How To Use All of Those Garlic Scapes

Do you have tons of garlic scapes? They are those curly things that cork screw out of the top of your garlic plants. They are yummy and filled with flavor. You can use them just like you use chives but they have more of a garlic flavor rather than an oniony flavor. This is my favorite way to use them.

They are pretty too!

Chop some up and saute' them in a bit of butter with salt and pepper.

Pour in several beaten eggs.

Lift the eggs around the edges to allow the liquid to set. When the eggs are almost set, sprinkle on a bit of cheese, I used cheddar.

Fold the omelet in from each side.

Flip it over and let it sit in the pan off of the heat for a minute or so to cook through.

Slide it out on a platter.

Cut into individual servings. To kick it up a notch, I fried some eggplant and served it on top of it.

This is pretty much what The Blog Tech looks like each morning.

He likes to chow down!

He loves being surprised by what I make him each day.

And shows me how much he appreciates it. He works for food!

Scape omelet on fried eggplant!


Anonymous said…
such a handsome boy, lucky guy to have a mum that can cook like you,, you know we always had a huge garlic patch and i never once used those scraggly tops,, sad is that,, I'm just making breakfast I think I can smell those eggs of yours coming in my window,
SharleneT said…
I KNEW Blog Tech wasn't starving! What a great idea. I chop them up and freeze them to use in soups and stuff and (duh!!!) don't know why I never thought of this. Love the fried eggplant part, too... Happy Father's Day!
Anonymous said…
Yes that´s a perfect way to use them! Perhaps time to do something like that again because it´s way to long since I did it last.

Have a great day!
Wow, his fork is just a BLUR!
Pricilla said…
It's good he works for food.
I would too if you were cooking!
That is one lucky, handsome young man. I had not thought of using the garlic curls in omelets. Love the eggplant idea.
Would love to have garlic scapes. The eggs look so good.

Happy Sunday!

xoxo to Teddy Red Fluffs
that blog tech is one CUTE GUY !!!!

the omlette looks great too ....

kary and l'il teddy
Lois said…
I just picked my scapes today!
Anonymous said…
Wish my boy would work for food! That does look like a great breakfast.

Suzie said…
I see you decided to keep The Blog Tech after all! That is best, I think. We would miss him, AND your blog! But him knowing that he is but one good recipe away from losing his personal chef isn't a bad thing either. .it never hurts for Mom to have a little leverage!

I've been drooling over this omelet since you first posted it (but as you know, I was having posting problems). It still looks SO good! I start feeling hungry no matter what time I view your postings. So MANY delights!