I am going to be the anti Martha today and tell you the truth about making your bed. Making beds is hard work. Folding the fitted sheet properly is not easy. Martha just might be the only person that knows how to do this correctly. Every time I approach this task, I am determined to succeed and I always get frustrated and give up half way through.

I will start with an endorsement. Save every extra cent you have and buy yourself a good set of 100% Egyptian cotton sheets. You will not regret this. They last forever and are the most comfortable sheets for sleeping. If it takes you your whole entire life to save enough to buy them just so you can die on them, do it. You will think you are in heaven.

On the other hand, save a whole lot of money and do not buy extremely expensive Bischoff sheets.

The lace trim is gorgeous.

I won't begin to tell you how long it took me to iron these pieces yesterday. So, unless you are one of those very unusual people who loves to iron, pass on the Bischoff.

New linen is nice.

But it is nearly impossible to iron the wrinkles out. It is dry clean only and actually needs to be dry cleaned before you use it to remove the wrinkles.

Bamboo comforters are wonderful! They are soft and silky and made from bamboo fibers.

I love collecting vintage European linen sheets. Another major ironing pain though.

I think the embroidered Buon Ruposo ( good rest) makes it worth the effort though.

And as if I never learn a lesson, I still buy new linen. I think it took an hour to iron this blanket.

And another warning, as beautiful as glass chandeliers and sconces are, they are a PITA (pain in the a**) to clean.

After over 8 hours of work, my Spring bed was made.

I might miss my flannel sheets for few days.

But with warm weather on the way it was time for the change.

Spring cleaning has me in it's clutches.


Pricilla said…
Hey, come out here why don't ya?

While I was working and had money I bought the most heavenly Italian made Egyptian cotton sheets (2 sets). We're still using them and they are like silk. One set just got a hole in the bottom sheet and I'm crushed 'cause I know I can't afford to buy them again. I have to figure out how to patch it. They ARE close to 15 years old so I shouldn't complain....
My Rare One knows how to fold a fitted sheet so that's her job on laundry day! If left to my own devices, I just kind of wad it up and stick it at the back of the linen cupboard.
Sarah said…
I worked as a CNA for a while..and had to get it just perfect..or the RN's got a bit titchy..with good reason!
I adore a comfortable should be delicious to crawl into and a joy to sleep in. I recently bartered a down comforter..OMH heaven. Found a lovely cover and wallow in warm coziness at night. I will look into the sheets..oh they look wonderful!!
Hugs, Sarah
Chris said…
What a gorgeous bed! I'm not sure I would ever get out of it!! :) To me there is nothing like sleeping in or wearing...lovely, natural fibers...
I don't care how wonderful I think you are, I'm not ironing sheets. I have down comforts, pillows and feather beds, high count 600-1000 thread count sheets. That is all I'm doing for those two little fuzzy creatures that sleep in my bed.
Texan said…
Lovely bed all layered up and I LOVE The mirrors on the wall!
Mystica said…
What is a comforter? It sounds delicious!
Anonymous said…
You would cry if You saw my bed :-) :-) :-)

But as You say, it´s cheaper to buy high quality in the long run!

Have a great day now!
Bella Foxglove said…
That is the warmest, most inviting and most beautiful bedroom I think I have ever seen.

Thank you for sharing!
amy said…
Where do you buy good egyptian cotton sheets from? There seems to be nothing decent to buy in most stores...
Mel Mel said…
Ooo... looks really comfy! Little too soon to put away the flannel sheets yet in our house. I usually keep them on until um... June! LoL!
Still can't face deserting my flannel sheets and layers of puffs, etc. Whimpy, whimpy, whimpy me!

Love the photos of your home!

Will you do this, in each and every room... Give photos? While spring cleaning has you in its clutches and you are whipping up change and etc.? That would be lovely!

♥ Gentle hugs ♥
Love those mirrors. And just realized... You got those pics, without letting yourself be seen! No fair! But... Good show! :-)
what a beautiful bedroom...just the comforter and the pillows and the linens...

i just LOVE a comfortable and cozy bed....i was ironing some shams the other day...and was wondering if i was the only one doing i know i am not alone...

where does Teddy sleep ?
Caryn said…
Gorgeous room! I have envy.
Like Christer, you would die if you saw my bedroom. I do have 400 count cotton sheets, though, because it's the best I can afford and they are really nice to sleep on. I don't iron, or fold. I wash, dry and put back on the bed immediately. Well, as fast as I can with a small dog in the way. Take dog off bed, put bottom sheet on. Take dog off bed, put top sheet on. Take dog off bed... you see how it goes.
Teresa said…
Oh, my. That bedroom looks like it came from a magazine--very beautiful! Wish I were inspired to spend eight hours cleaning!
Megs said…
What a beautiful bedroom- thanks for sharing!
I agree about the sheets!
Sylvanna said…
When I find myself having to iron, it's rarely anything but my husband's work clothes. And only one set at a time! I never have anything dry cleaned. The sheets can take it. I promise. That reminds me I have merino sweaters to hand wash...and new sheets to buy, apparently!
Danni said…
I will never, ever understand bedding that needs to be dry-cleaned. That seems so completely and totally unreasonable to me - I have always thrown packages that say that down in disgust. lol (I probably even snorted while doing it, too) :-)
Part of the joy of a fresh bed is freshly laundered sheets...fresh from the washer and dryer - or drying line... ok. my rant is finished.
Now, I can move on to saying how gorgeous your spring bed looks!
Very beautiful, cozy and inviting.
It's nice to know I'm not alone when it comes to ironing sheets! Your room is stunning!
SharleneT said…
Oh, wow! The bedroom is gorgeous. We have a few more days of cooler weather coming, so I've got a week's reprieve... beautiful. Just beautiful.
Jayne said…
I'm not ready to give up my cozy Portuguese, flannel sheets just yet; as snow flurries are forecasted here on Long Island!
Melynda said…
What a gorgeous room! But alas, I do not iron sheets, or much else for that matter!
Mina said…
Oh girl, if it needs ironed or dry cleaned it never gets past my doorway. I am awful that way but I hate both and life is just too short.

Your bedroom looks like a magazine page. How beautiful!
Suzie said…
You are touching on something near and dear to my heart. .beautiful textiles! And ironing. . yes, I'm one of the weirdo's who love to iron. From the time that I was old enough to start with my Dad's hankies and pillowcases, I was hooked. Before long, my Mom turned all of the ironing over to me. I set up the ironing board, and watched old Betty Davis and Joan Crawford movies on TV, on rainy Saturday afternoons. Savoring the fragrances of fresh rain, mingled with the sun dried fabrics. .aaaaahhhhhh. I still do! It is kind of a Zen thing with me, I guess. Creating calm and order out of chaos. If all of the world's problems could be solved so easily.

I LOVE your linens. .the gorgeous embroideries, the textures. .all SO beautiful! People who don't buy a high thread count, never, ever know that they are missing. It truly does make a difference! I did make the mistake one time, of splurging big time to buy a set of 1200 count Egyptian cotton. .they were wrinkled beyond belief! And nearly impossible to iron out. Needless to say, I don't use that set much in my rotation.

Fifteen years ago, my older daughter suffered a stroke as the result of meningitis, and although she was paralyzed on one whole side of her body, her nerves became super sensitive, and once she got back home from rehab, she couldn't get a good night's sleep. I bought her a set of 600 count Egyptian cotton, and she couldn't believe the difference. They felt SO good on her skin. Silky soft, and no pilling. And even now, she won't buy any sheets with a lower count.

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous room, and luscious bed! It relaxes me, just looking at it!