Just When You Thought You Had Escaped The Royal Hoopla

Did I tell you that I am the Royal photographer? I guess I forgot. I've been pretty busy lately.

Whatcha lookin'@ Harry. You are next. Anyone thinking James Hewitt here?

I know it is sad to lose your baby, mama....but you just acquired the whole Royal Family. A fair trade.

I mean this is a fun loving group.

And you know what hot fun these two are.

Ahhh...sweet girl. You had the chance to run.

Kate, make sure not to be seen socializing with bad boy Spencer. The Queen would not approve. The only thing worse you could do is hang out with Fergie.

If I were you Kate, I would have flickered like a candle in the wind and hit the yellow brick road.

Your brother looks overjoyed too.

He can't wait to party with these two after the ceremony.

Now, I for one, would pick this dude to party with.

He is the Royal bad ass.

Unlike his auntie. (I thought that country comedian Minnie Pearl had died. Who knew she just disappeared into the Royal Family?)

Oh well, the deed is done.

It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.

Is this the top of the wedding cake?

If anyone can change that family, you are the girl to do it Kate!

And whomever you are little girl, be scared, be very scared!


A fine crop of photos, Jaz! And my gawd, did Princess Anne buy her outfit at Marks & Spencer? How frumpalicious did SHE look?
Pricilla said…
I just hope they leave them alone for a bit.
Autumnforest said…
I completely avoided television to not see any of this, but I enjoyed your view of it--much better!
Robin Larkspur said…
I didn't realize that Prince Philip was so skeletal. And you are right on about Harry! LOL! hilarious post! Did Teddy wear a tiara today?
Yart said…
I think the little girl Prince Charles is holding is Camilla's granddaughter.... So yes, she needs to be afraid.... LOL!
Anonymous said…
I´ve heard that Camilla is a rather fun lady :-)
We had our royal wedding last year and I think I got enough of royalties then :-)
They talked about that wedding several times every day and for many, many months so I got tired of them long before our crown princess finally married her man of the common people :-)

Have a great day now!
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh you make me laugh,, thats the best commentary I've heard today,,you're bad,, lol
You are so bad! I love it. I thought Fergie and Andrews daughters looked like they should have been working the "red light" district. The wedding was lovely I'm ready for bed, been awake way too long.
too funny....what a laugh i got out of this one...

and you're right....what's with all the sad faces...
SharleneT said…
Great pix, Joyce. I actually stayed up and saw it as it happened. Decided I wanted to be part of history, first-hand. Now, I'm pooped. Can't believe Andrew's daughters -- they're going to need a very big dowry, methinks... the hats were from another planet... but, I'm delighted for William. They both seem very much in love. It's about time for that family...
Anonymous said…
Oh, this is TOO funny. Did you happen to notice the hat/strange object on the head of Princess Eugenie (I think that's who it was)...See if you can do a search and check it out...very strange.
Wasn't it a BEAUTIFUL wedding?
Kay Guest
Texan said…
tee hee, I needed a good laugh.

This house project of ours is wearing me out. This made me smile!
Tammy said…
I have never thought he looked overly like Hewitt, but only because he looks like Diana's eldest sister Sarah. Many of the Spencers are copper-topped, so I don't think his red hair necessarily makes it a given he was Hewitt's, although having red hair on both sides makes it far more likely that Harry would turn up red-headed, too, I suppose!

But he really is the spit and image of Sarah. Of course, that also doesn't preclude him being Hewitt's, I guess. I find it hard to believe Diana would be that stupid, though she might have thought it good revenge on Charles!
~ Jayne ~ said…
Kate is the May Queen,and William is the Jack-in-the-Green! Loved your coverage & commentary of the proceedings.
So funny! You know what really bugged me was the media calling this a "Real Cinderella Story." Ummm, Cinderella was working her a** off for her step-family...if I'm not mistaken Kate was a model and going to college...geesh poor girl needed saving alright. (sarcasm)
Melynda said…
Jaz, you totally cracked me up with this one! Totally needed and appreciated, thanks.
Caz said…
Love a good posh 'do! I thankfully worked, and came home just in time for the business end (vows lol) of the festivities! And I'm with Kay guest above... WHAT on earth were Prince Andrew's daughters thinking!?!?! THey both looked just terrible.. whomever designed that hat 'thing' that Eugenie wore should be put in front of the firing squad lol
Yep....my daughter and I think that Hewett had a LOT to do with Harry...he sure does NOT look like Charles...and that is GOOD THING !
FUNNY COVERAGE...good sense of humor.
I had done some photo "coverage" too this morning.....and someone in Photobucket deleted them.. DOES PHOTOBUCKET own blogspot?
I am now stuck with a "delete" message on my blog....ALSO my background is now missing and you can't read my text.
My followers disappeared about 2 weeks ago. All 217 of them.

Anonymous said…
too funny!
Sandi said…
Ihave to admit it. I am truly a Royals junkie. I loved every bit of the coverage. Of course, I also loved Queen Victoria. But I love, love, love your blog. And your comments and pictures were great. Still laughing.
OMIGOSH, way to funny...Beautiful couple, aren't they Hope they can enjoy their lives together.....and the media leaves EVERYONE in those families to do their own things.