Sorry I missed posting yesterday. I was very busy cooking and watching the Casey Anthony trial. They thought she would testify and I was so interested, that by the time I would have been able to put a post up, it was rather late. I am addicted to the trial. And I am so ashamed. It is a train wreck I can't stop watching.

Anyway, Bev once again told me about a recipe I just had to make and so I did! I hear that every good southern kitchen has a pickle pot in their fridge and now I do too. There are all kinds of variations on the recipe but I will give you the basic one.

Slice some onions, I used vidalia. Layer them in the bottom of a large jar. Sprinkle them with salt. Add a layer of sliced cucumbers. Sprinkle them with salt too. Sprinkle some pickling spices over them and then repeat layers until you reach the top. Add about 5 cloves of peeled garlic along the way too.

Fill the jar a little over half way with white vinegar. Top of with water to fill the remaining space. Store in the fridge. They are ready to eat in 2 weeks, 1 week if you can't wait. This are crisp and fresh and very flavorful, unlike store bought pickles. And the best is, you can just keep adding ingredients to the jar as you run out. I added a small amount of sugar too. Not enough to make them sweet but rather just enough to take the sharp bite away.

This is a great cucumber salad to make and have in your refrigerator to serve all kinds of different ways.

Slice several cucumbers very thin. Add a bunch of chopped fresh dill.

Add some thinly sliced red onion.

Mix 4 tablespoons of white vinegar with 3 tablespoon of white sugar. This can vary depending on whether you want them to be sweet or tangier.

Add 3/4 cup of mayonnaise and 1/3 cup of sour cream. I like to add about a cup of buttermilk too.

Add 1 tsp. of cracked black pepper and some salt to taste.

Mix it all together in a bowl and then transfer to a container and place it in the refrigerator.

These are excellent plain.

I serve them in salads and they are also a great topper for hamburgers. They are very good on sandwiches too.


Anonymous said…
I´ve never pickled cucumbers and will most likely never do so, because I just know that I never can do them as tasty as the ones I buy :-) :-) :-) But I´ve seen that they have written down their recipe on some jars so perhaps I should try it :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
I am surprised you have time to post at all with so much cooking.
how did you know i had cucumbers and dill on my mind....

this looks so Summery !!!

back to the trial...i'm hooked !

kary and l'il teddy
Anonymous said…
these are two things we have in our Canadaian kitchen,, the pickles we have on the go such as this,, I add a little sugar as well as blanched carrot and cauliflower, red peepers too.We also love this cucumber salad yours looks really nice,, how thinnly you cut your cukes,, very nice,.We also always have a jar of pickled eggs in the fridge.My mum did and my gramma before her always had one jar of pickled veg and one of pickled eggs,, I like the carrot and cauliflower best,
I love all these new ideas for the Pickle Pot. I'm using them all. Thanks guys!
Suzie said…
I had forgotten all about the "pickle jar" that used to be a mainstay in not only my Mom's refrigerator, but in all of her side of my relatives, too!

In later years, she stopped feeding her pickle jar, and other generations of cousins, never started. I think that I'm going to start the practice again! Thanks for the memory jolt!

I don't get to see the actual trial, but am watching the news coverage. It breaks my heart every time I see photos of that little girl, and think of the horror that she went through.
Pricilla said…
My mother used to make creamed cucumbers like that....
petoskystone said…
getting to the point where i can have a few jars of chilled pickles in the fridge. only a few as i'm the only one who will eat them!
Anonymous said…
So glad you posted this. I've been wanting to find a creamy cucumber recipe. Thanks!

Fabulous recipes!

Thank you for sharing.

xoxo to Teddy Hearts a Fire
Anice Silvercat said…
OH my goodness about that train wreck of a trial - I'm a little addicted to it too. Just wanted to say that I love your blog and I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who is completely fascinated by this Greek tragedy of a family.
Jennifer said…
What perfect timing, I just got some cucumbers out of the garden this morning! I just love all the recipes you share! Thank you. :)
Have you ever tried the Fire and Ice pickles? They are the yummiest ever! Just take a jar of cheap sliced dills from the grocery-not kosher, just plain dills. Drain and put a layer in the bottom of a jar and cover with a layer of sugar. Keep repeating until the jar is full. Add about two cloves of chopped garlic and a 1/4 teaspoon of red pepper flakes. Sit on the counter and shake every once in a while. The sugar will completely melt in a couple of hours and make a syrup over the pickles. Refrigerate. I think they are the best sweet pickles ever.They are better the longer they sit in the fridge.