Thrift Shopping

I love this thing. I have no idea what I will do with it but I bought it anyway. It was 10.99 but it was also half off Wednesday!

When you open the shutters there is a mirrored window inside. This will end up outside in the gardens somewhere. When I go to thrift stores, I always look for "disposable" items for the garden. If I can enjoy something like this for one season it is well worth the $5.50! Plus, if I use it in the potting shed, I could get unlimited seasons out of it.

I am always looking for a thin, large spatula and I finally found one for 99 cents.

A Lenox bird with flowers for one of my garden totems. $1.29

This little lady with a bowl of fruit will also be showcased in a garden totem. Since she has grapes in her bowl, I might try to do a wine motif totem. 59 cents.

A hummingbird candle stand. I took out the candle and added the porcelain rose so I can use it in another totem. 59 cents.

I will turn this plate into a cake stand. The plate was 49 cents!

I soooo don't need any pyrex but this was 29 cents. I figure if I give it away with food in it to one of my friends, it beats using the disposable plastic containers.

I like to fill these with jams and dips to give to friends. 99 cents.

And for anyone looking for items to use in totems, keep you eyes open for pieces like this. This cost 39 cents and when turned upside down will make a very decorative piece in a totem.

I always have TV playing while I cook. When the Blog Tech was here this morning, I had 'The View' on. They were making Sherri Shepherd try a durian fruit. Some of you might remember when the Blog Tech and his girlfriend tried one a while back. They said that less than 1 % of people will ever try a durian fruit. For those of you who missed the BT eating one the first time around, you can click on the video to see it!


Pricilla said…
Did they have to clear the studio while she ate it?


I remember that video
Robin Larkspur said…
OH,I love the shuttered mirror window. It is fab!!! I went thrifting the other day and saw tons of things for your totems. I am now thinking I will make one....You have inspired me yet again!! I did watch the BT with that gawd-awful fruit, LOL. I think I will skip watching it a second time, thanks anyway....
I'm sure the Blog Tech is still haunted by that durian fruit. Haunted!
Anonymous said…
That window is so beautiful! It was popular tom put mirrors in old windows here some years ago, but I guess that could kill some birds if they thought they could fly through it. But it is great as it is right now!

It´s almost impossible to find good spatulas! Mostly they are to thick and clumsy to use.

I do like that plate with grapes, blackberries and an apple too!

Have a great day now!
o.k. now i know why i should watch The View today...i remember when Brendan did this it....

i ADORE that 29 cent pyrex casserole...what a find...and in Fall motif, no less...

love sure find great things

waiting for The View to come on....
They are so cute. I think I have found something that I have no desire to eat. Thanks for the heads-up.
Love the mirror window and shutters, it is fantastic. Diane
rox said…
Oh Jaz I love that window thingy ! what on earth could it have been used for ? I of course would use it to store all my little bottels of herby dried flowers and such .
I bet you make something very visually pleasing with it ;-)
did that pyrex come with a lid ? I keep looking for a good old corning cassarole you know the white with the blue flowers ( reminds me of Holland for some reason ) but do you think I can find one with a lid ! nope .
I am still waiting for this winter to be gone ! It is horrid lol I know we are the opposites in regards to weather ☺
I want to hunt little wild violets and eat a flower salad ever so badly ;-)
Barb said…
I only wish I had your luck at thrift stores!!! I love the window. At an antique shop it would have cost much more!
I agree, they are both sooooo cute. And can see why she is his girlfriend. Not only is she adorable, she's up to most any challenge, it seem obvious. :-)
I have got to come to your thrift stores. The stores in my area are either way more expensive than that, or just have ugly junk. I love that girl with the grapes.
Ohhhhhhhh...a thrifting we will go, high-ho the dairio....a thrifting we will go! :)

The shutters "look" like you, something you would like!

Have a great evening!

Blessings & xoxo to "Teddy Red Fluffs".
Jayne said…
The Country House catalog has a very similar item to your first find.It's depicted as a "Driftwood Shutter Mirror" that measures 27.25" X 19.5" open and sells for $69.00! You can look it up online as item #25149.
Mystica said…
Your finds are not just amazing but it is almost like getting for free. I do wish we had thrift stores here but it will never happen - ever!
Love all your finds. I can't get over the prices.
Chrissykat said…
I love love love Pyrex!
Cindy said…
What great finds. I never have much luck with our thrift stores, but I am inspired to try yard sales again.
Mel said…
What a find on the shutter... that is awesome. Also, like the idea of filling your dishes with food gifts, very thoughtful and creative.

Now, I'm trying to comprehend why anyone would want to eat such fruit... EECK!
Mama's Thyme said…
I love your thrifting finds! And I'm getting excited to try my own spin on garden totems - thanks for the feedback. Did you see the No Reservation where Anthony Bourdain talks about durian fruit? He describes the taste as "just like a good, stinky cheese"
Rosemary said…
What a wonderful thrift shop you must have.. Your cheap purchases certainly inspire me to haunt my local thrift shop more. Still dreaming of doing a glass totem.
petoskystone said…
why did someone first try to eat a durian?
Suzie said…
I love that shuttered mirror and think that it would be a wonderful added feature to your potting shed! Or you could embellish it for Halloween!

You always find the prettiest plates and bowls, which in turn, make the nicest way to give a food gift. SO much nicer than plastic or paper!

I remember the durian fruit episode quite well, and thought that both of those kids were extremely open minded, not to mention brave, to try it! It is still funny to watch!
Mina said…
I love the window find! I'm with you. It would be beautiful in the garden.

I have never heard of durian fruit and must say it is something that will forever remain OUTSIDE of my mouth. Gross! Having said that, what an adorable couple they are. Good looking, both of them.