It's Green Week

Our snow is finally gone.

Thursday is St. Patrick's Day.

This event will punish many innocent flowers.

I always feel so sorry for them. Poor green roses.

One of the first signs of spring is my Red Maple budding out.

The ice has finally melted on the pool cover.

Robins are everywhere chirping loudly.

Time to clean all of the pots.

Teddy has a bad case of spring fever. She wants to check the lower gardens for bad kitties at least ten times a day.'s 230 days until Halloween.....I'm just sayin' is all!!!


Glad your snow has gone and spring is on its way. Roads were closed in Scotland today because of snow, but further South it has not been too bad. Diane
Spring is finally in your own backyard. So happy for you and Teddy.

Beauty macro shot! The red maple buds are awesome!

I know your gardens require tons of work. Were I nearby I would help. All said, I love your gardens.

Thanks for sharing!

xoxo to "Teddy Bad Kitty Police". She is ready to resume her guard duties, which she takes very seriously! She is a special joy to me, more than ever.
Pricilla said…
I have spring fever too but it won't be relieved for at LEAST a month if not longer.
Chris said… that first macro shot! flowers that arn't supposed to be have to wonder about the folks that buy them! :)
You go Teddy! Chase those bad kitties off!!
Cindy said…
Those green roses do look kind a funny. But I am glad your snow is gone and will be able to play in the dirt soon.
looks lovely....feels SPRING-EY here today too...all the birds are singing...could it be the buttermilk biscuits i just threw out under the apple trees for them?

btw...i have some GUY WOLF ruffle pots just like yours :-)
i LOVE those pots....

and 230 days...thank you :-)
now that just made me HAPPY !!!
Why did I have snow this morning. I'm way south of you. But it's gone now. My trees are all in buds too. Tell Teddy it will not be long before she can chase the bad kitties.
Anonymous said…
I have to say I really dislike those green roses :-) :-) :-)

It´s so nice to see that all snow is gone now! We do have some left here though.

I can fully understand Teddy´s wish to chase away every possible kitty :-) :-)

Have a great day now!
Holy countdown to halloween already batman ;)
Guillaume said…
Saint-Patrick's Day, I cannot wait to celebrate!
petoskystone said…
still too chilly for birdsong here, but the snow has melted. more rain in the forecast for this week, so maybe the birds drowned instead...
Mina said…
Poor little flowers. It is quite tragic, really. Oh, Halloween is the BEST time of year!