Something Wicked This Way Comes

Teddy was not happy when we went outside this morning. She is giving me the "why did you do this" stare.

A storm blew through here last night and dropped hail the size of golf balls. The juniper succumbed to the bombardment.

Icy snow covered the boxwoods.

Even my toad looked angry.

I hope my bay trees survives these conditions. I just put it back outside the night before.

The recently spruced up spring potting table was dusted with snow.

Snow on the roof of the mini Victorian.

Unlike me, Teddy is ready for spring.

So is her water bowl.


Jayne said…
Hail is measured by the Torro Intensity Scale to categorize hailstorm by intensity & damage.You can find it for reference in the Farmer's Almanac,though it was established in England.It's wintry here on Long Island too : glad I left my flannel sheets on!
Melynda said…
I knew the blog post title was not talking about Teddy! I must say I love the little Victorian covered in snow.
Pricilla said…
It has been a year for weird weather!
Teresa said…
I have to say I'm with Teddy on this one! Hope the little bay tree survives.
Anonymous said…
I really don´t like hail, almost as much as I don´t like snow and that´s bad :-) The worst hail I´ve seen they were as big as golf balls and I thought the windows on my car would break.

I do like that mini victorian! Have You shown it here before?

Like Teddy I´m ready for spring but it sort of stopped some today because of the cold but sunny weather we´re having now.

Have a great day!
Chris said…
I'm sooooo with Teddy! C'mon Spring!! Enough of this cold crap!! :)
Seeing the Victorian reminded me of an earlier post about restoring a doll house to become the Practical Magic house...did you ever finish it? I've been enjoying that movie lately and was thrilled when my kiddo came home with a copy from the $5 DVD bin. ;)
Teddy and I both need some warm weather. We are suppose to get snow tonight. Ugh! Don't worry Teddy we will be smiling soon.
Sydnii said…
I can't say that I've ever seen a happy looking toad, honestly. And I'm also with Teddy-- I'm ready for spring (and actual spring-like weather).
well, we don't have any SNOW here...but it IS COLD and RAINING.....

Teddy would LOVE to go and run in his garden...but it's pretty soggy

he will stay in today with mama by the fire....maybe do some cookie baking

Cottage Tails said…
I'm also with Teddy give me spring & summer - I don;t mind autumn (we in that now) but winter I just wanna stay inside & keep warm by the fire.
can't believe you love winter over spring

Love Leanne
Sorry about the hail. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your bay tree. Hope it melts quickly.
Mina said…
Sweet Teddy and I both want spring. I hope your plants are okay and I love that Victorian house!
Suzie said…
Poor Teddy. .she just doesn't understand. I'm sorry that the hail took down another tree. You've lost a lot of them in the past couple of years. It is hard to see them go.

I love the little Victorian house though! There is always something to discover in your gardens!
Danni said…
Oh, Teddy and me both! If we got any more snow, I'd be on the ground crying and beating my fists. :-)
petoskystone said…
how dare you hail on teddys' world! ;)
Wicked hail. We don't often have this in Florida.

Have a wonderful day!

xoxo to "Teddy Spring Blossoms".
Poor Teddy...The weather is ridiculous here as well..just when we thought Spring was approaching, we have been battered with snow...ugly.
Love all of your ornaments..beautiful..
But YOU got a little reprieve on the "Spring Comes Galloping In" business.

Mystica said…
I thought the snow had gone away and it is spring! poor bay tree.
SharleneT said…
I'm with Teddy. There is nothing to do but sit and drum one's paws until spring decides it's here to stay. Fingers are crossed for your Bay tree. I did the same thing with my olive and lime trees. Totally forgot the temp was going to drop overnight, and feel so GUILTY and ABUSIVE toward my plants. Come visit when you can.