The Gardens

Anyone have any dead bodies you need to get rid of? Now would be the time! Well, the beds are gone and the spots have been reseeded. Now can I get a bit of rain? We haven't had rain here in weeks and weeks and none is on the horizon.

Here is Teddy laying under the umbrella on a cool spot on the patio. She has her left foot sticking out for a quick getaway.

Hey Teddy.....want to go feed the fish? This always gets her attention.

She immediately heads to the back gate.

Does the word "jungle" come to mind?

You can hardly see the gazebo. I need a machete, not a set of pruners.

And the Katsuras! they are so dense I could live under them.

Even the lily pads are taking over the ponds.

Teddy makes sure to check every square inch.

The fireplace is ready for some marshmallow toasting.

And look! I have grapes! I hope I get to them before the birds.

My sad raised bed. Normally this would be full of tomatoes and peppers and eggplants and such. Damn stink bugs. I won't know until the end of the summer whether my not planting a garden plan helps with the infestation.

My daughter's front porch. I wish she would move back home! I miss her so much!!!

I love these doors. She has two of them.

Toadflax has replanted itself all over the gardens.

I can't wait for the Fall colors to appear.

The Paper Bark Maples are peeling early this year. Probably due to the lack of rain.

Never plant Beauty Berries unless you never want to get rid of them. They are demon bushes!

I will harvest the lavender after the bees are finished with it.

The upper pond.

Where is my mama?

Oh there you are! Click to see Teddy's smile.

My fairy houses have no more raised beds to guard.

Though Chows never poop in their yard, they will occasionally pee if they absolutely have to. But, they like to pee in the same places. When the dead spots from the beds were reseeded, I reseeded the pee spots too. Teddy was quite surprised.

What is this?

Somebody has been tampering with my pee spots.

I guess I will just have to make some new ones!


Rue said…
Lol - I like the graves. I think you should put out some headstones - just to freak out your guests!

Teddy smiles like a beauty queen!
Great photos. At least you still have green grass, ours is all brown and crunchy. No rain for 3 months has taken its toll. Diane
Anonymous said…
Jaz you have the most beautiful place! I may have asked you already, but my mind is mush...where do you live again? It's just gorgeous!

petoskystone said…
yea for toadflax! those are lovely doors.
Pricilla said…
Summer has finally come here although it was in the high 30ies this morning. Brrrrrr.
oh how i loved the garden tour...i love all of the the ponds and those doors !!!! what beauties they are....

and LOVE teddy...and she really does smile..i clicked it closer..and she really does cute

kary and l'il teddy
Robin Larkspur said…
I've been waiting for your garden tour. As always, it is so enjoyable, with Teddy as a delightful, smiling tour guide. Those doors are amazing, and the porch so empty. I feel your sadness too, as my daughter moved away several years ago. Group hug, okay? Love Teddy's smile!!
So long as Teddy is the only member of the family who pees in the yard, you're doing okay.
Anonymous said…
If You should find any dead bodies to berry there I know exactly what You should plant, Gunnera manicata. Back in the days old english gardeners recommended to berry a dead tramp before planting a Gunnera :-) :-) :-) But my guess is that it would work fine with a dead pig as well :-) :-)

Your garden is fantastic! You have all those plants and trees I would like to have but can´t because of our climate, not even beauty berry makes it here. But I do have toadflax :-) :-)

I don´t think I´ll get any grapes here this year even if it looked like that for some time.

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
I never knew that about chows, they are a very eccentric breed for sure, most dogs, well males will pee anywhere and everywhere,, that trait of Teddy endears me even more,, I like clean bathroom habits,,you have some big garden to look after, do you hire a gardener or is it done by you,, looks so well kept, I know you said jungle but really it is lovely.Sorry for the lack of rain,, I will pray to the rain gods to send some your way,, love the fairy houses but know they look like cemetary fairy houses,
SharleneT said…
Lovely tour, as usual. Feel bad that you got rid of the beds but it is one way of thwarting the stink bugs. We're having a bad year here, too. Smoldering hot and the plants are very unhappy. We were supposed to get rain, today, but the skies are oh, so, blue. Give Teddy a hug for me and have a great Fourth. Will you be seeing your daughter? I hope so. That makes the best holidays.
Rosemary said…
From grave sites to a jungle to an empty raised bed , gardening is a challenge..... but just wait til next year! LOL
luckybunny said…
Teddy is adorable :) Your gardens/yard is just beautiful!
Mystica said…
We too are in the middle of a drought and its horrible. Nice photos specially those of Teddy.
Autumnforest said…
Hey, you want a renter in your daughter's place? You probably don't want me there. I'd be at your door scratching on it like a stray pup hoping for some treats. Don't worry Teddy girl, the summer will be over before you know it.
Lois said…
I'll bet there are many fairies living in your forest... maybe move the little houses out there for them. Not a great year for my garden, aside from the tomatoes. Nasty earwigs eating my marigolds and peppers.
Mina said…
LOL! I don't have any bodies that need buried but I could think of a few that could be arranged. ;-)

That outdoor fireplace is absolutely gorgeous, Jaz. I am so coveting it. Wow! And I love everything about your yard. Especially the jungle look, as you call it.

Teddy is too too cute! I had no idea Chows do not poop in their yard. Lucky you! I can tell you that German Shepherds do and girl, it is not pretty. ;-)
Anice Silvercat said…
It's easy to see that the Gods have blessed your garden! I'm so jealous - it's lovely.
Jennifer Rose said…
awww cute teddy smile :D
hmm i could hide in a tent in that "jungle" and no one would ever know....
Wizardess said…
I love your garden posts! Hope you have recovered from the fireworks.
Great post. Teddy is such a cutie!
I made your blueberry muffins yesterday. Hubbie and I loved them!