A Note from the Blog Tech

Hello and good morning, all you readers of October Farm!

I am not just a Blog Tech, you know. I am also a musician! I have myself a little band, and we play shows from time to time. I even run a small studio, where I have begun to record other musicians. I may even have an album coming out soon.

These things cost money, though, and at this lowly stage in my career, that money is basically never recouped. Even breaking even is a bit of a dream, really. It's a labor of love just as much as it's a syphon of cash.

And so, dear reader, I turn to you.

My mother and I are embarking upon a new business venture. In addition to the recipes collected on this blog, my mother has devoted many posts to cataloging her extensive collections. The most popular of these would have to be the Witch collection.

We are going to be selling the majority of this collection in the coming months.

Why, you ask? Well, in addition to my personal reasons, there's just too much of it. There are others out there who deserve to enjoy these objects, and we simply have far more than we need.

Anyone interested in acquiring some of these items can check them out here:

There are plenty of items that should interest you. Hopefully you'll find something you like! The Blog Tech needs a new pair of shoes.

Even if you don't purchase anything, it is a good chance to have a look at a very unique collection.


Pricilla said…
Does this mean there will be no more collecting?
oh... i went to see all the Halloween on ebay...nice collection...

i should join you on ebay...trunks full of Halloween here too....

looks like you're doing pretty good...

happy to stop by today
kary and l'il teddy
Anonymous said…
I´m not a witch collector but from what I´ve seen it won´t be difficult to sell all things :-) But I do promise that if You release an album I will buy it! What kind of music do You play?

I guess this just makes room for more thing for Joyce to collect :-) :-)

Have a great day now!
Danni said…
I just checked out the auctions and let me say, if I wasn't on the starving artist bench along with the blog tech, I'd bid like the Halloween obsessed nut I am.

Good luck to you and to the people who are after your goodies!
Anonymous said…
my husband is an ebay addict and will be there for sure,,good luck with your music,, such a good son you are,,your mum is a wonderful cook and such a character,, you're a lucky young man,,best of luck on your ventures,
SharleneT said…
What a collection. I know all about funding of bands. Everyone thinks you're rich and you're barely covering traveling costs. Now, drop the "Feed Me" sign. There is no way on God's green earth that you are the least bit hungry with your Mom's cooking! It won't work... OMG! You can't even claim to be a starving musician! Dear me, dear me. Hope people bid themselves crazy for the collection. It's fantastic.
Cottage Tails said…
LOL Sharlene T - I have to agree but loved the photo & sign.
Hope you raise HEAPs of funds. Sorry to see the witch collection go tho.
Love Leanne NZ
WOW! This is unprecedented! Wishing you great success with your music adventures and the ebay sale!

I'm having a sale of my own in June. We will be RV traveling hopefully within the next year!

Have a great day!

xoxo to Teddy Red Fluffs!
petoskystone said…
good luck on your new business venture!
Mina said…
What an amazing collection! I wish I could snatch it all up. Best of luck to that sweet blog tech/musician.
Suzie said…
Wow! I go away for a few days, and come home to find everything topsy-turvey! I hope that your Mom isn't selling her precious Witch collection because of the predicted Rapture! It is now well after 6, and we are all still here. .well, at least I am, so I guess that isn't proof that everyone else is too. . .but it isn't too late to cancel those transactions! They were offered in a time of great stress!!

You look appropriately pitiful in your photo, but I think that it is a bit of an overkill with the sign. (although I did laugh!) ANYONE who even mildly follows your Mom's blog isn't going to believe that you need outside help to get food!

But I wish you much success with your sales. You have some awesome things listed, and I'd be bidding on them myself, had my PayPal not been hacked while I was out of town, with no secure internet access. It is SO painful to see such beautiful pieces offered, and I can't touch! Sob. . .hopefully, it will get straightened out soon, so I can get in on the fun, too!

In the meantime, go eat something. .you are wasting away!!
Your mother loves you very much to sell her collection to help support your music! You are one lucky young man!