Shrimp Salad Sandwiches

I used to travel to New York City a lot and I always loved being there on Wednesdays. Wednesdays in New York means shrimp salad sandwiches. After years of almost constant traveling, I travel as little as possible now. So, when I get a craving for a shrimp salad sandwich, I make my own.

This is a very simple recipe that gives great results. You need about a pound of shrimp, some green onions, celery, dill and some vidalia onion.

Dice everything small and add to the shrimp in a bowl. I boiled the shrimp ahead of time in salted water just until they became opaque.

Add some lemon and lime zest to taste. Squeeze in a bit of the juice too.

Add some sour cream and some mayo. I used about 1/4 cup each. It all depends on how many shrimp you are using. Add cracked black pepper and salt to taste.

Mix it all together and chill until ready to use.

I served it on my sourdough buns but it can be served with any kind of bread. It is good eaten plain as a salad too. If you chop the shrimp into small pieces this recipe makes a great shrimp dip served with toasted pita chips.


i have to write this down for this summer....and i LOVE the dill...

john just saw it over my shoulder and said..."Can we have that!!!"
Pricilla said…
That is one thing I miss out here...good seafood. The beef and pork are excellent but I am just a bit far from the ocean :)
Tournesol said…
Looks great! Seems pretty simple too.
Anonymous said…
I love shrimp salad! But the one we can buy now days contains almost no shrimps to be honest. So it´s much better to make it one self.

I´ve done this once and if I remember right the recipe said that I should use some mustard too. I thought it sounded strange but it did work. I think I´ll look for that recipe again.

Have a great day now!
I have not made shrimp salad since last summer. This sounds so good. I believe it will be on the "to make" list this week.
Adsila said…
Because I love your blog and all the delish food you post about, I have awarded you with a Hug-a-Blogger award:
Seafood is my very favorite food and this is...well...this is just fantastic. Thank you, Joyce! My family is going to love this!
I wish my DIL would comment on your blog. I think my family is just a wee blog shy..but let me tell you, they LOVE your blog!
Mina said…
I love shrimp! We don't get really good, fresh seafood here but it'll do in a pinch and this recipe looks fabulous. I like the added dill!