Teddy Day 3

Hi everyone! My mama is still cooking for the marine so I will be the guest poster today even though I am a bit tired from my morning trip to the park.

I did a lot of walking and hunting which makes me very sleepy.

I think I will take a little nap before I eat.

Mama says she can't believe how loud I snore.

My nap is over and now I am very hungry.

So close but yet so far away.

If I stare at it hard enough maybe some will fall on the floor.

Everyday mama makes me a steak, some chicken and fish.

My food is gone so fast that mama thinks I don't even chew it.

Here is a picture of me napping in my car.

And here is one of me not liking the snow.

This is me on a trip. I get lots of treats when we travel and I am about to get one in this picture. I know my humans can not resist this look.

This is my Boy. I love him a lot. He was on the trip with us.

He always gives me lots of kisses and scratches.

This is me in my gardens.

I like to lay in high places on the cool stone and do guarding.

Mama will be back to doing posts tomorrow! I have to get ready to meet the marine. I know I am tougher than he is!


makes me SMILE ~~~

love seeing that FACE !!!! love seeing the cast iron skillet cooking all of Teddy's food....just like over here...i do the same thing for l'il teddy...

the picture in the snow looks like she has been dusted in powdered sugar...

and the Blog Tech is so cute

and you're still cooking for the marine... what a nice Easter feast he will have....
Anonymous said…
I come daily for my Teddy fix,,i have to add,, you have a beautiful kitchen,, very fitting for the food you produce in it,,yummmo!
Anonymous said…
Hi Teddy,
You have been very busy and I see you've had lots of wonderful adventures. That steak really looked yummy.
Please be careful with the marine, I know you're tougher ; )
Have a great day.
Anonymous said…
So cute as always :-)
I wish my Nova sat that patiently waiting for anything to eat. I can´t close my eyes for a second or everything will be gone :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day now!
Teddy, I have loved seeing you so much this week while momma is cooking. I bet if you are really nice to the marine (cutie face) they will give you extra treats. If the marine is really smart he will give you treats. Happy Easter sweet girl!
You have a lovely life, Teddy! Treat that marine nicely!
Mel Mel said…
Hi Teddy! You are quite the sweetheart! Miss Lucy is feeling a bit jealous so I have a feeling I'll have to let her do her own blog post one of these days! Happy Easter and don't eat any chocolate bunnies!
Texan said…
Teddy you are spoiled rotten, you do realize this? mmm put on your big girl fur if your gonna take on the Marine! :O)...If the marine becomes a steady it would be better to make a friend of him, ya think? He might bring you treats then :O).

You are for sure one of the cutest big fur balls I have ever seen! LOL
Teddy you are such a cute girl! Be nice to that Marine!
Teddy make my day! Great photo's. Thanks "Teddy Red Fluffs", for sharing!

Happy day to all!

xoxo to today's Guest Poster, "Teddy Sleeps with Her Face in the Dirt."
Teddy is adorable! I'll bet he extremely soft and cuddly.

Thanks for sharing him with the rest of the cyber-blog world.
Pricilla said…
I am sure you are tougher than the Marine but you will also be nice to him, right?

Mina said…
Teddy, I adore and cherish your posts!