Day 1 Post-Op

You know, through all my years of being a mother, some things never cease to amaze me. When my kids were small and I sometimes thought I would lose my mind because I never got a break from the job, I would fantasize about having an entire day to myself. Then, in the very rare times that something would happen when my kids would be gone for several hours or the entire day, I could not figure out what to do with myself. I would miss them terribly and worry that they were okay. That's what happened to me yesterday. I had planned on going to some thrift stores and farmer's markets. Maybe even see a movie. But then my husband and son left for the hospital at 3:00 in the morning and I sort of became immobilized. I tried to sleep a bit more but forget that. I got up and stated putzing around the house and all I could think about was what was happening to Teddy at that moment.

I managed to drag myself to Michaels thinking a Fall distraction might work. It sort of did for a very short time. And if you have a Michaels around and you like mushrooms...they have a terrific sale on them right now. That one right in the middle cost $4.50 and it is about 6 inches high and wide. If you click on the first pic you can see how many I bought and all the different colors.

They come in two sizes. I put some in the bird feeder. The small ones cost around $2.40.

I am so desperate for Fall colors that I even bought these little Fall colored jewels to scatter around.

CAUTION!!! Stop here if you can't handle seeing Teddy after her surgery. She came through like a trooper. She did go in fighting and they had to muzzle her. She knocked the muzzle off and my husband had to put it back on. Then he and my son left the hospital and as soon as she saw them walk out the door, she turned around and willingly walked away with the technicians.

Awwww...poor puppy! They did both her upper and lower lids and the corners as well. She had extensive rolling of the lids so she ended up with well over 150 stitches. They said that for a long time she must have been feeling like she had sand in her eyes so this has given her immediate relief.

They had to shave the area around both eyes which is really why it looks so bad. In these photos she is still quite drugged. She has to wear the face vase for 2 weeks. I immediately cut about 3 inches off of it. I am sure there are not many dogs that like wearing these but chows have a particularly hard time. Chows only have one joint in their legs so when they go up and down steps they have to bunny hop. No doing that while wearing the face vase. Chows have very short legs and their bodies are close to the ground so the cone almost drags on ground. She can't eat from her bowl or drink either. So, I have to hand feed her and hold a small saucer of water inside the cone when she needs a drink.

Teddy broke the golden rule of chows. When they took her out of the cage post-op, she pooped on the hospital floor. Teddy won't poop in her own yard or even an area she considers to be her own. Inside a building is unthinkable. I guess she was showing them what she thought of the whole ordeal.

She must be on a leash the entire time so she can't get to anything to rub her eyes. She gets the stitches out in two weeks and will have to be sedated again.

Hang in there my dear sweet puppy! You will be back to your beautifulness soon and be able to see so much better! I wonder if Cher and Joan Rivers would keep doing this if they had to wear the face vase?

Teddy and I want to thank you all so much for the many thoughts and good wishes you all took the time to send. It meant so very much to all of us!


Joyce I'm so glad it went well.
Teddy is still beautiful.
He shines from the inside.
Anna said…
I am so glad Teddy came through okay. She is such a wonderful girl and she will be so much happier now that her eyes are better :)
Oh my, I'm weak in my stomach to see her sweet self post op.

She looks pissed. I am oh so thankful she came through the surgery so well.

My prayers and healing light energy are set her way.

I have no worry, she has the bestest Momma, in the universe.

Thank you for the update.

xoxo to Teddy Healing Light
Bandhura said…
Bless her heart! She is still beautiful! And you know, it's not near as bad as it could have been. The important thing is that she has relief. I imagine she pooped because she was doped up and didn't feel like herself. So therefore, I don't care! LOL That is very common with all breeds after a surgery. They just are out of it! I can remember many incidents when I worked for my veterinarian.

Big hugs to Teddy AND you Jaz! You are both troopers!
I think Teddy looks wonderful! I was expecting much more hair to be shaved. Teddy you will be so beautiful Joan Rivers will be jealous. Don't worry about the poop. When you got to go you got to go.
Whew!! Have been waiting all morning for news of Teddy's surgery. Soooo glad everything went smoothly and that she'll be back to normal Teddy-ness soon with all your TLC! Hugs to you all and a really big one to Teddy!
Chowz Creations said…
Poor girl. Glad this is behind her (and you!). Pics brought a tear to my eyes as I was reminded of how sad my Chowder look when hers were done a few years back. Hugs to Teddy and her mama.
oh teddy !!! look at you !!!

you have THE BEST mama in this whole wide world...she will take such good care of you and you will be back to yourself just in time for Fall Fun !!!

sending get well wishes for a super speedy recovery ...

kary and l'il teddy
Dragonfly said…
Hugs to you both, so happy Teddy has gone on ok, the main bit is over with now. He looks so fed up of the gold fish coller, give him a big hug from me xx
Suzanne said…
Oh my goodness!

Hope Teddy heals quickly
So glad Teddy did ok. She is a cutie even with a shaved face. Love and light to Teddy, hope she heals fast.
Yalco (Chris) said…
Sending healing wishes to Teddy. Was thinking about her (and you) yesterday.

Thanks for another taste of fall. I am feeling the need for some autumn colors and sights myself.
Poor Teddy! But at least now she won´t have any problems with her eyes.

I might have to go to the vet again tomorrow, but with Orvar this time. He´s limping so bad right now that he prefers to stay indoors. It+s his shoulder again. I´ll have to decide as soon as I wake up tomorrow.

Give Teddy a big hug from me!
Danni said…
Yay, Teddy!!
You prepped us so well, I was expecting much, much worse in terms of how she would look. She actually doesn't look bad at all to me, isn't that funny?! She's still glorious, sweet, beautiful Teddy, only now she has to wear a cone of shame, poor lass.
Please tell her Roxy, my farm pup, is with her in spirit and is also sending her very best get-well wishes!
Lois said…
I think she looks pretty good for just going through eye surgery... I always feel so sorry for our kitties when they have to wear the cone. They don't understand why, and they look so depressed.
Pricilla said…
I am so glad she came through so well. It will be worth it in the end and she will feel so much better. Give her a big ole goat hug from all of us.
oldblackcatboo said…
I'm so happy everything went so well!
Now she is home with her Momma and all is right with the world. :)
I know exactly how you felt while she was at the vet. Kinda in slow motion until you knew she was OK.
It's so great to know that she will have such relief now and see so much better!
laurie said…
wow, Inever knew that about chows,, The leg thing i mean,, Pooping on floor,,well I guess thats what Teddy thought of that sitiuation!!What a sad face,, I'm so glad everything went well and i must admitt I thought of you last night,, I knew it would be hard.Almost over though and so worth it,, no doubt about it,, Teddy will give Cher and Joan a run for their money
Pict-ish! said…
poor little Teddy, that neck vase looks every bit the hinderance you say it is, having said that she does look well and I'm sure you'll all be happier once its all healed, just in time for fall :) love and good wishes x
Kallan said…
That poor sweet thing! I hopes she feels better soon!
The Jammie Girl said…
I am so glad she came through it well! I pestered Beverly yesterday until she sent me an update - anesthesia is so scary. I hope you're able to coax her to eat and drink well enough - that was the problem I had when Millie was in a "collar of shame" and non-weight-bearing for a couple of weeks after ACL surgery. Sending Teddy positive thoughts for quick healing!!
Autumnforest said…
Poor widdle lamb. Awww.. Just don't leave her out in a rainstorm. Hee hee. I think it'd be awesome if celebrities had to wear the cone around their head too. No more denying their nip tucks and it would make for some entertaining paparazzi shots. No doubt that Teddy will have forgotten about this ordeal in about 3 weeks from now. She'll be ready to play outside as the nights get cooler. Yahoo!
Gina Hadzinski said…
aw im so happy shes okay! and the surgery is done and over with. i prayed for her ever since i read that she was neededing this surgery!!
SharleneT said…
Actually, she looks much better than I thought she would, and the most important thing is that she will be so much better in a few weeks. I think the poop was a definite statement, and why not... look what she had to go through... keeps us posted and give her a big hug for me.
Sugar said…
aww sweet lil teds.. dogs are amazing.. she looks so unhappy, but will feel better soon I hope.. give her squishy hugs for me!
Suzie said…
Teddy was in my thoughts all day yesterday, and you were, too! I thought that you would either be cooking up a storm, or you would be at loose ends. .I leaned toward the latter. I know that is the way that I feel when worried.

Last year at this time, one of the kittens that I hand raised had to have some reconstructive surgery, and wore what our vet calls "the cone of silence"for several weeks. That little guy managed to get it off, twice, so they had to go to a different size. I could take it off of him so that he could eat, but then had the fun of putting it back on him. And he did almost immediately figure out how to put it down over his water bowl to get drinks. But I felt so sorry for him, although I don't think that it bothered him as much as it did me!

Teddy still looks beautiful, and is such a brave girl. .you are too!! And, yes! Her eyes are probably already feeling better! How great that they have a procedure to help!

I'm continuing to send lots of postive, healing energy her way, for a seamless, speedy recovery! Teddy, you are going to be able to enjoy every Autumn leaf, and be able to track those fishies in the pond, with greater precision! How exciting!!
petoskystone said…
poor wee girl...she looks so buzzed! though i'm sure she will soak up the one/one attention handfeeding will bring her. glad she made it through her surgery.
Incipient Wings said…
glad to hear Teddy is doing good, and she still looks gorgeous, post-op:)
Jennifer Rose said…
ah the lovely cone of shame :/ never a nice thing but needed in this case. glad that teddy did al right in the surgery :)

and thats a perfect solution to the problem of plastic surgery addicts. make them wear the big plastic cone after lol
Haley J said…
Aw,sweet, beautiful girl! She'll be feeling back to herself in no time :) Glad to hear she is doing good :)
Wizardess said…
Best wishes to Madam Teddy. She doesn't look too bad, all things considered. Just a short time of aggravation and then bouncing health is in store!
Zoey and Me said…
Teddy is definitely not a happy camper. And she does look a little loopy. Can you share what that Vet bill was? I trapped a feral female a month ago and the neutering staggard me due to a complication, plus shots, and chip on one ear. $380. I can imagine what you guys got hit with. Worth it, I'm sure.
Mina said…
Oh Jaz, I am so glad Teddy did so well. I thought she would as she is such a healthy Chow but one can't help but be concerned. How wonderful that she did get immediate relief from feeling as if she had sand in her eyes. She will probably be a speedy healer as well.

Wow, I wish I could crap on my doctor's floor sometimes. Give Teddy a huge hug as best as possible with that cone and let her know how much everyone loves her.
mlw33 said…
I know it is hard to see Teddy like this, but she looks like a trooper and I am so glad she cam through this well. just think how much better this is going to make her feel!
edenhills said…
Poor puppy. Bless her, and no matter that she looks horrible, it has to feel better already. I know what my goat kids were like with the entropion eyes.

Sweet Teddy Girl I am so glad you came through with flying colors. Hang in there and soon all will be even better.
Poor little thing. She looks so uncomfortable with that thing around her head. I hope she has a speedy recovery. I'm glad she is back home where love abounds.
Mystica said…
So glad that things went off well. I do hope the two weeks fly quickly so that the face gadget can come off. Poor Teddy and poor you of course.
Freckles said…
Poor Teddy!

You're still a beautiful puppy regardless! Feel better soon!
Mel Mel said…
Aww.... I just want to give her a big ol' hug! I've been thinking about her all day and keeping positive thoughts heading your way. I was so glad to see this update! Can't say as I blame her for pooping on the vet's floor! LoL! Get some rest and take care!
ana_didi said…
I was anxious for news.
All this is very boring for Teddy. But I can imagine the relief she felt in not having sand in your eyes :)
Soon it will pass... Teddy has the affection of a beautiful family.
LisaDay said…
I am pleased Teddy is OK.

fairhavenmagick said…
Aww...she looks like such and trooper. My guys also know the frustration that is the head cone- wishing her a speedy recovery!!
Suzie said…
I forgot to mention that I do love your toadstools! They are perfect for your potting bench and gardens!! And if they provided you with even a short diversion from your worries about Teddy, then they have already served their purpose!

I do hope that your puffball is already starting to feel better today. Did they give you any pain meds for her? In any case, I'm sure that she will heal even faster with your love and extra attention!
Marigold said…
Good girl Teddy! You look great! In fact, you look better than Boo does on a normal day. Get well soon!
Glad to hear that Teddy is doing well! And if I were her, I'd have pooped on the hospital floor too. There's only so much a girl can stand, after all.
Kimmie said…
Poor sweet Teddy, that's a lot for a girl to go through!!! I hope the rest of her recovery time flies by and she's back to her normal routine in a wink!!!
Betsey said…
My heart caught at first but she is still a gorgeous girl. Prayers for fast healing Teddy!
Tournesol said…
Poor baby girl! I hope she is feeling better really soon.
TheBlakkDuchess said…
Poor Teddy, having to wear that irritating plastic cone! But she looks like the big, fluffy sweety she always does. I'm glad that even though it took surgery, she's got relief for her sweet puppy eyes!
She's in my thoughts & I'm sending her lovey thoughts for a quick & healthy recovery.
Before you know it, she'll be back to her usual self, only better! =D


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