Thrift Store Day

Yesterday was my thrifting day. I don't think there will be much offered at the stores until the weather warms up and people do spring cleaning. But I was still able to find some fun stuff. This huge basket was $1.95.

I have a pile of baskets in my basement. I just can't pass them up especially when they are sturdy and dirt cheap! I use them to carry tools or plants in my gardens.

This rooster is rather large and is in perfect condition. He was $1.29 and will be on my potting bench this spring.

I love finding these little porcelain pots of flowers to use in my garden totems. This one was 99 cents.

My daughter is hosting a fundraiser where she works and has chosen a cherry blossom theme. I found these two plates with cherry blossoms for $1.29 for the pair. She can use them to serve appetizers.

This plate for $1.49 will be turned into a cake stand.

I am always looking for porcelain birds to use in the garden totems too. This one was 29 cents.

Another porcelain flower basket in perfect shape.

And a good deal. The weird pink hand was free.

I made this totem a few days ago. Click for a better look.

You can see how I use the porcelain birds and flowers.

And this was a great find for $5.95.

A very sturdy well made drop leaf table.

You can tell that it is old by the way the sliders are made. I'm not sure if I am going to sand this and stain it, leave it as it is or paint it. Decisions, Decisions!


Pricilla said…
The basket is gorgeous!
hey...what a great day...LOVE that plate with the pears....the basket, the little birds...and i LOVE the table...i am going to be looking for one kind of like that for my new patio area we just finished

for sipping lemonade in the summer...but NOT today. pouring RAIN !!!

daube night tonight....with rice.
cozy comfort night

kary and teddy
I have tons of baskets but still can not pass them up either. I love your totems. No paint on the table please. I would just clean it up and use it as is.

Happy Weekend! Don't cook too much.
The cherry blossom plates reminded me of one of my favourite Japanese haikus: "Under cherry blossoms, everyone is happy."
Chrissykat said…
The rooster is FAB!
Anonymous said…
Great findings!
That is a good looking basket, but the rooster is perfect!

I do like that table too! Long time since I saw something similar over here.

Have a great day now!
Rebecca said…
I'm VERY "jealous" of the table & its incredible price! Un-be-liev-a-ble.
Rebecca said…
(If this is a duplicate, just delete it)...but I wanted to be sure to weigh in on that GREAT table for such an incredible price. Good for you! (I'm a little "jealous"!)
Farmchick said…
You found some great gems, but that table is a total score!
Teresa said…
That table is just beautiful! What a wonderful find!
Chris said…
Yup you stole that great little table and Love that rooster and cherry blossom plates. You have the BEST thrift stores...ever!!
floweringmama said…
Wow you really found some great bargains! I'm a new follower and am curious about your totems. Do you glue them?
Great finds, I especially like the basket and the table. I'd paint the base black and refinish and poly the top! I'll bet that would look beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend, keep warm!

Suzie said…
I too love baskets, and that one has a wonderful shape! (I also love all of your copper molds on the wall!)

The plates are so sweet.There are so many wonderful patterns out there, and that table is a major steal!! It has age old charm.

Perhaps people have heard about your beautiful totems, and are starting to hang onto their dishes to make some for themselves. It won't be long and you won't be able to find any birds or flowers either!!

I think that some of the published flea market "experts" could, and should, take lessons from you!
Debbie said…
Great finds Joyce!! You are such a great bargain hunter!! Love the totem and that table is a gem!!
Love that drop leaf table! I always enjoy seeing your garden totems. Come on Spring!
Melynda said…
I am very intrigued by the garden totems, are they just to decorate or? I love the idea and personally love to decorate everywhere.
Amanda said…
what great deals!! i wish we had some good thrift stores here, the ones we do have you can't neat things like that for the price you got them :( I need to start going to garage sales or something...cheers
The Thrift Queen is on the prowl! :)
Texan said…
Love the able! Your garden totem is very cool!
Every time you post your finds I am determined to start thrifting. Maybe once Spring arrives as I am still firmly in hibernation mode.
chickpea678 said…
Whoa! What great finds! Can't wait to see how you make the plate into a cake stand! I love the little yellow bird and rooster!