The Green Man is Hungry

The garden Gods have a good sense of humor. I noticed this early this morning. The Green Man appears to be about to eat my Nightshade. Click for a better look.

My graveyard is filling in nicely.

The Oakleaf Hydrangeas continue to darken.

Soon, these Magnolia pods will darken and drop to the ground scattering their seeds.

This is the Nightshade's flower.

Nightshade aka Bella Donna is poisonous. But perhaps not for The Green Man.

And it's berries are eaten by the birds.

I could not get a good photo of my Water Lilies but they are all blooming right now.

And talk about plants replanting themselves throughout our gardens, look where my oregano now calls home.

It used to grow in this urn but decided it likes the cracks in my steps better.

And check out this Clematis. It has dark purple flowers, lavender and white all on the same plant.

The Autumn Clematis has put out it's buds and is ready to put on quite a display.

This spider spun it's web from the patio all the way up to tree limbs. That makes this web over ten feet tall. The spider is smaller than a dime.

And he is camera shy. He hightailed it up the web when I was taking his picture. Once again, we have tons of spider webs everywhere. This is the third summer this has happened and we have had two really strong winters. I wonder if this predicts another strong winter this year. I sure hope so and it could start tomorrow as far as I am concerned.

I harvested my garlic this morning.

I braided all of it and hung it in the basement. I love my homegrown garlic. It has a much stronger flavor than store bought.


Robin Larkspur said…
Your Green Man gets his good looks from eating all the Nightshade.
Anonymous said…
Your green man looks fantastic. It's so funny to see that he looks about to eat that plant ; )
I love your clematis plant. So wonderful to have more colours on one bush !!!
Have a magical day.
That's too funny....only Mr. Green Man could eat that Nightshade! You have to send that photo into some gardening mag. or maybe the pagan news! :)
Suzie said…
Spider webs larger than usual are a predictor of a harsh Winter. We too have had plentiful webs ones all over the garden and patio. They seem to think that the ornate metalwork was put there just for them to use as framework for their lace. And every morning, I have to pick silken threads off of my face as I make my way to the garage. .the Balloon spiders apparently hold races down the length between the house and garage. While the orb webs are spectacular to look at, my favorites are the teeny Bowl & Doily Spiders, who spin intricate webs shaped like teacups and saucers on grassy surfaces. .the morning dew coats them, and they sparkle like they are made of diamonds when the sun hits them. SO magical!

I would love to grow my own garlic, but don't have enough sunny area to do so.

My Clematis does the same thing. Multiple colors of flowers from the same plant.

Nightshade came up on its own two years ago, and now, despite me trying to control it, goes pretty much wherever it wants. I even put down barriers of multiple layers of newspaper with inches of mulch, and it still came through! And yes, the birds love it. .I guess every Witchy garden needs some nightshade. And a Greenman! Yours is awesome!

It won't be long, and you won't be able to see where your graveyard was! Good thing you took photos!

Thanks for the tour! Tell those spiders that bigger IS better!
The green man, he seems so real in the photo, especially his eyes! Knowing eyes.

The garden stroll was so fun.

Thank you.

xoxo to Teddy Summertime
Pricilla said…
The pocket gophers at all of our garlic :(
Guillaume said…
Oh clematis just like in my parents's place! I love gargoyles, grotesques and green men.
The Frog Queen said…
Absolutely beautiful garden my dear. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring us!

MoonGirl said…
thanks for the comment! you have a gorgeous yard! I'm so jealous. And I love the picture of the Salem witch house by the way ;)
petoskystone said…
i have one mugwort that decided to grow by the garbage bin....plenty of foot traffic there, also. a few chamomile decided to show up in front of the tomatoes.
Anonymous said…
I love that green man
Yes, in time no one will ever know where you buried the bodies. Oh, did I say that out loud?
Anonymous said…
The garden looks so wonderful! I've enjoyed my own garlic as well, but I didn't get any planted for this year. I have nightshade growing wild, and it is beautiful, but I need to get rid of it, so the goats won't eat it. I do like the way your Green Man seems to think it is tasty.

Rue said…
Homegrown garlic is the best! I have a friend that used to grow 20+ varieties!

Some thyme I planted at Mom's a few years back has popped up along the walkways too - those funny herbs, just making themselves at home!

I'm ready for Fall now too, and we haven't really even had much of a Summer. Going to dig out some harvest-themed items this weekend. :)
greekwitch said…
I love the picture with the GreenMan eating the nightshade! I just yesterday bought some belladonna on line! I have never seen it live and not in a dried herb-root form. It is a beautiful plant!
Mina said…
Such wonderful photos and I love the hungry Green Man. That is priceless.