My Favorite Bagel

I have been cooking like crazy the last few days so I can ship frozen food to The Marine this weekend. I just found out that since he is in a remote area, it will take 2 days for the food to arrive. I am praying that it will make it to him before it defrosts! The box it is shipping in looks like a small refrigerator so I am hoping that when it is stuffed fill of frozen food it will stay cold for 2 days. It will be surrounded with Styrofoam so here's hoping! I made this for everyone for breakfast the other day and thought it might appeal to some of you.

Add a bunch of chopped green olives to a large block of cream cheese.

I used small ones and large ones because that is what I had.

Dice a medium onion and 5 or 6 radishes.

Mix it all together and chill it.

Spread it on a toasted "everything" bagel.

Pair it up with a latte and it is breakfast heaven.

This spread is also great as an appetizer served with crackers or fresh bread.


Pricilla said…
Those of us out in the boondocks do not have "overnight" delivery. It's always two day at best.

I have had food sent and it gets here just fine.
Guillaume said…
My favourite bagel:
Maybe I'll join the Marines! I love cream cheese and olive spread, but you made it even better.
beverly is making me laugh....she is going to join the marines....too funny...

love this for breakfast.....or with crackers...

looks great

kary and l'il teddy
Anonymous said…
I think we should join the Marines,, lol,, they are so lucky to have you,, I love this,, I've eaen this but never made it,, of course you make everything sound so easy,, but when I'm standing in my kitchen ,, its just me ,,do you make house calls?It is cooler up here in Canada,, I have a nice cool breeze coming in off the water,,
Anonymous said…
That bagel looks delicious even if it has olives in it :-) But I have to admit that I´ve never eaten a bagel in my life, I don´t think I´ve even seen one.
I think however that I have a recipe to make them in a bread bake book I bought several years ago. Perhaps I should try it when autumn comes?

I hold my thumbs for good luck so that the food still is frozen when it reaches the Marine!

Have a great day!
~ Jayne ~ said…
I'd like to spend a morning in "breakfast heaven" too! LOL
Texan said…
I was just trying to help someone figure out how to ship Chili to a service person and get it there not ruined. Best we could come up with was Freeze the food and then ship it in dry ice. So we checked into that...They actually make containers so we found out for the dry ice for shipping. Two days is doable from what we read :O). The servic person they wanted to send chili to is out of the country so I don't think there is anyway to get him his Chili.. :O(..
Texan said…
PS I could probably eat my weight in your bagel spread! YUMMY
Olives, cream cheese and an everything bagel, all of my favorite food groups! Yummy!
Adsila said…
I will definitely have to give this a try. It beats plain ol' cream cheese.
Suzie said…
Joyce, when we have to send one of Ed's local blood draws back to the Mayo Clinic lab, they not only give us a thick walled styro cube to send it in, but also several of those chemical ice packs that they use in ER's. You can find them at medical supply businesses, or even call your pharmacy to see if they carry them. Combined with the frozen food, and the insulation, they should in turn, help keep the food cold, too. Your care package is going to shine, and he is bound to find himself with a lot more best buddies than he already has! You'll be getting an honorary medal for service above and beyond. . and well deserved, too!!

Your spread looks particularly yummy!! A friend asked me this morning what was in a green olive tapenade, and I think that I like your spread even better!
Tammy said…
Get those styrofoam coolers if they still sell them in your neck of the woods and some dry ice. Omaha Steaks sends their food out that way and it always comes to us frozen solid.

We hoard the coolers they come in, because we're in the Ultimate Nanny State, and aren't allowed to buy styrofoam here anymore.
The Frog Queen said…
That looks absolutely fantastic. Thanks again for another great recipe.

Mina said…
Finally! I have not been able to comment on your blog in several days and woo-hoo, today it worked. Anyway, sorry about all the blah-blah. This recipe looks fabulous and I just have to tell you that you must be one of the most generous people I have ever come across. Have a wonderful day, Miss Jaz.