Teddy Says Hi

Hi everybody! My mama has been so busy that I thought I would stop by to say hello.

Sometimes mama has trouble getting me to look at the camera.

I am a bit camera shy.

Sometimes it bores me to sleep.

It is hard being the center of attention.

They are always trying to get me to smile.

Sometimes my mama does silly things to get me to look at the camera.

At times I just ignore her.

I hope you all have a good day! Mama will be back tomorrow.


SharleneT said…
Oh, Lordy, Teddi, I strongly suspect she'll come back tomorrow having baked a house filled with a special entree in every room -- I can't wait. But, you're certainly are a beautiful Chow. {{{HUGS}}}
Hi Teddy Red Fluffs, thank you for being blog host today. You may be camera shy, but you are a beautiful girl. Love the photos, and hi to your mama!

xoxo to "Teddy Bunny Fluffs".

Take care and see you soon!
It's hard being Queen of All and Everything. But carry on, Teddy, carry on.
brokenteepee said…
You are a pretty girl. But you know that....
Anonymous said…
Cute Teddy!
She looks like a very serious lion :-)

Have a great day now!
Danni said…
Teddy is such a funny girl. I have the same troubles with my crew - must the divas of the property always be so difficult?!
Hi Teddy! I have been so busy today also. I almost missed your post. Annie and Mazzy have had a friend visiting this week and all they want to do is play ball and take long walks. Tell your Mom hi for me and I'll see her tomorrow. You are sooo beautiful.
Teddy..you are a WONDERFUL stand in for Mom! I have one like you..but she won't stand in for me...but...she does clean the floor for me when I cook just like you! :)
Tell you Mom "hi" ok?
I don't always comment, but I do read your blog everyday. I LOVE Teddy!
Millie said…
So glad you got a chance to say Hi today. It's such a chore to be bothered by the paparazzi!
Bonnie K said…
I just want to give Teddy a great big hug.
Suzie said…
Teddy, you sweet, sweet, girl. .we are ALWAYS so happy to see you!

You are not alone in your disdain of the limelight, at least when it isn't sought after. Even humans who make their living being in front of the camera get tired of media cameras being trained on their every move.

And I do hope that you are helping your Mama! I know that she appreciates your help in keeping her kitchen floor spotless, and no one patrols the gardens, and provides security like you do! For that, I'm sure that you'll get a lot of tummy rubs & scratches!
Anonymous said…
Oh darling Teddy, thank you so much for stopping in to say hello to the rest of us. I know your goddess existence must be simply exhausting at times but you do a great job in holding up and we love and adore you for it!