Paying Your Puppy Dues

Teddy and her dada are back in the park again!

Teddy is checking on the Blog Tech and what he is up to behind her.

Teddy has to make up for lost time.

She needs to make sure everyone knows she is back because, after all, it is Teddy's park.

She is one happy puppy.

A very, very happy puppy.

Back scratches.

Puppy bliss!

She makes sure to check every hole.


Melynda said…
Teddy has a great park!
Ha! Ha! Sounds like my Jesse. We just got back from a nice long walk along the Bay Shore, and he was happy to meet some new friends, and leave his pee-mail for all his friends to check out, as he did reply to a few comments left behind in the park next the trees, and such.
It is so nice that Spring has finally sprung, even if it is still very cold here. At least it is sunny, which makes me happy!
Have a great week.
Dianne :)
Pricilla said…
She just looks so happy as she is rolling on the ground.

You gave me a big smile this morning.
Adsila said…
Yea, Teddy can get out and play again!
Glad to see your husband up and walking around, after being killed twice.
Anonymous said…
It´s easy to see how happy cute Teddy is now when she´s back in the park again :-)

Have a great day now!
rox said…
Oh Teddy You are a fun gal ☺
Terry is back to her old self again. I think she might have spring fever. Is dada limping! haha
look at that cute puppy...makes me smile to see her so happy...that looks like one happy, happy girl.....

l'il teddy just came in from a romp out in his park too....

we LOVE LOVE LOVE these dogs....

kary and teddy
Danni said…
Ooooh, now if I were there with you and Teddy, I'd be rolling around on the ground, too. :-)
Teddy certainly is happy to be home and at "her very own park"!

Great photo's, especially love the "bliss" one. Thanks for sharing!

Have a wonderful evening.

xoxo to "Teddy Find Bliss".
Suzie said…
Teddy is an Autumn dog. .she blends right in with Autumn colors. And yes! She needs to re-establish her claim as queen of the park! She probably was stressing about it all of those days, imagining another dog coming in to stake a claim. But that would have meant disgracing herself with a wet tushie, and her royalness can only stoop so low. .but all is well now. .she is back!! No wonder she looks SO happy!!
Great photos! Looks like a nice day for a walk. I'm glad Teddy had fun. She looks like such a doll. You can see every expression in her face.
LisaDay said…
Happy to hear Teddy has found her happy spot again.

petoskystone said…
sun-warmed pavement..what a perfect heating pad after a long walk.
She a big Mele... :) Adorable... :)
Jennifer Rose said…
awww :D that def. is one cute happy puppy
Mina said…
What a princess!!! I love that Teddy has her very own park. Showing those other dogs and bad kitties who's boss!