Teddy and I are sick of this heat and it isn't even summer yet. We want cool or cold weather!

I can't remember a spring with so many 90 degree temps.

Teddy can do this and I can go in the pool but it is still way too hot.

If my porch still looked like this I would not have to deal with stink bugs.

I would take this over 95 degree weather any day!

I want to get naked and sit in this chair.

And have this view. I am consoling myself with the fact that Halloween is only 141 days away.


If I'm having a meltdown, I can't imagine what Teddy is going through! We were supposed to have a cooler summer! So much for that forecast!
Well I can´t say I long for snow and cold weather but I am enjoying these cool days we´re having right now :-)

Hector is showing he thinks it´s still way to hot here so I can just imagine how hot it is in Your heat for poor Teddy (and You too of course :-) )

Have a great day despite the heat!
Sharon Lovejoy said…
Uh oh, poor Teddy, poor YOU. I sure hope that Maine is cooler this summer.

Good luck, jump into the pool, Teddy jump into the pond.

Teddy has got to be melting. I don't normally complain about the heat, but this year has been a killer.

I really want to see a picture of you sitting naked in the snow covered chair.
laurie said…
I'm sorry I'm sitting here laughing,, sit naked in that chair and you'll cool off,, its cool up here,, come on up,,bring Teddy too,,
oh no.... it's too hot for you guys....

i thought of you last night...i was up in my feels like a tree house cause it is surrounded by redwoods, pines and an old white oak...the leaves were dancing like shadows on the walls as the wind blew and the room grew dark....the almost half moon shown in my bedroom window casting an erie orange glow...and then....the eek eeek eeeeek of an owl....i thought of you, my friend ...and smiled....Fall can't be far off.....

kary and teddy
Guillaume said…
Strange to see wintery pictures in June.
Suzie said…
I keep reminding myself that in a few short days, it will be the longest day of the year, and then we will be having less daylight. .we are on the downhill side to Autumn! Yippee!!

We have been having more foggy days lately. I grew up here, while Hubs is a transplant, and I told him that when I was little, we had a lot of foggy days, but not so many any more. He told me that he remembers an old belief that for every foggy day you have, you will have the same number of snow storms, the following winter. I remember that our winters used to be longer, with no warming days in-between snowstorms, too. So now I'm trying to figure out how many foggy days we've had, to see if his theory is true!

I love seeing your snowy photos! It made me feel cooler. .and yes! Next winter, you'll have to sit out there in all of your glory, so that next summer, you can flash us all!!
SharleneT said…
Perfect time to share those pix! Spent the morning at the Midtown Market and I'm dripping.... aaarrrgghhhh. So hot. Have a great weekend.
Pricilla said…
It's cold and rainy here. Hubby's having trouble getting the garden in
Cottage Tails said…
Both our fires are going - it is cold over here in New Zealand.
Maybe we should swap homes for 6 months of the year - cos I love sunshine & warmth much more than cold & grey days.

Love Leanne
Robin Larkspur said…
I think your theme song should be "Walking in a Winter Wonderland"! hope you can find ways to stay cool. Maybe throw some ice cubes in Teddy's pond!
Sonya said…
It's hot here too. 93 now and going up to 96. Cold front (lol) moving through soon bring us down to 80's. Wow! I'm in TN.
Have a lovely evening. Hope you cool off!
Autumnforest said…
Damn! I agree but my temps are in the 100s and I never see snow (pout)
So much of our USA is experiencing hot-hot weather!

Thanks for a backward glance!

Happy weekend.

xoxo to Teddy Red Fluffs.
You need to move back to Canada! And live way, way up north!
doglady said…
So far Mount Desert Island hasn't experienced any of the extreme heat others have. Memorial Day was 84 with oppressive humidity so I reviewed my winter pictures and felt better. Today is wet and rather chilly.
petoskystone said…
i am so with you on this one! even the tomatoes aren't happy with this nasty humid heat. i'm ready for september.
Jennifer Rose said…
i think a few body parts might freeze off if you sit in that chair naked o.0
Jennifer said…
Beautiful pictures! Nope I can't say I miss the snow and cold weather one bit but I did miss spring. It is like we didn't even have one. It seemed to go from cold to hot in a week. I miss spring and fall. The last few years it doesn't seem like we have really had them like we used too here. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures, Teddy is cute as ever.
Bandhura said…
I agree! I have lived in SC my whole life and visited places all over the world, but DAMN! This heat is killing us this year and so early too! Love the snow pictures and I completely understand your desire to sit naked in a snow covered chair! LOL

I feel for Teddy as my Aspen is also not a fan of H-E-A-T!