I Can't Stop Spring, No Matter How Hard I Try

As most of you know, I am not a fan of spring and summer. If I could hibernate for these next 6 months I would do so. I try to approach them as a countdown to fall. I blame it on my Scottish gloomy bog genes. Gloomy, dreary, rainy, cold days are in my DNA.

So, I try to find ways to enjoy my most hated of seasons. Like building fires. I love outdoor fires. It's the Scottish genes again. Just think of the movie 'Rob Roy'. Didn't Liam Neeson always have a fire burning? Just think of Liam Neeson.

Teddy, on the other hand, seems to have quite a case of spring fever. She has had it with winter and wants to bask in sunshine all day. She has neither the Scottish genes nor the Chow Chow genes it seems. This is dog who should love winter as I do. You might wonder what Teddy is doing here laying between the pool cover and the g*d*mn exposed roots from the g*d*mn honey locust. She is gnawing on one of her favorite treats. A duck foot.

See...I startled her and she dropped it. She was so into that duck foot that she didn't even hear me coming.

She was back on that duck foot in a heartbeat though.

These come from a company that makes all of Teddy's favorite treats, Aunt Jeni's.

My only complaint about their duck feet is that they don't trim the nails off of them. So, before Teddy gets one, I have to give it a manicure. I never really thought I would be trimming duck nails but they look too sharp for Teddy to eat.

She doesn't get them often but when she does, she is one very happy pup.

I would never want to try to take one of these away from her. I might face the same fate of the duck.

I actually think she would prefer the entire duck but she settles for just a foot.

The trees are still barren and the crows sit in them and yell at Teddy.

Unlike me, I think Teddy would enjoy a few crows feet.

I love my fountain and so I tell myself that I will be enjoying it in not too long. Not quite enough to get me excited for spring though.

I think this is one of the reasons I would rather it remain winter.

The monster I created must be tended to. There is a lot of work in them thare hills.

Yet some snow still remains with a promise of more on the way.

I think my fairy is sick of freezing her ass...oops...wings off.

And the green man looks a bit pissed at having to hold the juniper up that toppled in the last heavy snow.

But I do love chive omelets so that is something to look forward to.

And my pots look much better naked and not covered with black plastic bags.

So, I will build my fires and look longingly to the hills for Liam Neeson.

I will take down my raised beds and start a new project to keep me busy in the gardens for the next 6 months.

I will clean and decorate my potting table and hope the Rob Roy doesn't return until fall. God forbid he shows up and finds me in a bathing suit in my pool!


LMAO. You crazy gal, talented as you are, you cannot stop spring. I like your attitude, create your own fun traditions, and I love fires! Magical, warming, and 'smores. hah!

Now the sweet Teddy and her duck feet chews. A real hoot! Thanks for sharing!

Great gardens, I know, from last year with your blog, you work very hard all the time to keep things pretty.

Would you have less work if you had a farm? :)

Thanks for sharing.

xoxo to "Teddy Loves Duck Feet Treats".
Jayne said…
From the ornate door-knocker to the blazing fire pit,your blessings are many.Your property must have magnificent flora & fauna throughout the four seasons.My preference runs in the order of Autumn first,then Winter,Spring,& Summer.I loathe wilting heat and high humidity but do appreciate the turning of the wheel of the year.
So when Liam Neeson sweeps down to carry you off to his Highland estate, can you ask him to bring Colin Firth along for me?
Mina said…
LOL...I love spring and fall but not a big fan of summer. Liam Neeson...I could sit by a fire day and night with him no matter what the temperature outside. Your yard is gorgeous even in the "gloom".
SharleneT said…
Uh, excuse me, Debra She Who Seeks, but Colin is mine -- all mine, along with Liam, and about 65 other guys... I have plans for them.... Jaz, you brought it on, yourself, but I'm so glad you did. Love living vicariously through your garden trips with Teddy and all the wonderful surprises at every step. That's the price you pay for being so darned smart and crafty... So, have a cup of tea next to your fire and be thinking about how you're going to amuse me through the spring and summer. (I hate summers, too, although I should get myself used to heat, since that's where I'll be going when my estate matures!)
Pricilla said…
Come to Montana. It snowed again this morning. That muddy footprint was frozen and covered with snow.
Texan said…
For a person how doesn't like spring and summer, you surely have made a huge garden! It looks like you really enjoy your outdoor time LOL :O)...

I on the other hand could live in a tropical zone where winter never comes! I enjoy fall but if I lived where it was tropical year around I would just pretend it was fall and enjoy it anyway! :O)
Suzie said…
This is priceless!! I KNEW that you were a woman who appreciated a fine pleat!!

And your timing of posting this is uncanny. Just this morning, I was bemoaning the fact of the coming summer heat to my hubby, as I was walking out the door to take out the recycling. It was raining quite hard, and the wind was blowing it sideways. .bundled up in my raincoat, I stopped to take a deep breath, and felt exhilarated! I came in and told hubs that I LOVE weather like this. .I seem to thrive in it. He already knows that, but I can't let the moment pass! He also knows the story of years ago, a Wise Woman asking me if I have Welsh heritage, and I tell her yes, along with Irish and some Scots blood in there too, and she tells me that is why I love the cold, damp, drizzly weather so much, and why I HAVE to live near a large body of water. And yes! It's true, and it all makes sense! So I know exactly how you are feeling!!
This afternoon, we had to go get birdseed. On the way, I said that maybe they would have their pumpkins and gourds in. .Hubs responded with, "Ummm, I think that it might be a little early for that" I told him that I was thinking positive!!
@ Teddy. .sweetheart, I know that you think that ALL dogs lead similar lives that you do, and thankfully, you'll never realize just how spoiled a pup you are! You are a lucky, lucky girl to have this family as your humans.
@ Deb. .what will your Rare One think when Colin Firth comes asking for you?
~~~~ i planted tons of sweet pea seeds this morning...teddy loved it....

are you LOVING the cresent moon????
oldblackcatboo said…
I'm surprised that you don't like Spring! I haunt your blog to see what you are doing in your beautiful gardens and I'm always sick with envy! LOL! And in the Summer, I'm jealous of your pool! and then Fall...well, YOU are the Queen of Halloween and I love your collections! Personally I have a problem with winter. Some days I love the beautiful snow that keeps me inside and snugly warm in bed but I HATE shoveling and freezing. But I love the warm yummy comfort foods...and I stop over to see what you are whipping up....and once again, wish I could just scoop it up and out of my computer screen. Sorry that Spring is coming but I will be SO happy to see it! :) (except for the mud! LOL!)and of course I'll be happy to see what you do in your gardens!
XOXO- Cindi
The Tablescaper said…
I love all of the seasons, each for their uniqueness. One of the reasons that I'm glad I live in New York is the change of seasons.

- The Tablescaper
I am like you. Give me fall and winter any day. Well, the good news is that the Earth keeps turning and moving around the Sun.
Teresa said…
I confess, I am looking forward to spring!
Verde Farm said…
You are an anomaly--loving the grey, gloomy winter months but someone has to love it, right? :) What a gorgeous yard you have--I can’t wait to see it all in bloom. Sweet Teddy--I must check into those duck feet :)
Anonymous said…
Well we are very different in that way :-) :-) Spring is my favorite season of the year.
I do like summer too but then those nasty flies comes and they can destroy an entire summer. But thats the way it is to love next door to a bog :-) :-)

Have a great day now!
Rue said…
I appreciate hibernation, but get stir crazy. Spring is Autumn's cheeky cousin.

It's so interesting to see that view of your lower yard/garden when there are no leaves on the trees. A totally different look!

I've been using my fire-bowl alot lately too. I would definitely not turn Liam away!
LisaDay said…
You trim the duck's nails. Too funny.

"The monster I created must be tended to. There is a lot of work in them thare hills."

Ohhhh what is this part of your property? Don't think I remember seeing this before. And it's so very intriguing. A walkway, down and around, maybe?

I don't like heat/humidity. But am getting sick of this snow/ice. You seem to have lost your snow cover but we just never have. -sigh- And it's getting "ooooooooold" now.

Oh well... Nothing I can do about it.

Gentle hugs...
Them's fightin' words, Sharlene T! I'll leg wrestle you for Colin Firth any day!
petoskystone said…
wish i had crows & ravens where i am.