When I was making Greek food, I thought I might as well make hummus too. This is my favorite hummus recipe.

I put 2 large garlic cloves in my food processor along with a heaping teaspoon of salt and pulsed until diced.

Then I added about 1/4 cup of my garbanzo beans.

Then pulsed until a smooth paste formed.

I toasted about 3 tablespoons of cumin powder just until it gave off it's aroma and turned a bit browner. Be careful not to burn.

Add the cumin to the paste in the processor and add 4 tablespoons of tahini.

Pulse it again.

Add about 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper.

Squeeze in the juice of 3 lemons.

Add 2 tablespoons of honey. Drain the garbanzo beans retaining the liquid and add the beans to the processor bowl. Pulse until you have a smooth mixture adding some bean liquid until you have the desired consistency.

Remember the pitas that did not puff? This is where you can use them. Brush them with melted butter, sprinkle them with italian seasoning and bake them for about 8 minutes at 350 degrees. Cut them into wedges and serve with the hummus.


This recipe sounds much the same as mine except I do not put honey in, I must try that next time. Diane
Have you ever seen that crazy Adam Sandler movie "Don't Mess with the Zohan"? He dips everything he eats in hummus first, including chocolate bars. Hee hee! Ordinarily I can't stand Adam Sandler, but I really like him in this particular movie.
Pricilla said…
I love hummus but I haven't tried making my own yet...
Freckles said…
I have recently discovered that I actually like hummus. I tried one recipe, which called for yogurt instead of tahini. It was pretty good.
Anonymous said…
I like your hummus recipe,, I've never had it with honey,, sounds good.Hows Teddy today,, its raining here, does Teddy like rain,, I sometimes find fluffy dogs don't like to get rained on,, ours didn't,
Anonymous said…
I´m not sure I´ve eaten hummus, but something way way back in my head says I have :-) But it looks like something I would love :-)

Have a great day now!

I love hummus and this sounds fabulous. If I can find 10 minutes this afternoon I'm making a batch. Thanks!
Texan said…
I just LOVE hummus! Havent made any in a while. Your recipe looks good, will try it! mmm I think I am out of tahini mmmm.. Note to self add tahini to the Whole Foods list.
i have never made this...might just give it a go.....
Guillaume said…
You ARE in a Greek mood. I love hummus, with white wine or rosé. Or beer. My wife and I made hummus too a bit more than a year ago.
petoskystone said…
love hummus! one of my absolute fave munchie foods :)
Mina said…
Wonderful recipe. I love hummus!