The Salem Witch Daylily Appears

My Salem Witch Day Lilies have sprouted.

The garlic is growing.

Many of my trees are ready to bloom.

A bud collected rain from last nights storm. Click for a better look.

My pachysandra has blossomed.

The Japanese Maples are about to leaf out.

Moss growing by a planter monster.

An oakleaf hydrangea about to open.

A climbing hydrangea bud.


And my Phlox is close to blooming. Tomorrow it will soar into the 80's here so I imagine a lot of growth will occur.

I am officially counting down to Fall.


Anonymous said…
I do like that photograph of the bud with water drops!

Things are starting to happen here too now :-) Crocuses flowers and the Lung worth have buds :-) Spring has finally sprung :-)

Have a great day now!
Candace said…
Oh my - your garden is just a tad ahead of mine and your photos are absolutely gorgeous! Don't you just love wandering around the yard looking for little signs of life!
Freckles said…
So pretty! I can't wait to see everything in bloom. I'm highly anticipating my hydrangea blooms this year.
i am LOVING your counting down to Fall...Me Too !!!!!!
Pricilla said…
At least we are totally without snow.
That is all I can say
~ Jayne ~ said…
On Long Island, the forsythias and quince are finally in full bloom.The tiger lillies are tall and green as are the Lamb's Ears and chives.Clumps of violets,Star of Bethlem,& grape hyacinths have appeared above ground but no flowers to behold yet.The lilacs are budding but the trees still seem dormant.I appreciate your Autumnal anticipation but Spring was very slow in arriving here this year.
~ Jayne ~ said…
What color is the Salem Witch Day Lilly when it flowers?
Suzie said…
I can't believe how much faster, your gardens are greening up, than mine are! It is now 61 degrees, and tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 80's, with the temps falling back into the 40's and 50's next week. .poor plants don't know what to do!

Last year, it got hot so fast, that the Spring blooming shrubs and trees were only in bloom for a day or two, instead of weeks like they normally are. I'm afraid that is going to happen again this year.

You are getting some super shots with that camera! I love looking at your buds & blooms!
SharleneT said…
Salem Witch Day Lilies?!! I don't think I've ever heard of them before... can't wait to see full bloom... My phlox have been blooming for about a week, but we've had some very hot weather. I need to get out to my veggie garden and see what's been going on after our horrendous storms, the last two days. Love the close-up photos... come visit when you can...
Mina said…
Your photos are fabulous! I wish I could get such clear shots with my camera. For your sake I hope fall arrives quickly but for myself, I am going to relish spring. ;-)
petoskystone said…
gorgeous photos. my ground is still too cold & wet for planting. my seedlings are anxious to go, though.
Rosemary said…
Sigh your garden is so far ahead of mine nice....... would that daylily colour be deep blood red?
Rue said…
Wonderful! I did notice that my yard has come to life, seemingly overnight. So much growing right now, and it's so good to see the green return!