Blogspot Trouble

I am having trouble with blogspot today. It seems to have eaten my entire post from yesterday too. I'll be back when I figure this out! Maybe this is connected to Friday the 13th!

ok....blogspot just threw up my jambalaya is back. weird!


I had loads of trouble yesterday, so with the time difference I'm sure we had our blogger troubles at the same time! It's probably blogger-wide.
I had a scheduled post which appeared yesterday but disappeared today. I found it just now in my list of posts and published it manually.
Technology sometimes lets us down!
FreeDragon said…
The problem started on Wednesday when all posts became read only. I just now got to my dashboard. I hope it's fixed now!
Pricilla said…
It's fixed and it ate everyone's posts from yesterday
laurie said…
I think we have angered the blogging gods, but I see you and I made it back from cyber space,,
My Grama's Soul said…
Yesterday Blogger posted that they were closed for routine maintenance...perhaps they needed to change their oil!! LOL LOL

That could be the problem with the blogger gremlin!


Danni said…
They deleted a lot of people's most recent posts, including mine. It's incredibly frustrating. It might be hiding under your 'posts' tab as someone else mentioned. I'd give it a look!
Hey Joyce,

They deleted comments too from Wednesday on. I am going to have a big piece of angle food cake in protest. *))
chib said…
They are on regular maintanance, some connections with add-on were detected, therefore they are trying to fix the stuff back. Therefore, they swallowed all yesterday's post which were posted at late hours of GMT. They will post them back as soon as they finish.
@ Laurie, angered the blooging gods, ha ha haaaaaa, you have made my day!
I´ve heard about this today and I do hope they can solve this quick!

Have a great day now!
trouble here too. it ate my garden post...looks like everyone was in the same boat.....

the worst part is that it erased Teddy's cute pictures on my sidebar...i'll get them back up soon.

happy friday the 13th !!!!
Adsila said…
I had to redo yesterday's post. It was sitting in the queue, still scheduled and ready to go. Today's post popped on late but it is now there for all to read.
Sharon Lovejoy said…
Yep, I had it hit here too. Haven't had blogger available since Wednesday. Got some e-mails from readers that they couldn't comment.

We will just keep plodding forward.

Joys to you,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island
SharleneT said…
I KNEW there was a reason I didn't post every day! I tried to comment on some favorites and couldn't do it. 'Twas very frustrating. (I wonder if it ate my homework?....)
Guillaume said…
It has been rubbish really, I lost comments and it sure sucks.
Wizardess said…
Yes, I think the whole darn thing has been hiccuping. Seems ok now. And while I love your mad cooking skillz, I must say, though, that your blog Needs More Teddy!
Blogspot threw up your jambalaya recipe? Maybe it has the flu! Yes, it just barfed all over my blog too!
Mina said…
Lol. You are so funny! Blogger has been a big pain this week. Hopefully it will stay on now.