Sometimes Things Just Fall Into Place

My daughter is hosting a huge party and has chosen a cherry blossom theme for it. I have been searching thrift shops for things with cherry blossoms. I already had this Japanese enameled vase covered in cherry blossoms, so I filled it with cherry blossom branches and she can use this as a decoration.

I found this porcelain branch covered with blossoms and made a totem to be used as a centerpiece.

Yesterday I went to a shop that I had not visited in a while and found this great big basket for 2.00!

And I found this darling robin to put on my potting table.

I found another porcelain flower basket to use in a totem.

On a high shelf in the corner of the store I found these. This little lady is actually holding a cherry blossom branch.

They still have the original tags saying they are from Okinawa.

These will be perfect placed around the room. Each doll cost $1.99!

Look at this wonderful enamel vase covered in blossoms.

I adore this cute little couple.

This jade box will hold calling cards and it's lid is covered in cherry blossoms. Who would ever think there was so much of this stuff out there?


dolphyngyrl said…
I love that jade box! I think I've seen it before & now I'm wondering who has this beautiful box.. Hmm!
Teresa said…
All of your finds are just wonderful--I really wish I had thrift stores like yours. I especially love that jade box.
"Under cherry blossoms, everyone is happy" -- that's one of my favourite classic haikus!
Anonymous said…
I do like japanese things! Look at that vase, there´s only a branch of cherry blossoms and that´s all it needs to become beautiful!

That Jade box is so beautiful too!

Have a great day now!
the jade box is so beautiful...
what a great day you had...i love everything....

are those cherry blossoms real in that first picture?

i have a cherry tree in my garden that is blooming right pretty and SPRING-like...teddy plays fetch underneath it...

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Kary and Teddy
Mina said…
Wow! Talk about the law of synchronicity. Your daughter will be thrilled. I love the little figurines.
Danni said…
Wow - a big party? I want to come!
What's the occasion?
Love all your decorations - you two make a great theme team!
Pricilla said…
When my father traveled he always brought me a doll back for my doll collection. I had a doll from Japan that looked much like one of the ones you showed.

Thanks for the memory
SharleneT said…
I'm so glad you were able to bring it all together (oh, Lordy, what did I say? Of course, you could bring it all together! [Slaps side of head...]). It's going to be a lovely party and I can't wait to see your culinary contribution... Come visit when you can and check out my other blog, too!
Debbie said…
What about the Arizona Iced Tea cans that have the cherry blossoms on them....I think it is the Ginseng tea. A tub full of ice dyed pink with a bunch of these cans in it would look fabulous!!
Sherry said…
Isn't it funny? Any other time you might not have even noticed them but because your daughter is hosting a party they caught your eye. All of your finds are beautiful.
I obviously live in the wrong area - our thrift shops aren't this cool...course I don't get to see all of them. :) Good job!
Rosemary said…
More lovely treasures.