Mirror Mirror

My daughter just moved into a small apartment near her new job and needs new everything. She needed things to hang on her walls and also needed a mirror since the only one she has is in the bathroom. I forgot to take a before pic, sorry! Her color theme involves silver. Last year I found this mirror at a thrift store for $9.00. It was a fugly gold color.

You can click for a better look. A bit of spray paint and she has a perfect mirror to hang on one of her walls.

Very soon the forest will once again be dense.

The guest house will disappear behind all of the trees.

The Grape Hyacinthe's are blooming.

The tulips will soon bloom.

These will turn into giant hostas.

The phlox is just opening up.

I will show you photos of the phlox when it blooms over the upper pond.

And I will show you the cascading blooming phlox on the garden stairs soon.


My first pot of spring flowers.


Pricilla said…
Oh, I love Johnny jump ups!
I so want flowers but the goats would eat them all up!
love all of it...LOVE the little pot of johnny-jump-ups....we have them all over here at Farmhouse too...

just getting ready for my brother charlie and wife ki to pick me up to go see the wildflowers on shell creek road....i'm bringing my Canon.....
greekwitch said…
The mirror is beautiful! And the plant of the garden stairs spectacular.
I wanted to tell you that the idea of syrop in the tea was fantastic. I made an awesome and even my husband who never drinks tea drunk two glasses! Thank you and Blessed be!
I love the mirror! I have lost a lot of my hostas over the bad winter. Your yard is coming along great. Maybe mine would if the rain would stop before everything floats out of the ground.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful to see how spring is getting things started over at Yours!

We haven´t come that far yet but more and more flowers are starting to bloom now :-)

Have a great day now!
Lois said…
Oh my ~ you are at least 3 weeks ahead of us! I hope that your daughter will still live close to you.
Ha, had my coffee this morning and completely enjoyed your garden! The phlox is amazing. Your place is beautiful. I love the twists, turns, the half hidden by phlox stonework. You have a beautiful place. Thanks for a great morning.
Sonya said…
It is so exciting when spring blooms and things that have been dormant come alive again. And..so do our spirits.
Beadwright said…
The mirror is lovely and so are all the forest/flower photos.
Mina said…
Wow! That mirror is beautiful. I love your pics. You have such an awesome camera. Now that things are beginning to bud aren't you just a little happy for spring? ;-)
Guillaume said…
Great pictures as usual. Love that mirror. I love everything about rhubarb: the taste, the look of it and the name. There is something very autumnal about it.
Chris said…
C'mon, you have to admit with all those budding, blooming things coming up in your yard and gardens that it is really a welcome sight! My tulips that I have been waiting for all winter and were just about to bloom?? The deer came last night and had a tulip feast...I was sick! :(
PS. Love your mirror!
floweringmama said…
Cool! I did the very same to a mirror I was given.

Your flowers are definitely gorgeous, can't wait to see more.
Candace said…
The mirror looks brand new - great job! We may be on opposite sides of the country, but I think we're on the same growing schedule! My hostas and rhubarb are about the same! I love your little forest! Reminds me of my childhood home - complete with gnomes and monkey trees!
Teresa said…
Love the way the mirror looks. Everything is looking so alive and perfectly springlike! I know you prefer the cooler months, but your place certainly looks beautiful all decked out for the season.
What fun. She's moved from the guest house, into her own small apartment. And you made a delightful mirror for her.

Would love to see more of her decor, but she may not want that...

Oh yes, this time, before greenery explodes in Nature, is the time for pruning. While one can still get into the places, where it's needed. We don't have all the land which you do, but there is a back-place, by the pool workings... And oh but it can get wild there. And oh how I LOVE to prune there! ,-)

Your whole lot must be lovely, but I especially love the place where the flowers are growing, down the steps. Delicious!!!

Gentle hugs,
Rosemary said…
That mirror makes me think of Snow White. Nice to see spring arriving in your garden.
Suzie said…
The mirror looks fantastic! She is sure to love it!! Even though your daughter is apparently near enough to come back and visit occasionally, you are still going to miss her. When they become adults, they not only are our children, but our friends too. I know that you are always super busy anyway, so I won't suggest that you take up a hobby to occupy your time!!

Isn't it amazing how much leaf cover can mask a view? They change the whole landscape, which is one of the things I love about the changing seasons. You live in a beautiful area!