Spring Gardens

The phlox is in full bloom.

And Teddy is on patrol.

The raised beds are about to be disassembled. The stink bugs ruined my fruits and vegetables last year. Basically, my gardens were stink bug magnets. They devoured them and all I got out of them were the bugs. I can't believe it but I am not planting anything this year. I need to see if this will effect the number of bugs I have to deal with this year. Perhaps my bugs will fly off to find food somewhere else. If so, I won't be planting gardens until someone figures out how to get rid of these nasty things.

Phlox by the upper pond.

Really tall tulips by the copper mushroom path lighting.

The hostas are opening.

So are the ferns.

Look at the size of those hostas and they aren't even fully open.

Wild strawberries have spread all over my gardens.

A Japanese painted fern.

Sweet Woodruff on the steps.

Poison Ivy. It is coming out today because I am deadly allergic to it.

Ladies Mantle spreads like crazy!

The lower pond....Teddy's water bowl.

Teddy waiting patiently for me to return to the upper gardens.


I would love to spend a day just relaxing in your garden (with Teddy, of course!)... it's so beautiful ♥
Anonymous said…
I really must look after that phlox in the gardencentre this year! I had it in my last garden but never took any with me to this place.

The spring has come so far over at Yours! Hosta´s would only freeze here since we still have frost almost every night, but the ones I have in my garden shows themselves above the ground anyway :-) :-)

I´m glad we don´t have either poison ivy nor stink bugs here! I do hope You can find a way to keep them away from Your garden!

Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
Sorry about your bugs.
I hate stink bugs. They are here every year
Rosemary said…
Lovely stroll thru your garden. Heard about stink bugs haven't had that delightful experience here yet. A shame they are taking over your raised beds....
Autumnforest said…
Yeah, we have bermuda grass here and t's this thing that cannot be killed and will reach into any garden or raised bed and you're screwed. I used to sit down in my garden in the summer and just cry. I was tired of fighting it. You might actually consider a glass enclosure greenhouse structure. Your garden seems like it could support such a pretty place, maybe a couple benches inside and some raised container gardening and hanging baskets. I heard stink bugs are here to stay. Hope not! I'm vegetarian now and I'd be pretty screwed.
Robin Larkspur said…
Ah, the phlox is glorious! The hostas are magnificent. I feel your pain of bug and pests. Japanese beetles destroy our roses, zinnias, green beans; voles eat the roots of the squashes, pumpkins, cukes. I guess we will shop at the local farmers' markets! Just think, you will have more time for crafting and thrifting!!
LOVE~LOVE~LOVE~ all of it....


love seeing Teddy...great pictures of her...

we have been out planting delphiniums this morning with l'il teddy...he LOVES it.Teddy's Park !!!
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh,, your home and yard is so beaytiful,, amazing,, so lovely.The stone work is wonderfull ,,(Teddy is pretty cute) actually Teddy is very posh looking and looks good in such a beautiful setting,have a wonderful Saturday,
Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures. I actually took garden pictures of my own, in Kew Gardens.
Mina said…
Your landscaping looks like it came off the cover of a magazine, Jaz. So gorgeous!
Dragonfly said…
Your garden looks beautiful, very natural. Bet Teddy thinks it's a wonderland to play in.
Jennifer Rose said…
i love your ponds :D really make me wish we had a garden so we could have one :)
Love those stone steps and the lower pond is heavenly!
Chris said…
Just gorgeous!! Looks like Teddy is loving it too! :)
Teresa said…
The gardens are beautiful! Birds (chickens, ducks, guineas) would help get rid of bugs, but they might eat some of the flowers too. :-)
Oh those ponds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have one little one, with a bird bath fountain in it. Husband made it into a fountain, and we love it. Love the sound of it, out the patio door.

Oh those numerous wind chimes!!! I want more! :-)

Oh, your whole property!!! -happy sigh-

Suzie said…
That's too bad that the stink bugs are preventing you from having your gardens. .this past Fall, they were found to be in Michigan, so I guess I'll be learning what others have been complaining about.

Do you have photos of your property before you created your magic? It is always an eye-opener, even for yourself, to look back, and realize just how much everything has grown and flourished from what was there before.

Despite not having your raised beds, the rest of your greenery is looking beautiful, as always!
rox said…
I love your photos ! I wish it had not snowed on the weekend it is prolonging everything .
those stone stairs are just so wonderful I really love your yard at your taste in yard decor too .it kind of has that practical magic feel to it ☺
Gina Hadzinski said…
I hate you for the beautiful garden you have! lol. I am new to your blog, i discovered it while googling Spellbooks, and i have been going threw your blog for 1 and a half hours now, i love love LOVE your blog!!
I also checked out the ebay store, and im wondering, are you gonna be selling your spellbooks?