It's That Time of Year

Time to start cleaning up the gardens. Not exactly my favorite thing. This is when I regret creating two solidly planted acres. Plus, last year we had to remove tons of broken trees because of the heavy snow damage. This year we have to replace all of them.

My little toad is watching over the mums which are some of the first things to come back in the spring.

And I have a real problem to solve. See that root running between the blue stone pavers?

See the raised blue stone paver? I have these everywhere. Not only are they ugly, they are dangerous.

See the bigger root running along the side of the blue stone boarder?

And look at the ones crisscrossing the little bit of lawn between the raised beds? Which means they are under those raised beds too. Ugh! I am removing the raised beds this year and planting in my lower gardens hoping to alleviate some of the stink bug problems of last year. But what am I going to do about these roots? I am so tempted to just cut some out. But something tells me that will kill the trees.

The rhodies are budding out.

The snow drops are about to bloom.

Another damn root. They are everywhere I look and have totally damaged the patio around my fountain.

Interestingly, my garden totems made it through the winter without breaking.

This one has a bit of condensation but I am sure that will disappear when it warms up.

They have to be moved since the raised beds are about to disassembled.

The last of the ice is melting on the pool cover.

What can I say....roots, damn roots.

I think it is time for these junipers to go too. They were barely 3 feet tall when I planted them 15 years ago. The one on the left uprooted with out last heavy snow. Plus, they are blocking out the view of the garage door.

I drastically cut back the oakleaf hydrangeas this year.

See that long black root running along the side of the walkway? I feel like I am living in "The Little Shop of Horrors". I think it is time to move!


Dolly said…
I LOVE your yard so, so much! It looks like a place a witch should live :)

You do such a great job!

I'm still burried in snow here in Canada and I'm envious of your budding garden ♥
The new blossoms are promises of upcoming beauty.

You do have a lot of roots. I wish you luck in solving this problem.

xoxo to "Teddy Loves Spring".
The Frog Queen said…
Wow, as always I just love seeing your garden. I have two flowering cherries that are nothing but root problems too. I keep threatening to take them out...I know how you feel.

I especially loved the frog - of course :D

Good luck with the clean up! Spring is on the way!

OMG! You do have some work to do. Get those boys busy. I'm think about inviting a couple of Boy Scout Troups to clean up all the limbs in the yard. They could have the biggest bonfire in the country with the mess I've got.
Rosemary said…
Oh my you do have a problem with those roots. So nice tho to see all the signs of spring you have. Love the glass totems so interesting features in the garden.
Texan said…
What on earth kind of trees do you have that are running all those roots everywhere on top of the ground?

I don't mind the clean up of the garden, but I do mind how far behind I get on everything else because it takes a lot of hours to clean up and make ready all the garden areas. So then I start feeling that I have WAY to much to get done feeling. lol

I want to try to make some garden totems. Those are so pretty! I will have to check your side bar and see if you posted a tutorial on making those!

Hope you can find a solution to those tree roots!
Jennifer said…
I am so jealous that all your snow is gone already! I've still got about 3'-4' of the stuff in my yard!
Anonymous said…
I just wrote a long comment here but got that error message when I had posted it. Did it reach You?

I love your garden but those roots like like they are a major problem. We had a problem similar with some huge trees in S.Africa and we ended up having to remove them as they were going under the house. I hope yours are not that bad. Good luck with sorting them out. Diane
Robin Larkspur said…
Do you know what trees those roots are from? Please post when you have that info...I am wondering what kind of tree puts out roots like that. I feel badly for you having to contend with these things. But thanks for showing your first signs of spring. Too early for that up here! Good luck!!
Anonymous said…
Your snow is gone?!?! How wonderful. I am sure it will happen here soon too. Wishing you success in whatever you do with your beautiful garden.
Hugs and sparkles
Pricilla said…
I still have a foot of snow on the ground.
Jayne said…
I covet your property's size but empathize with your lament of those established roots.Plant marigolds,tansy,wormwood,pennyroyal,& rue to deter your garden pests.Brew a repellant tea from their leaves (steep 2 cups of leaves in 3 cups of boiling water for several hours:add one tsp.liquid castille soap:dilute mixture with 2 cups of water before spraying on your affected plants).You can also interplant with garlic and dust plants and your soil surfaces with diatomaceous earth.
Mina said…
Your garden totems are beautiful as is your yard. I hate that you are having such a dilemma with those roots.
Aisha said…
that is truly a witchy yard, have fun with those roots, don't kill your trees though. I still have snow on the ground, and it's pretty cold out, so none of my early spring flowers have even begun to think about blooming I can't wait though I love Spring
thanks so much for sharing your garden with us
Be Blessed
Teresa said…
Spring certain has arrived for you. I will be anxiously watching to see how you get those roots taken care of.
Jennifer Rose said…
the roots are triffids in disguise! o.0

i love your garden so very much :D i always love seeing pics of it
Tammy said…
"they are blocking out the view of the garage door"

Now there's a sentence you don't see much! But I can see why you'd not want to block the view of that door; it's lovely.

There is a juniper in our apartment complex that is actually sending up new "trees" along its exposed roots.

Don't always comment, but I adore your blog. And my husband's proposal still stands! (He's a hunk, but devoutly Catholic. I think you'd like him, though; he's also a musician)
2 acres is a big garden! It's a lot of work, but it is rewarding when it's complete, if it's ever complete! I can't believe how fast your snow melted, we still have at least 18 inches in our northern Massachusetts yard! I'm so looking forward to Spring!
justjoycee said…
Very pretty.....
LisaDay said…
I want a full tour. Sigh. Spring has come to your house. I am so happy for you even though you now have to deal with lots of roots.

petoskystone said…
those wandering roots are certainly impressive! hoping it's only the pavers which have been tunneled. much luck with all of the gardening work.
It all depends on what tree it is when it comes to those roots. Apples and pears can be pruned real hard when it comes to roots. In fact that can give the trees a "second" youth so they give more fruit.
In that case one prunes the tree real hard one year and the roots the second. I think that might work for most trees in the Rosaceae family (rose family)

But most trees can manage to loose two or three roots if they are cut some distance from the tree itself. Do You know what tree these roots comes from? If I were You I would try to remove some at least, otherwise You´ll have to cut down the tree anyway before they do too much damage I´m afraid.

Have a great day now!
floweringmama said…
May be time to break out the broomstick for those *@&# roots!
~~~ i LOVE your gardens....are you putting in the lawn for Teddy?
Rue said…
I hate to see trees go, but those roots are just something else! It does look like a haunted forest is taking! But it's very suitable for a witchy yard!

I love the pics of the mums and the buds - gives me hope for Spring!
Suzie said…
I can't believe that your garden is greening up so much faster than mine is! We've had rain and storms, and still have snow.

Do you have so many surface roots because you live on a mountain and have a rocky subsurface? I wondered why you had so many trees topple over. .that may be the reason. We live on an ancient dune, with very porous soil, so we don't have that problem.

I hope that you are able to solve it, without having to lose more trees. They are a precious commodity.
SharleneT said…
Audrey says, "FEED ME!" Yeah, you've got a few weeks of projects here... that'll keep you off the streets...