Fried Fish and Tartar Sauce

I love fried fish. I hate heavily battered fried fish where there is more batter than fish. So, to get it the way I like it, I usually make it myself.

And, if I am making my own fried fish, I sure am going to make my own tartar sauce.

Tartar sauce is so easy to make. Just mix some mayo and a bit of sour cream, fresh dill, a squeezed lemon, diced onion and some capers. If you like a bit of sweetness, add a bit of relish. I skipped the relish.

I like to use cod for this recipe. Just cut it into pieces and pat it dry.

Have a plate of seasoned flour and a plate of whisked eggs. Dip the fish in the flour, then in the egg and then back in the flour again.

Heat oil in a heavy pan over medium high heat. You know it is ready when you stick the end of a wooden spoon into the oil and it bubbles. I love old kitchen hints.

Fry the fish until it is golden. I drain it on a paper towel covered cookie sheet and sit the pieces upright against the edges so they won't get soggy.

I served it with some of the sour cream dilled cucumbers I showed a few days ago.

With a nice dollop of tartar sauce on the side. This is a nice light summer meal.


Pricilla said…
I love my tartar with dill relish. I make my own so it's quite tart.

I love fried just about and panko and I'm there. list of things to make for john is getting really long............
Guillaume said…
I am in the mood for fish and chips.
One of my favourite dishes, yum yum. Diane
Suzie said…
Hubs has been on a kick of going to a local restaurant every Friday for their fish fry, but, like you mentioned, it is heavy on the batter, which soaks up and encloses LOTS of the oil. .his body is already fighting enough, so hopefully, he'll like your version a lot better! I know that he'll love the homemade tartar sauce! It sounds good to me too, and I've never been a tartar sauce fan!
Rosemary said…
Looks yummy, the batter does look light which I too agree is the best way.
Anonymous said…
I can live without tartar sauce but I love to fry the fish they way You do. The ones one can buy I soem times wonder if there´s any fish at all :-) :-)

Have a great day!
I love fried fish and tartar sauce too. Good recipes.

Thank you for sharing.

xoxo to Teddy Summertime
Raven said…
YUM! I love fried fish! And that tartar sauce looks amazing. I will have to cook some of this up this weekend.
justjoycee said…
They look great and really delicious!!! Have a good evening!!!
Yum! And I say that while not being a big fish eater. But that looks delicious!
Fried cod is my favorite fried fish. This looks perfect.
Mina said…
I hate heavily battered fish myself and this looks like the perfect blend. My poor mouth just waters for the combination of this summer meal.
SharleneT said…
Oh, Lordy, I hate thick battered fish. There's so little of the protein and so much flour. Aaargh! Love the tartare sauce, too. But, I'm not sure I could share the dilled cucumbers. Usually keep that in a container behind stuff so only I know where it is... it's one of my favorite summer treats... I know. I know. I'm a selfish little roach; but,I'm working on it...