Vietnamese Noodle Salad Recipe

It was time to do grocery shopping and I didn't have much left in the fridge so I made up this salad. First it was going to be chicken salad, then it morphed into Vietnamese chicken salad.

I defrosted some leftover roasted chicken.

Then thinly sliced a red onion.

The only pepper I had was orange, so I sliced it thin and added it to the bowl.

I normally would have used a lime but I had none of them either, so I used an orange. I zested the rind and added the juice. I also added about 2 tablespoons of grated ginger.

Next I added granulated garlic, sesame oil, honey, fish sauce and some soy sauce. The amount depends on how much chicken you are using.

I wanted the finished dish to be creamy so I added a bit of sour cream and mayonnaise.

At this point the sauce was tasting quite good but it needed a little something.

Sriracha makes everything taste better.

Some radishes and celery were left in my vegetable drawer so they joined in.

As I stirred the sauce into the rest of the ingredients, I realized I had half of a cabbage too.

Perfect for this salad.

Then I thought of noodles. Adding Asian noodles would make it even better.

And I added a bit of Chinese mustard to add even more flavor.

I had no cilantro so I used some parsley to top it off. This ended up being one of those salads that is hard to stop eating. And it is a very good way to clean out the fridge!


Chowz Creations said…
Sriracha - my main ingredient when making beef jerky. YUM! That company also makes a chili pepper/garlic paste, and a chili (pepper) paste. Very yummy. Your noodle salad is not only pretty, but I bet wonderful tasting too! On a side note - glad to see Teddy happily back in HER park. =)
looks great...

i have a friend who calls that:

don't go to the market...

we had DOGOMAR the other night...
Anonymous said…
Once again this looks delicious and still so easy to make! But I have to admit that I don´t have that many things to clean out of my fridge :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Pricilla said…
Sometimes the best meals come out of "what in heaven's name do I have to work with today?"
SharleneT said…
Not from MY fridge! What a fun thing to do and the ingredients can't help but be good! I can't imagine you not having a full refrigerator at all times -- that boggles the mind! But, I have to say no to the chile pepper sauce... I'm being kinder to my stomach in my old age... Come visit when you can...
~ Jayne ~ said…
You must have a well-stocked pantry to be able to create such an exotic "throw-together" salad: it looks scrumptious!