I made these last year but I thought they were worth showing again. This is a Greek dish called Dakos. If you can't find these dry Greek rusks I am using here, you could just use a nice piece of toasted bread. This is sort of like a Greek panzanella salad.

Dice up some zucchini.

Dice a lot of garlic.

Saute' them in a bit of olive oil sprinkle with sea salt and cracked pepper until they just begin to soften then set them aside.

Moisten the dakos with some tomato juice.

Mix some feta with a few tablespoons of red wine, olive oil and some cracked pepper and dried oregano. Smash the feta to make a smooth sauce. This will be your dressing.

Add some sliced fresh tomatoes.

Then add the zucchini/garlic mixture.

Add some finely sliced onions, red peppers, green peppers and kalamata olives.

Add some thinly sliced radishes.

Drizzle with the feta dressing and sprinkle with fresh basil and parsley.

I served them with my dilled cucumbers on the side. These would be great served on toasted rosemary no knead bread.


Pricilla said…
Summer fare for sure!
Anonymous said…
I´m having big problems with commenting on blogger today! I don´t know how many times I´ve gotten an error message when I´ve posted a comment! But here we go again!

I can´t remember this one but it is perfect summer food! I think I would love this for breakfast one of these vacation days :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
Oh I love Greek food, especially during summertime, especially with feta! This looks both filling and healthy.
Guillaume said…
Oh I love Greek food, especially during summertime, especially with feta! This looks both filling and healthy.
i guess my internet connection is back..whew....

love the looks of this salad..

very summery....
Autumnforest said…
That looks like a dream brunch to me!
Suzie said…
What an awesome, fresh, enticingly beautiful dish!

Your daughter's porch looked so lonely the other day, it made me sad just looking at it. I think that I should move in there. .it will perk up the porch, and I can compete with Teddy for crumbs from your cooking. (although I think I know who would win. .I've seen photos of her teeth!)
Aha, another way for me to use up my courgettes (zucchini)this looks quite delicious. Diane
Diane is right about another wonderful way to use up some zucchini. Heaven knows I have enough and cucumbers. Just happen to have a few slices of No Knead Rosemary Bread left from the other day. I'm good to go. Turkish food, Greek food, where are we going next?
Anonymous said…
Suzanne said…
Wow that looks good
Rosemary said…
Had never heard of dakos but will be lookign for them this dish looks so refreshing .