Crab Mac and Cheese with Bacon

I am still cooking like crazy trying to get lots of food made for my daughter and the marine to take back with them. They recently have been eating my taco mac and cheese and requested that I make more. Instead of repeating the recipe I made a new one.

If you want to make this, click on my macaroni and cheese with crab recipe on my sidebar.

I always add diced poblano peppers to this recipe. I add them uncooked because they soften a bit when the cheese mixture is added but they still retain some crunch.

Adding enough Old Bay seasoning to this recipe is the key.

This is how I package it for them. I freeze these and they just remove one from their freezer when they want some and put it in the microwave.

I fried some bacon and then drained and crumbled it. I sauteed the crab meat in the bacon grease with a touch of Old Bay and then mixed in the crumbled bacon and topped the mac and cheese with this mixture.


laurie said…
just when I thought you couldn't make your mac and cheese sound any better you make this,,, wow,, yummo!Did Teddy beg for crab?Do you know we can't buy Old Bay seasoning here in our Canadian grocery store.We live on the international border (Sault Canada and Sault Michigan) called sometimes the twin Saults,, separated by a bridge.The veiw from our patio is Sault Michigan,, our daughter married an American fellow so we are over there alot.We buy the seasoning there.Thankyou for sharing these lovely photos.
I have made your Crab Mac and Cheese and it is fabulous. But I think it would be easier if you just adopted me.
Freckles said…
I may have died and gone to Mac & Cheese heaven. Someone pinch me. That looks and sounds AMAZING. I dub you the mac'n'cheese Goddess. :D
As always this looks and sounds delicious :-)I really must try bacon in more of the things I cook, seeing it here gives me a lot of inspiration to do so!

Have a great day now!
In all my born days I've never known a better Mom than you!

Awesome recipe! Will mix it up here is south Florida, I love(s) macaroni and cheese.

The blog tech (Teddy's boy), and the daughter (Teddy's girl), and husband, and us bloggers, are blessed to have you!

Thanks for all you give!

Happy Easter...."ohhhhhhhh, here comes Peter Cotton Tail, hoppin' down the bunny trail..."
Guillaume said…
I love macaroni and cheese, but it is too hot for this today.
Pricilla said…
Crab meat and bacon - can't go wrong there.
Ann said…
will you adopt me????