Baby Teddy

My daughter is coming home this weekend with her new beau. He is a gorgeous southern guy and a marine. Just the sweetest guy you could ever meet. They were here 2 weeks ago and I promised him if he came back, I would make him gumbo. So, this whole week I am working on the gumbo and making him lots of his favorite foods to take back to the base. I will post all of the food when I am done but meanwhile, I will be doing some Teddy posts. Someone asked me yesterday if I had any baby pictures of Teddy. I've posted these before but I didn't think it would hurt to post them again.

This is a pic of Teddy on her first day with us. Click for a better look.

When we first got her, she would run around like crazy constantly and then just drop and fall fast asleep. After a quick nap she was up and on the go again.

Chows ears do not stand up straight until they are over 3 months old.

Teddy....the cement block.

A busy puppy taking a bit of a rest.

This is Teddy a few weeks later. She sure grew fast.

When she was just a few months old, we drove all the way to Cape Breton with her. Here she is in Nova Scotia.

We actually tried to kennel train her in the beginning. She did just fine but it broke my heart to see her in the cage so we stopped. This was a BIG mistake. I don't know how I am going to keep Teddy away from the marine on Easter. She is going to want a piece of him!


No, no Teddy. We do not take pieces of a marine. Of any marine. Especially her new beau, who is a marine!


Gentle hugs...
Raven said…
Awww, she was the cutest puppy ever! So adorable. Can't wait to see the gumbo; living in Texas, that stuff's right up my alley, and I'm sure I'll want to try your recipe.
Texan said…
ROFL Teddy I am thinking there might be easier pickings than taking on a Marine girly... :O)...
Joane said…
Thanks for sharing baby Teddy pics. She still has the same cute, mushy face! We tried to crate train Carlos too, couldn't do it. He used to sleep in the kitchen now he sleeps in our bed. Not on the bed IN the bed. Hard to believe a little chihuahua can take up so much room.
Can't wait for the gumbo recipe!
Thanks again, Joane
Awww, she was such a little doll (still is)! So, so cute :) ♥
Pricilla said…
She looks like a little ball of fluff.
Baby Teddy was so kyoot!
Teddy look like the cutest little bear :-) Truly adorable :-)

I do hope she doesn´t take a to big pice of that marine :-) :-)

Have a great day now!
Nancy said…
Oh Teddy was such a cute baby.
laurie said…
i know we are suppose to crate train them but it jsut wasn't in the stars for our fellow either,,he really believed he was a human I think and by the look of Teddy he knows just who is calling the shots around your house,, HE IS !Would he bite the boyfriend?I know some become very protective,, he certainly doesn't look very agressive,, he looks like a so so soft teddy for sure,
Jennifer said…
She was such an adorable, cute puppy. I bet you couldn't even look at her without smiling!
well....this was just about my FAVORITE post ever....what a darling...adorable little puppy...little baby teddy is so darn CUTE!!!!!

today is the eve of one year ago that we drove to the Anza Desert to get our baby Teddy...the GREATEST trip of our life !!!!

i had the books...all the puppy books...i had the crate...everyone telling me CRATE TRAIN him. well...that lasted about 5 seconds. NO WAY !!! that 5 seconds just about killed me...listening to him cry...NOT going to happen.
no crate here either.

can't wait to see the gumbo recipe...
kary and l'il teddy
Monique said…
Oh, such a cute little puppy. What great pictures. She was a really sweet little puppy. She's still a super cute doggy now
Have a great day !!
I didn't believe Teddy could get any cuter, but as a puppy she is adorable. No biting the marine sweet Teddy. Is crate training when you get in the crate and learn to do what they want you to? That's the only way it would have worked at my house.
SharleneT said…
I tried crate training with angel and I didn't have the heart to continue, either. It's hard to explain to a puppy why they have to go in a crate at night and the bi-peds don't. Aren't we all from the same pack? geez. Nope; can't do it.

Look, a gal's got to do what a gal's got to do. Explain to her that ALL men look good in uniform and get her a new chew toy.

Have a great day, now.
Autumnforest said…
You know, Teddy might make a case against the usual assumption that a dog is cuter as a puppy. I think her grown self is much more adorable because you can see her expressions more under all the fur.
Oh my gosh! You know I am trilled to devour these adorable pictures of Teddy Bear Baby!

In the last picture she has that "Aw, Mama, pleeazee let me out look on her furry face!

Maybe if "the Marine" threw her a few clams to break the might help!

Great share!

rox said…
I swear Teddy is the cutest of cuties and we have 3 doggies so that is something for me to think Teddy is the cutest ☺
Jaz I so would love to learn about making gumbo .I'm not even quite sure what it is , I'm thinking a stew thing ? so hope there will be photos but on the other hand if you are visting & cooking all at the same time you may not have time to take pics and post , but do hope it may happen ;-)
Thanks a bunch for all your yumminess and of course for sharing Teddy with all of us ☺
Suzie said…
Look at how tiny she was! I know. .they all start out very, very small, but they grow so quickly, we forget. She may have grown, but she still has kept that sweet, sweet face.

Joyce! What are you thinking? You are cooking enough for him to take back food, too? Those Marines are going to be begging him to come and visit every weekend, or they will be fighting over who gets to show up on your doorstep!! You've opened up a whole new can of worms!! (I say this laughing!!) I'm picturing a whole table full of strapping guys, with you putting dish after dish of delectable food on the table. .I don't know who will be happier. .you or the Marines.

Explain to Julia Chow that he is the reason that she has gotten to do extra clean up duty this week. .that you were making extra yummy treats for this nice man, and she had the honor of helping you. .knowing that she could possibly get more samplings in the future, she will welcome him with open paws, and a closed mouth!
Teddy was such a cute little girl~ I had not seen these photos so I'm glad you posted them again. Now Teddy do not eat the Marine! hugs, Linda
Thank you for sharing the puppy photos. Always a cheerful way to end the day. Please let your daughter's beau how much his service to our country is appreciated.
Tournesol said…
Grown up teddy is adorable but baby teddy makes me want to go out and get a chow pup Tomorrow! Oh my goodness, I'd probably have squeezed her to death she was so darn cute.
laurie said…
what a little luvvy,, you've been to Canada,, and travelled with your little one,, wow.he's a real little fluff ball so sweet,,such personality,, and the dialogue you add is hilarious,,you sure have him pegged right,, your words and his actions are perfect,,thank you for sharing,, this is wonderful to come to everyday,, the recipes and food photos make me sooo hungry,,
Mina said…
Baby Teddy was too adorable for words!
GardenGeek said…
Oh, baby Teddy! How adorable!
Good luck with the visit - I am sure he will love everything you make.
LisaDay said…
So fluffy. Maybe Teddy can be bribed with gumbo.

Debbie said…
Oh my Gosh was Teddy cute or what! Oh boy...the look of her in that crate...It would have broken my heart too. When we have company and Obie gets to be too much, we hook him outside (in good weather) or gate him in the bedroom for a little while. Will she let you do that? I see you are still cooking like crazy lady!!
Loli said…
Oh, how sweet she is. I can't have enough of watching these photos...