AlphaBetsy said…
The owls are gorgeous. What a find!! And I love the valentine wreath.
Teresa said…
That heart wreath is just perfect! That dip looks delicious.
My boys would really love this dip. I might make it with low fat cheeses. Won't be as good as yours but I wont feel as guilty. ( Weight Watchers since January.)
Toria said…
Yum,, that dip sounds delicious & incredibly easy. Thanks.
SharleneT said…
The dip sounds great! Won't be watching the Super Bowl, but can use that dip, anytime! Now, the owl andirons -- that's a find... and, perfect. Just love thrift shops. Give Teddy a hug.
Anonymous said…
I love the valentine wreath you made your friend. Too cute!

Wow! Those owls are gorgeous. Such quality and only $9.00...This was your lucky day.
Pricilla said…
I like the owls...
The wreath is quite festive
Tournesol said…
Beautiful wreath and a great deal!(owls)
Lois said…
Love those owls!!!