Before the Heat Wave Sets In

The gardens are looking lush after all the rain we had this spring. With temps in the 90's they will be dry soon enough though. The cistern has a leak and we need to coat the inside again so no running water right now. The ferns are in their glory!

Looks like we will have tons of blueberries this year if we can get to them before the birds do.

The Oak Leaf Hydrangeas are ready to flower.

The pool is open and I need to cut all of the ivy back from the stone walls.

The Clematis have flowered and the Climbing Hydrangeas are ready to bloom.

I removed the two huge Junipers from either side of the door to the garage. Now I can actually see the door!

Hey Teddy, clean the pool. As if! She wants to visit the lower gardens. I come.

I'm hurrying.

There are lots of Lily Pads in the upper pond.

These Irises were not planted here. They were recirculated by the stream. They also were purple when I planted them originally. I don't understand a lot of this.

The dogwoods have blossomed.

As have the Mock Orange. I have these everywhere. They are virtually impossible to get rid of.

That is a Beaut Berry on the right. These are also next to impossible to destroy.

Giant Hostas.

Teddy is on the hunt for bad kitties.

Night Shade (Belladonna) grows wherever it wishes.

Time to trim Katsuras. What a job it will be.

The Irises to the left were never planted there either. The ones on the right are the only ones I planted. But, they were purple??? How did they become yellow. I know these are probably not the original.

There is moss growing on the stone table. Time for a scrub with a little bleach and time to remove some limbs from the surrounding trees to let in some sun.

No garden this year in an attempt to keep the stink bugs at bay. They ruined everything I grew last year anyway. So, I just have herbs and some nasturtiums. Notice the oregano in the lower right corner? That planted itself too. My garden has a funny way of doing that. I have chamomile growing in my garden urns along with violets. They both were planted in between pavers. Where they were first planted, I now have clover growing.

The main part of the stream. Can you imagine that 9 years ago there were old dilapidated apartments on this lot. We excavated them and there was nothing left, not even grass. I had workmen plant the big trees and I planted every other thing you see.

A moss covered stepping stone to cross the stream.

The stepping stone by the upper pond can be tricky to navigate when it is wet. I have headed downstream more than once when I've slipped on it.

This is my sad little garden this year. The mums are growing from last fall and you can see some garlic in the background. There is a bit of lettuce but no stink bug food!


Anonymous said…
Your garden is truly beautiful! I wish I had something similar!

My guess is that the original irises died and was replaced by self sown ones. They rarely keeps the color their parents had since most of them are varieties and hybrids.

I´ve tried Beauty berry here but the climate is to tough for them in this village. The same goes for Dogwood unfortunately.

The only thing positive with living in my climate is that we seldom gets it that hot as You do during summer.

Have a great day now!
Cottage Tails said…
Totally enjoyed visiting your garden this morning.
Love leanne
Anonymous said…
what beauty,, this is truly a magical place.I'm not surprised that yellow iris become purple or that belladona grows well here, there's more at work here than earth and water,, ,this is a mystical spot,, Mother Natures has truly blessed this place,, (Teddy looks good too)!

This is so lush and gorgeous.
Were your ears ringing last night?
I was talking to Kary and we were saying that you are the most amazing cook/baker, very inspiring!
Pricilla said…
Mock orange does smell like heaven...
The goats would feast in your garden for years!
Freckles said…
I love your garden. It reminds me of the movie "The Secret Garden." Simply stunning. Do the climbing hydrangeas bloom like normal ones do?
jaz@octoberfarm said…
hi freckles...the climbing hydrangeas bloom a bit like regular hydrangeas but their blooms are a bit tighter and are not as full as other hydrangeas.
Gorgeous, green, gardens! I bet you love walking through the leafy coolness on a hot summer day! It looks like Teddy does! :)
Sunday ramble through your lovely garden was great fun.

Thank you.

xoxo to Teddy Girl
Guillaume said…
Wow! It looks like a garden from Ancient Rome or something. A little bit of paradise.
Wizardess said…
Yay, a Teddy post. Iris was the Greek Goddess associated with rainbows so maybe she's just playing with you. :)
Mina said…
Oh Jaz, your landscaping is like a fairytale. Everything is so beautiful and lush. I love the stone walls and running water and well... just everything.
What a magnificent yard you have. But my gawd, so much work to keep it up! You must truly love gardening!
I would love to see your garden in person, it is just so, so beautiful in your photos.
I've wanted a katsura tree since I saw one in a catalog years and years ago. Yours are just lovely!
Mystica said…
You have a beautiful garden. It must be a lot of hard work to keep it looking so good.
I love it when you take us on a tour of your beautiful gardens. How big is your garden? It seems huge. I so wish we had a stream through our property. Everything looks so lush. Thanks for sharing.
Autumn said…
Your garden is amazing!!! I wish mine was even a fraction of yours!!! Thanks for sharing!
petoskystone said…
one year (3 moves ago) i planted some lovely deep pink asiatic lillies but put the wrong fertilizer on them. the next year they bloomed it the colour had been bleached out. i asked a garden center & it was the fertilizer. green growing is so much better than old apartments :)
what a beautiful peaceful place. It seems it has been hot way too early this year. The weather has been way too eratic... I cling to those moments when the wind is light, the temps are just right and I can take a moment and enjoy. blessings
Rue said…
My Irises are yellow now too. I used to have gorgeous Autumny brown/orange ones and a few that were black and purple. I think the hybridization (I think that's the word?) eventually fades as bulbs come back each year. I have the same issue with some tulips that used to be pink & purple and are now yellow. I think the dominant parent gene wins out in the end.

Love the tour! Teddy didn't find any kitties? Next time!
I always enjoy strolling through the gardens. Such a beautiful place. You can see all the hard work.
I Wonder Wye said…
Your grounds are fabulous. Thanks for the virtual tour. I have a soft spot for shade plants, moss and ponds, so especially love yours...
LaTrice said…
Your gardens are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Shaiha said…
Your gardens are truly magickal. Thank you so much for sharing them.