Sometimes you just need a big old bowl of simple spaghetti. Like when you are starving after not eating all day. Or if you have a horrible migraine and have carb cravings. All of these applied to me yesterday.

I used all of the tomatoes I had on hand, even my oven roasted ones. They work great because they have such an intense tomato flavor.

I sauteed them in a few tablespoons of olive oil.

I diced up about 6 garlic cloves and added them to the tomatoes.

After the tomatoes softened, I added 2 large cans of crushed tomatoes.

This only needs to cook about 20 minutes or so. This is such a simple recipe.

I put a tablespoon of anchovy paste in a small bowl.

Then mixed it with some of the sauce and stirred it into the pot.

Boil spaghetti until al dente in salted water. Save 2-3 cups of pasta water before draining.

I used my submersion blender to get a smooth sauce. You can taste it for seasoning but remember the spaghetti will be salty as will be the pasta water you will be adding to the finished recipe.

Mix the drained spaghetti into the sauce.

Add a bunch of chopped fresh basil and some Parmesan cheese. Stir it all together adding some of the pasta water until all of the pasta is coated and not too thick.

So simple but so satisfying! No fuss, just good stuff!


Yum-yum spa-ghetti!

Happy day.

xoxo to Teddy Spaghetti!
That's what I need! Nothing like a big bowl of spaghetti. Life really doesn't have to be hard.
Anonymous said…
I have a sinus headache today from allergies and this sure would hit the spot,, yummo!I think I can smell it,, I've been painting old vacant houses for days and need a treat and nothin says lovin like a big bowl of this,
Anonymous said…
So easy to do and soo yummy!

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
That looks deeeeeeeelicious. I never thought about ansjovis paste. That's a great tip !!!
Have a great day and I sure hope you're feeling better !!
Guillaume said…
Oooohhhh! Spaghetti! With red wine it is yum. This spaghetti looks a lot like the Tunisian spaghetti we make in my family.
probably my most favorite food on earth ( i guess it's a tie with pizza, actually )

love it best just like you made it...just a tomato sauce...

did it do the trick for that headache ?
Dear Joyce,

This is sort of like the one my sister in law makes, her mother was born in Italy. Near Rome, and they call it gravy. She tells of her aunts making Pasta from scratch almost every day, and drying it on a clean white sheet over the guest bed!
brokenteepee said…
Sometimes simple is perfect!
Suzie said…
Simple and perfect! We all need recipes like this for when the cook is not feeling well. I hope that it helped your get rid of your migraine. They are miserable.
Sharon Lovejoy said…
This made my half Italian husband smile. He loves to make pasta and sauce, he loves the scent in the kitchen. He remembers all his Italian aunties making sauces and how there was always some sauce simmering in a huge pot on the stove.


SharleneT said…
Definitely a comfort food. So sorry you had to deal with a migraine, Joyce. Those things are horrible. Used to have them and they'd knock me down for two or three days. Hope the Blog Tech stepped in and let you get your rest.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes you've just got to have that simple comfort food. Hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous said…
Spaghetti is one of my old time favorite comfort foods. I hope you are feeling better today.