Rhubarb and Okra

I usually pick my rhubarb early in spring but did not get around to it this year. I finally picked it the other day and guess what? It has a much better flavor than when picked early. I cut my rhubarb and sprinkle it with some sugar, not too much, it should be sweet and tart. I bring it to a boil and let it simmer until it breaks down and that is all there is to it.

Wonderful and I love the smell too!

I made some English Muffin toasting bread from a recipe I found at King Arthur's Flour.

You can find it here: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/english-muffin-toasting-bread-recipe

They have all kinds of great recipes.

This is a really nice dough to work with.

Here is a really good and very easy recipe to use up okra if you have tons of it in your garden. Just slice it really thin, sprinkle it with about 1/4 cup of flour. Add some salt and pepper.

I added a bit of Cajun spice as well. Scrunch it with your hand until it becomes very slimy and holds together.

Fry small clumps until crispy and browned. These are irresistible.


3 good ones....love the rhubarb compote...and i am making that english muffin bread...and i bet those little okra crispies are really good too....

Happy First Day of Summer, my friend

kary and l'il Teddy
Anonymous said…
I love rhubarb but doesn´t have any myself, yet :-) I´ve sown seeds so now I have around eight small plants and if lucky I can start harvest them in about three years from now :-) :-) :-)

Okra is very unknown here. Most swedes have no idea what it is to be honest. I grew them when I had my gardencentre but they are like magnets to pests of all kinds :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Pricilla said…
Not sure I could do slimy.
Not a big fan of okra
Great timing! I stopped by a neighbors a few minutes ago and he gave me rhubarb. I'll try the English Muffin bread, looks wonderful. Sorry but I have to have a little cornmeal in my fried okra. You know how us Southerners are!
Guillaume said…
Oh I love rhubarb jam!
petoskystone said…
i haven't been able to get hold or rhubarb in two seasons!
Anonymous said…
That looks absolutely delicious and what a great idea to use ocra that way. I have only eaten it once. It isn't very common in The Netherlands and only the Turkish and Maroccan people here eat it. I would love to try it this way though.
The rhubarb and the bread look great. I will have a look at the recipe of the bread.
Have a great day.
The Frog Queen said…
That okra looks heavenly!!!

Suzie said…
Your rhubarb is beautiful!! For some reason, mine didn't come up this year. It was off to a good start, and then fizzled. In the past years, it has been prolific in that spot, so maybe it was the weather.

I've baked that bread before, and it is very good! They do have a wealth of recipes that I tap into quite often. Yours turned out beautifully, but I'm not surprised. I don't think that you ever make anything that could be considered a "flop".

As for the okra. .hmmm. .let's just say that I know my Hubs and Mom would both love it, so I'll be fixing some for them!

I chow down on the rhubarb (from the farmer's market this year), and the bread!
Rosemary said…
You had me at the title . I thought oh my rhubarb and okra together how unusual.. LOL I too love stewed rubarb with a tang... I will check out that bread at King Arthur. Looks so good.
Wizardess said…
YUM! I love it when you post more veg-ish recipes.
When I read your post title, I thought you were going to make a recipe that used both rhubarb and okra in it. I couldn't possibly imagine what that would taste like . . . . eeeeewwww! Glad I was wrong.
SharleneT said…
Good to know about the rhubarb. Usually pick it, early, too. But, that okra recipe is a definite must try. I love fried okra and don't usually crush it together, just add the flour, salt and pepper, and then pour it all into the frying pan. Most fry separately and some even get to the table! Come visit when you can.
Debbie said…
Ouuu Lala...looks delish! I miss being here and I love the FEED ME photo of your son!! What's up with that???
Anonymous said…
That does look like a great way to use okra. Wish mine were doing better in the garden.

~ Jayne ~ said…
"Charm-of-three",these recipes!Thanx for posting.
You never cease to amaze and surprise me with your goodies.

I love, love, love fried okra, so this is a winner.

And rhubarb is now a must.

xoxo to Teddy Summer Fluffs!