Happy 4Th of July!!!

For many reasons this is not my favorite holiday. The fact that this happens about 30 feet from my bedroom window is just one of the reasons.

However, these make me happy every 4th.

And these always make my family happy.

I admit these are pretty.

But the noise triggers my bomb shelter instincts.

I have not stepped outside in years to view these. That is a job left to The Blog Tech.

I huddle in a back room with a loud tv and wait for the festive attack to end.

The crowds are another downside to this day.

Tomorrow I will be picking up the refuse from the night that the jubilant crowd deposits in my trees, bushes and anywhere else they can throw it.

These fireworks confuse Teddy. She thinks anything this loud is a threat, but she can never figure out how to attack them.

So she hangs out with me and the loud tv.

Wherever you are and however you celebrate this day, have a safe and fun time. I am in full Fall mode starting tomorrow!


Pricilla said…
The goats don't like them either. They think they are being hunted.
SharleneT said…
Now, I have mixed emotions! Love fireworks; hate they're right outside your home! Loathe crowds and can't imagine facing their debris every year. Feel the sorriest for Teddy. Our St.Bernard was completely traumatized when two boys called her and threw chains of fire crackers toward her. She turned totally vicious toward children and we had to give her away! I'm not watching them, this year. Give Teddy a hug for me and remind her that it will all be over by tomorrow. Happy Fourth.
Cottage Tails said…
Have to admit - I'm not a fan of fireworks & the animals sure do not like it. We get them here in NZ on Guy Fawkes.
Crowds - shudder
Litter how dare they!

Your food looks scrummy as the norm.

Love Leanne
I live in farm country so no fireworks are allowed around here so I never get bothered by them.

The food looks delicious!

Have an as Happy Fourth of July as You can!
I hate fireworks when animals are involved. It is sad as you just cannot explain to them what is happening. Diane
Happy Fourth of July. Sorry you and Teddy have the noise so close to home.
Suzie said…
Joyce, I just got through voicing many of your same concerns to anyone who would listen! Great minds. . .

Even though they moved the location last year, they are still fired off close enough to rattle our windows, the glassware in my cabinets,and terrify our kitties.

And, I too have to clean up trash, beer cans and even worse tomorrow morning, and despise the crowds. Two years ago, 4 guys decided that it would be cool to try and "climb" my 8 foot maple sapling, at 2:30 a.m., that I had planted the previous year, breaking the whole main branch of the tree off. .poor thing is very slowly recovering.

Then, we get to do it all over again in two weeks, when a 3 day festival that has grown too big for the area, takes over, culminating in. .you guessed it. .more fireworks.

And the final straw is that 2 years ago, someone in their "infinite" wisdom decided that the proper way to end the tourist season on Labor Day weekend, is with a bang, so now a third fireworks display has become a new tradition.

Each event has a different sponsor, kicking in a competition as to can hold the biggest, and longest.

We may have cooler weather than you, but we pay for it in other ways.

Your food looks luscious, however! (Did you put a dash of rum in that pudding?. .it helps before the fireworks start!)

And please tell the Blog Tech that his photos are awesome! Did he leave the shutter open to catch multiple bursts? In any case, they came out quite striking, and you can enjoy them much longer this way, anyway!
Adsila said…
Happy 4th to you. The meal looks delicious.
Mina said…
Happy 4th to you and truth be told...my kids have always called me the fireworks nazi.
It is so nice to live in the country and not be bothered with the fireworks. For years I lived on the intercoastal waterway and a huge barge was placed in front of my house for shooting fireworks. I hated it and so did my animals.

Hope it's nice and quite tonight for you and Teddy.
i don't like fireworks either...but yours look so pretty.... i love that lampost..is it yours or is it on the street?

i was wondering what teddy does....

and you can count me in about FULL FALL MODE tomorrow...it officially begins here too !!!!

happy 4th of july !!!!
and better yet...happy 5th of july

kary and l'il teddy
edenhills said…
Fireworks are beautiful, but I'mm not big on the noise and crowds. Living in the country you'd think it wouldn't be a problem for me, but my neighbors decided they wanted to set of big noisy fireworks. One went off in the afternoon causing my lab mix to cower in fear and rush into the house crying. The Great Pyrenees sounds like Teddy~she went into high alert barking and not knowing what was going on. The geese and goats were on high alert ready to flee. When they later called me to inform me they were going to shoot them off (being considerate, you know), I had to have my mom come and tell them no. To start with it's illegal in Iowa and who in their right mind shoots loud fireworks right by a livestock filled barnyard. Hope you and Teddy survive the holiday.

laurie said…
Happy Fourth to you,, You make me smile always,, I have never known anyone who loves the fall as much as I do,,now i know you and you have me beat,,everyone always thought me strange to love the fall and halloween as I do but I believe some of us are just drawn to a different time of year,, some of us blossom in the fall,,of course I've always been a little witchy woo!
Chrissykat said…
We have our extreme love of fall in common but I also love July 4th. It's my birthday today so I have always been a fan of this holiday! Love fireworks like crazy...I was told as a small child that they were just for me and I thought that was pretty darned neat of them to do that. :)
I'm sorry yours are so close to your house. That for sure isn't good having to deal with rude people leaving trash. Shame that people are so inconsiderate.
Well, cheers to the fall!!!
Gina Hadzinski said…
Im with you girl! I've been in full fall mode for at least 1month now, no joke. LOL.
Happy 4th!!
Well, may I just say . . . Happy FIFTH of July, once all that garbage is cleaned up!
petoskystone said…
i'd be out there with the blog tech...i like to get close enough to professional sets to feel the fallout on my arms. what i detest are the m80 sort of explosions just to make noise. they rattle the house, set off car alarms, & soninlaws sweet goofy boxer/pit mix is now an unnerved mess. you have to literally shove him out of the house he's so petrified...during the day! at night he has to be dragged out (on a stout lead).
Birgit said…
Oh my gosh... I can't believe the fireworks happen right outside your window...

I have never had the chance to be in the USA for 4th of July, so, yes, I would love to see all that at least once. Then again I don't like the noise either -- and especially if you have pets around.

In any case, happy 4th of July to you and your family! :)