The Tudor House Open House Featuring The Blog Tech's Sister

This past Thursday, my sister held a fundraiser at her work, Tudor Place in Washington, DC. My mother is always the secret weapon in situations like this, and so I drove down to DC on Thursday morning with my girlfriend and a car full of food.

What is Tudor Place, you ask? My eyes tell me it's an old house with over 5 acres of garden. The sign by the entrance says that it was built by a granddaughter of Martha Washington in the early 19th century. Beyond that, I don't know. I wasn't there for learning!

This is a photo of the food table. You can see several cups of gazpacho, ham sliders, pasta salad, and vegetables with dip. I made sure to eat a lot before I began this road trip, because this stuff is good, and I could have showed up with a bunch of empty tupperwares if I had tried to make the drive on an empty stomach.
This is my sister making bellinis.

This is a view of a very fancy staircase.

Here is a picture of the menu. My mother made this food. Looking at this photo now, I very much wish I had a time machine so I could go back and eat more of this stuff right now. Side note: I am probably going to Dunkin Donuts, though, and while it's nowhere near as good, it's definitely good enough to deserve a mention.

Here is a dramatic photo of candy and the bellinis. If you look closely, you will see that one of the dishes is full of watermelon sour patch kids, a personal favorite of mine. Click to enlarge any of the photos.
Messy kitchen!

The exterior of Tudor Place.

This is the back of Tudor Place.
This is a little pool and statue that I spent a long time trying to find.
I can't really explain this one. There was a structure made up of logs, as you can see, and there were a couple of chairs in there. My girlfriend tells me it's a trellis. She is probably correct. All I know is that it created a great photo opportunity.
The front of Tudor Place.

Another shot of the front of Tudor Place.

This final photo is extra special, because shortly after taking it, I got yelled at for taking photos within Tudor Place. I tried to explain that I was supposed to photograph the event, but she wasn't having any of it. And so, may I present to you, a Forbidden Photo!

My sister did a very lovely job of setting this up, and they raised lots of money. I got to go on vacation, and explore 5 acres of garden. And we all got to eat lots of my mother's food! I know when I get home that robin is gonna kill me, though.


I enjoyed you photos and the visit to Tudor House. Part of the thrill, I must admit, is "seeing" the "forbidden". You, your Mom and Sister, did a jam up job.

Thank you for sharing! To me all this work and great presentation of photos, planning, food, and the Tudor House and gardens is good PR. Go figure!

Thanks again.

xoxo to Teddy Red Fluffs!
oh how i loved all of this....just beautiful...the food was presented so beautifully...looked wonderful...what a beautiful place...

great job on the photographs blog tech !!!!

and great job on making all of the food !!!

looks like it was a perfect night.

kary and teddy
So much delicious food, cookies and candy and so far away :-)

Beautiful place. But I wouldn´t call that a trellis, it´s more like a pergola.

Have a great day!
laurie said…
what a good job,, such good kids you are,, beautiful place,, very fancy,,shmancy,,
Great photos! What a beautiful place to work. You guys are so lucky to have such a wonderful mom.
Sonya said…
This was great!
Zoey and Me said…
I grew up in DC and miss all the historic homes and monuments. Bet you had a really good time. Thanks for sharing. It brings back memories.
that looks AMAZING! well done everyone!
petoskystone said…
where's the photograph of you? yea for forbidden photos!
A beautiful event at a beautiful location. Another family victory for you, your Mom and sister!
Rue said…
I'm all for forbidden photos - especially if it makes a curator pissy!

Well done, all of you! It looks like a gorgeous place and a fab event.
Pricilla said…
I think you should have taken a photo of the lady yelling at you for taking photos.

Beautiful shots of a beautiful place.
SharleneT said…
I'm with Pricilla -- where's the pic of the gendarmette?!? Love the Tudor House and you certainly brought back some great memories. The food looks delish, and your Mom must be proud as punch, knowing her apple didn't fall far from the tree!

Hugs to Teddy...
Mina said…
Such wonderful photos! I am so glad yo uare a rebel, blog tech and step over to the forbidden side from time to time. ;-)

It looked like an amazing event that only your mother could pull off food for and yes, your sister did a beautiful job. So much fun! Thanks again.
Suzie said…
It all came together beautifully! But how could it fail with your Mom's food, in a beautiful setting. .your sister has that special eye for presenting a beautiful display, and that artistic gene is also showing in your photos! (and I love that you managed to get a forbidden photo in there too!)
What a talented family! Your Mom must be SO proud of you both (but don't let it go to your head!!)
Hopefully, Mama Robin has raised her babies to where they have left the nest, and you no longer have to worry about losing some hair or blood, every time you try to go into the house!